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Depth Hun­ter 2: Deep Dive is in many ways a game about being at peace with the uni­ver­se and explo­ring the vast­ness of infi­ni­te space – while plun­ging a spe­ar into the side of a fish from 100 feet away…

Writ­ten by: J.D. Woh­le­ver

Okay, onto the serious side of things. Depth Hun­ter 2: Deep Dive, as the tit­le fores­ha­dows is a game about hun­ting… in the depths of the oce­ans.

Main Menu
Main Menu

You basi­cal­ly start out with mini­mal gear and through collec­ting enough coins, arti­fac­ts, fish corp­ses and pho­to­graphs of said fishes gain more money and more and bet­ter gear through spen­ding ear­ned monies. The mecha­nics are pret­ty simp­le. Using WASD or a com­pa­ti­ble con­trol­ler you swim around, you can “boost” using select keys and eit­her use your spe­ar gun or switch to a came­ra mode to take pic­tures (which is also upgrad­able).

While this game will not win any “Game of The Year” awards for gra­phi­cal fide­li­ty or make your PC melt like a Cry­En­gi­ne game can, the gra­phics are ser­vice­ab­le and give the illu­si­on of being in a peace­ful oce­an envi­ron­ment. That is, until you poke your head above water. Once above water the view just looks pho­ned in. But, we are here for the depths of hun­ting below the water right?

Thailand is one of the three included locations
Thai­land is one of the three inclu­ded loca­ti­ons

You get several mis­si­ons in each loca­ti­on whe­re you must eit­her spe­ar as many fish as pos­si­ble befo­re a timer runs out to pho­to­gra­phing an elu­si­ve fish that is hard to find. While play­ing this game it did give me a good sen­se of peace­ful­ness and calm. The­re is no way to “die” in this game and while the game does fea­ture the Gre­at White shark, they don’t seem to care you are the­re.

Don't worry, their bark is worse than their bite.
Don’t worry, their bark is wor­se than their bite.

The only thing that can real­ly reset a mis­si­on is to run out of oxy­gen (which can also be upgraded) or if you rub your suit across the bot­tom of the oce­an you run the risk of dama­ging your oxy­gen level fas­ter. So while you do have to sur­face from time to time, the­re is no real sen­se of urgen­cy, other than the few timed mis­si­ons, which give even the dumb-thum­bed gamer like mys­elf ple­nty of time to reach the goals. This is one of the under­wa­ter games we’ve play­ed that actual­ly got more right than they get wrong.

What is the story behind this object?
What is the sto­ry behind this object?

Howe­ver, the big­gest pro­blems are the length of the game (in it’s cur­rent form) and the game once you have finis­hed the mis­si­ons. It took us a litt­le over 4 hours to com­ple­te the game. That has got to be the shor­test amount of time we have spent play­ing a game from start to finish. Once the main mis­si­ons are done the game just feels… meh, finis­hed. With no chal­len­ge left the­re just isn’t enough the­re to keep the gamer com­ing back. Money beco­mes mea­ningless becau­se by the end you have more money than you will ever need, and expe­ri­ence stops being added once you hit a hard limit.

Rebreather Upgrades - One of the items you can improve
Rebrea­ther Upgrades – One of the items you can impro­ve

We did ask the deve­lo­pers about this and they say they plan on adding more mis­si­ons and fixing the end game so that the user will have more to do. See the Adden­dum at the end of this review for info about the new DLC. Ano­t­her issue is this is not an open-world game by any means. The are­as you get to explo­re are rather limi­ted by invi­si­ble walls that keep you from swim­ming into the deeper are­as of the oce­ans. While this does seem limi­t­ing, you don’t real­ly noti­ce unless you try to go into pla­ces that don’t look very exci­ting any­way.


All and all this game is good at what it does. It gives you a calm, peace­ful envi­ron­ment to pho­to­graph and hunt small fishes and wild­life and for a litt­le while take away your ever­y­day frus­tra­ti­ons. Even though the game is ridi­cu­lous­ly short and the end game needs more to keep you com­ing back, it did what it set out to to and we had a good time with it while it las­ted.

Do a litt­le Spe­lun­ky Stuff



At the time of wri­ting this review, a DLC add on cal­led “Depth Hun­ter 2 – Oce­an Mys­te­ries” was released on Steam for $4.99. The DLC adds two new loca­ti­ons and also a radar mode to the game to “help you find ever­ything in the game’s loca­ti­ons”. Not sure how we feel about the radar as having that would take some of the fun out of alrea­dy pret­ty short game. You Must Not Pass!An Area Map

GAME TITLE: Depth Hunter 2: Deep Dive
GENRE: Action-Adventure
PUBLISHER: Biart Company
DEVELOPER: Biart Company
PRICE: $/€14.99 (Steam)
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