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Rush for Glo­ry (RFG) is real­ly a sad excu­se for a pre­mi­um “for pay” game.

Writ­ten by: J.D. Woh­le­ver

I mys­elf have play­ed many com­me­ri­cal and even free flash games online that far sur­pass this pro­duct. RFG is not­hing but a basic tower defen­se game with not­hing uni­que or exci­ting about the game in a field satu­ra­ted with many free or che­a­per pro­duc­ts that far excel what the deve­lo­pers have done here. No defi­ning paths, no blo­cking paths, bland, simp­le maps with no real sto­ry to tie anything tog­e­ther in any mea­ning­ful way, very limi­ted “super powers” with a coold­own effect, and frank­ly, the game is just a bore to play.


After the 3rd level I was rea­dy to call it quits. Ever­ything about this game just feels low bud­get, from the hor­ri­ble gra­phics, to the unin­spi­red sounds, to the ent­i­re point to the game.

Towers are slow to upgrade and when you do upgrade them the dif­fe­rence feels so subt­le, you won­der what you’ve spent your ingame money on.

With dull, stan­dard towers like machi­ne guns, sno­wer (a free­ze ray laser gun which doesn’t seem to work cor­rec­t­ly at all), a tiny mor­ter gun that can only hit things about 10 feet infront of it, and other non-uni­que towers that seem to be rip­ped from what I ima­gi­ne would be a gui­de cal­led “So you want to make a Tower Defen­se Game?”

Even the GUI feels cheap and blur­ry. With a Comic Sans type font face to cla­shing colors (yel­low text on green grass that makes ever­ything look like 1996 wants it’s game back), this game is just sim­ply a boring mess to play, much less actual­ly expec­ting peop­le to pay real money for this game.



I can’t stress enough, this game is not worth any amount of money, and isn’t even worth play­ing for free. I can’t ima­gi­ne this went through any vet­ting pro­cess like Steam Gre­en­light. As much as I don’t like Steam Gre­en­light, it does try to seem to fil­ter real­ly bad gar­ba­ge like this.

Go online and do a search for free tower defen­se games and you can find ple­nty of qua­li­ty tit­les that do so much more than this one does and it won’t cost you a dime.


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