#HALLOWIN – The XTgamer.de Halloween Competition

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Show us your creativity in a spooky way and get some treats for the slow Fall days.


Games for a platform of your choice



Pure Hold’em – Undead Card Deck

PC Steam Games

Through the Woods – Digital Collector’s Edition

Alan Wake – Franchise Edition

How To Survive 2

Portal Knights

Dead Space

Featherpunk Prime

Stalker: Clear Sky

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1 -4

Gynophobia (Video)

Under Night In-Birth Exe Late

Nintendo Wii U / 3DS Games (Europe)

Gurumin 3D: A Monstrous Adventure (3DS)

Sanatory Hallways (Wii U)

PS4 Games (Europe)

Doom Season Pass (Cheers to Konsolenportal!)

Exile’s End

Emily Wants to Play

Lost Sea (Video)

XB1 Games

Clustertruck (Video)

Gears of War (Xbox 360 + Xbox One, Cheers to Konsolenportal!)

& more surprises!


Send your scariest picture or video – no matter if it’s a handdrawn image, a photoshopped picture, your very own found footage movie or a recording of this year’s Halloween party – as well as your prefered win to the email address hallowin@xtgamer.de! You can also make use of the #HALLOWIN on Twitter and we share your most embarrasing or spookiest costume moments.

Please make sure it’s your own creative work and try not to harm rights of third parties!

The competition closes November 3rd 23:59 (Central European Time). We’ll post a selection of the entries on our website. As always there’s one entry per person. We cannot guarantee that you win something and should two winners get drawn for the same prize we’ll flip a virtual coin. If we have knowledge of breach of these terms, you cannot enter.

We’re looking forward to your entries & Happy Halloween! Huge thanks to our partners who made this possible!

Currently we survive present a new spooky horror game daily on YouTube.

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