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Download Thursday: Rush for Glory – Glorious Failure

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Rush for Glory (RFG) is really a sad excuse for a premium “for pay” game.

I myself have played many commerical and even free flash games online that far surpass this product. RFG is nothing but a basic tower defense game with nothing unique or exciting about the game in a field saturated with many free or cheaper products that far excel what the developers have done here. No defining paths, no blocking paths, bland, simple maps with no real story to tie anything together in any meaningful way, very limited “super powers” with a cooldown effect, and frankly, the game is just a bore to play.


After the 3rd level I was ready to call it quits. Everything about this game just feels low budget, from the horrible graphics, to the uninspired sounds, to the entire point to the game.

Towers are slow to upgrade and when you do upgrade them the difference feels so subtle, you wonder what you’ve spent your ingame money on.

With dull, standard towers like machine guns, snower (a freeze ray laser gun which doesn’t seem to work correctly at all), a tiny morter gun that can only hit things about 10 feet infront of it, and other non-unique towers that seem to be ripped from what I imagine would be a guide called “So you want to make a Tower Defense Game?”

Even the GUI feels cheap and blurry. With a Comic Sans type font face to clashing colors (yellow text on green grass that makes everything look like 1996 wants it’s game back), this game is just simply a boring mess to play, much less actually expecting people to pay real money for this game.



I can’t stress enough, this game is not worth any amount of money, and isn’t even worth playing for free. I can’t imagine this went through any vetting process like Steam Greenlight. As much as I don’t like Steam Greenlight, it does try to seem to filter really bad garbage like this.

Go online and do a search for free tower defense games and you can find plenty of quality titles that do so much more than this one does and it won’t cost you a dime.


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