End of the Year Gaming Deals

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Just like on Hal­lo­ween and Black Fri­day the­re are many game deals on right now and here’s a short over­view.

Flash Sale in US/Canada PSN Store (ends Janu­a­ry 5th 2016)

We recom­mend to purcha­se in Cana­da than in the US as it’s a bit che­a­per and you save around 10 per­cent. (examp­le: Wol­fen­stein – The Old Blood US PSN 5 USD = 4,56 EUR, Cana­di­an PSN 6,25 CAD = 4,13 EUR). You don’t even need a credit card, there’s CAD wal­let via Pay­Pal wit­hout any finan­ci­al loss.

Holi­day Sale in CA PSN! Holi­day Sale in US PSN!




Xbox Live Sale (ends 07.01.2016)

Xbox Live Mar­ket­place got a Count­down sale. Espe­ci­al­ly Gold mem­bers save up qui­te a bit. The­re are even dai­ly deals this time around. We find Xbox-Now, to be real­ly use­ful to show the glo­bal­ly che­a­pest pri­ce on the Xbox Live Mar­ket­place. Oppo­si­te to the PSN you don’t need a new account to purcha­se e.g. in Hong Kong whe­re most games are a lot che­a­per. You just visit the upco­m­ing link, log-in to your Xbox account on the top right and here you go, just search in the box for the game and it dis­plays the dis­coun­ted pri­ce for Stan­dard or Gold mem­bers. We’d recom­mend being a Gold mem­ber, they save qui­te a lot. Credit cards most­ly don’t work, so you can get local cur­ren­cy wal­let for Xbox Live via the link below by using Pay­Pal.

150/300 HKD (value 17,74/35,47 EUR) at 18,90/37,67 EUR (updated 30.12.2015 19:30)

All pri­ces using the Hong Kong Store with activa­ted Gold sub­scrip­ti­on (EU account)

Xbox One:

  • Super Time Force Ultra 3,84 EUR
  • Ori and the Blind Forest 7 EUR
  • Life is Stran­ge 7,04 EUR (only Dezem­ber 30)
  • Saint’s Row IV + Gat out of Hell 7,66 EUR (only Decem­ber 29/30 via Bra­zil Store, BRL wal­let)
  • Sta­te of Decay – Year One Sur­vi­val Edi­ton 9,35 EUR
  • Back to the Future – 30th Anni­ver­s­a­ry Edi­ti­on 9,38 EUR
  • Tell­ta­le Games Collec­tion (The Wal­king Dead Sea­son 1+2, The Wolf Among Us, Game of Thro­nes, Tales from the Bor­der­lands) 16,67 EUR (only Decem­ber 28/29 via Bra­zil Store, BRL wal­let)
  • Battle­field 4: Pre­mi­um Edi­ti­on (base game + add-ons) 18,35 EUR (only Decem­ber 26 via Bra­zil Store, BRL wal­let)
  • Dra­gon Age: Inqui­si­ti­on – Game of the Year Edi­ti­on 20,19 EUR
  • Sun­set Over­dri­ve 24,12 EUR (only Dezem­ber 27)
  • Final Fan­ta­sy: Type-0 HD 24,86 EUR
  • Sier­ra Games Collec­tion (Velo­ci­ty 2X, King’s Quest: Chap­ter 1, Shift­lings, Geo­me­try Wars 3: Dimen­si­ons Evol­ved) 27,92 EUR
  • Battle­field 4 + Battle­field: Hard­li­ne 30,14 EUR
  • Rise of the Tomb Rai­der 30,75 EUR
  • Desti­ny: The Taken King Legen­da­ry Edi­ti­on (base game + add-ons) 35,87 EUR
  • Halo 5: Guar­di­ans 39,16 EUR
  • Just Cau­se 3 44,05 EUR

eShop Sale

For a chan­ge Nin­ten­do has some pret­ty good offers and you don’t even have to switch regions!für Wii U und 3DS. Com­ple­te sale pri­ces in the image on the right.

eshopchristmassale2015Wii U:

  • Tho­mas Was Alo­ne 1,50 EUR until 31.12.2015
  • Lone Sur­vi­vor: The Director’s Cut 1,99 EUR until 31.12.2015
  • Migh­ty Switch Force (Wii U and 3DS) from 2,50 EUR until 31.12.2015
  • Nova-111 3,99 EUR until 31.12.2015
  • The Swap­per & The Swind­le je 2,99 EUR until 07.01.2016
  • Legend of Kay: Anni­ver­s­a­ry 7,49 EUR until 07.01.2016
  • Darks­i­ders II 12,49 EUR until 07.01.2016


  • Migh­ty Switch Force (Wii U and 3DS) from 2,50 EUR until 31.12.2015
  • Shif­ting World 4,49 EUR until 07.01.2016 (XTga­mer-Test)
  • Home­town Sto­ry 7,49 EUR until 07.01.2016
  • Har­vest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns 9,99 EUR until 07.01.2016
  • Hakuo­ki: Memo­ries of the Shin­sengu­mi 11,99 EUR until 07.01.2016
  • SMT: Devil Sur­vi­vor Over­clo­cked 11,99 EUR until 07.01.2016
  • Virtue’s Last Reward 12,99 EUR until 07.01.2016
  • Phoe­nix Wright: Ace Attor­ney Tri­lo­gy & Dual Desti­nies each 19,49 / 11,24 EUR until 31.12.2015
  • Attack on Titan: Huma­ni­ty in Chains 19,99 EUR until 07.01.2016


  • Hum­ble Bund­le has a extre­me­ly inters­t­ing bund­le fea­turing the brand-new and super good Lumi­no City (Steam) from just 1 US-Dol­lar.
  • Steam offers the Christ­mas Sale with dai­ly deals.
  • Ama­zon US also got its own End of the Year-Sale with digi­tal offers for every cur­rent sys­tem.
    • Bro­thers: A Tale of Two Sons (Steam Code) $1.49=1,36 EUR (or 1,49 EUR on Steam)
    • King’s Quest: Chap­ter 1 (Steam Code) 0,99 EUR
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