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Open positions

  • Social Media Manager (Twitter, Facebook, Google+)
  • Animator/Video Editor (Creation of intros for various segments)
  • Editor (Previews, Reviews, Hands-ons, Participation in Events & more)
  • Translator (Translation of German articles into English and/or vice-versa)
  • Database Manager (Management of an ever-growing database of games and placement in content)

We search for creative video game fanatics who like to work in a small and ambitious team. You should be creative, at least 16 years old and active. Regular content is important in the fast-pace internet media which is why you need to continuously put effort into your work at our blog if you decide that would like to join us.

So no matter if you like to cut (videos of course), design, talk about games or write articles, you can support us in any way. As we are a private funded blog and all our earnings from advertisements are used to host the site, we can’t pay you for your work. If you show your value, we provide you with review copies of games though that you can of course keep. If you shouldn’t want it to keep because of the game’s quality, we won’t take it! Our Sarlacc in the garden is on a diet and doesn’t eat them anymore.

If you like to join us, go ahead and send us one of your creations (can be a review, video, drawing, whatever your preference is) to Jobs[at]xtgamer.de and address also your questions there. Get an answer, you will, if Master Yoda isn’t feeding the Sarlacc.