Viva Fall Vita #02 – Super Tank Poker

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Play­Sta­ti­on Mobi­le offers a space for talen­ted deve­lo­pers who want to inde­pendent­ly publish their work to a small but active com­mu­ni­ty. Super Tank Poker accom­plishes to do the splits bet­ween depth and sim­pli­ci­ty.

Super Tank Poker

Super Tank Poker is a turn-based tac­tics game. You select your mis­si­ons on hub worlds and com­ple­te a varie­ty of sce­n­a­ri­os. Each mis­si­on fea­tures a dead­ly but quir­ky foe which is intro­du­ced by come­dic dia­lo­gue.

The game’s a mix of Advan­ce Wars and Poker. The machine­ry you use – the amount of units, their strength and type – are deter­mi­ned by each mis­si­on. The game offers dif­fe­rent tanks and artil­le­ry. The lat­ter is high­ly effec­tive from afar but has a limi­ted move­ment arc. If it’s your turn, you pick each unit and sent it off to fight off the ene­my. The grid is divi­ded into squa­res for move­ment. There’s both visu­al and struc­tu­ral diver­si­ty and the­re are a lot of covered/open are­as that requi­re to plan your moves wise­ly. Glad­ly the maps are not too big so that the matches don’t take up much of your time while you’re on the go with your Play­Sta­ti­on Vita or Play­Sta­ti­on cer­ti­fied device.

Once the ene­my is in your unit’s line of sight, there’s batt­le mode. Unli­ke other turn-based tac­tics games the game doesn’t check your units values for like strength, armor and such, no you sim­ply play Poker against them. Small Blind, Big Blind, swap of cards, call, rai­se, fold – a nice round of play­ing cards. The unit that wins the short poker match­up also wins the fight.

Super Tank Poker

The inte­res­ting fact is that you put the health of your units at sta­ke. So you can risk the remai­ning health of your tank and go all in to harm the ene­my and bluff. Then he might fold and get his last bits of ener­gy taken off of him if he has an even wor­se High Card. Ama­zin­gly that tac­tic even works some­ti­mes, but the AI gives you a run for your tanks often. The posi­ti­ons of your units are also important as your own artil­le­ry won’t flinch from har­ming your own unites in the vicini­ty. The mis­si­ons are also diver­se as in some you just have to defeat a who­le bunch of tanks, in others you sur­vi­ve as long as pos­si­ble. This sur­vi­val play isn’t com­ple­te­ly new but adds to the over­all fun.

Super Tank PokerSuper Tank Poker


Tho­mas Hopper’s Super Tank Poker is pro­of that a fun idea can actual­ly amount to a solid game. This PSM game is easy to pick­up but has tac­ti­cal depth and tho­se who are new to tac­tics game or to Poker can easi­ly get by in the begin­ning. Around 2 Dol­lars are a nice fit for this game and if you enjoy the pre­mi­se it’s worth it.

All screen­shots were cap­tu­red by our­sel­ves using the Vita’s nati­ve screen­shot fea­ture.

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