Review: Cyberdimension Neptunia – 4 Goddesses Online

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Cyber­di­men­si­on Nep­tu­nia: 4 God­des­ses Online gets released this week on Play­Sta­ti­on 4. Three edi­tors of XTga­mer play­ed the make-belie­ve-MMORPG exten­si­ve­ly and report about their expe­ri­en­ces in this review.


The God­des­ses of Gam­in­dus­tri are all invi­ted to the beta test of a new MMO, the titu­lar 4 God­des­ses Online. Here, they learn that the fan­ta­sy world of Als­gard is threa­tened by the evil Demon King. As with most fan­ta­sy MMOs, the God­des­ses are deemed the Cho­sen Ones and must free their digi­tal coun­ter­parts while also saving the world in the pro­cess.

You can find details on the game­play in below mul­ti-per­spec­tive review video by Fran­ces­co (Nep­tu­ne) and Patrick (Vert) with Isaac aiding as sup­port (Blanc). If you’re incli­ned to see more mul­ti­play­er foo­ta­ge, fol­low the link below the video. The game is always hosted by the play­er that doesn’t has to deal with mas­si­ve lags.

Find the other vide­os of CN:4GO in our You­Tube play­list.


  • Enter­tai­ning non-line­ar sto­ry with a lot of twists and turns and hints at the main­li­ne Nep­tu­nia series, Sword Art Online and MMORPGs in gene­ral
  • Decent cha­rac­ter designs in dia­lo­gue and cuts­ce­nes
  • Easy-to-learn con­trols and clear HUD
  • Low ent­ry bar­ri­er for new­co­mers to the series
  • CPU com­pa­n­ions can be orde­red with “Watch your life!” or “Focus on your skills!”…

  • … but they end up being can­non fod­der due to their lack of Arti­fi­ci­al Intel­li­gence
  • Few unlock­able skills, wea­pons, armours, cos­tu­mes, access­ories limit cha­rac­ter pro­gres­si­on and the depth of the game
  • Low play­ti­me com­pa­red to the main­li­ne series (10 to 15 hours ver­sus the usu­al 20 to 60 hours depen­ding on the play­style)
  • Gene­ric mis­si­on design with rehash­ed boss batt­les of pati­ence and a ton of fetch quests
  • Mul­ti­play­er is bare bones. Bad net­code and the ter­mi­na­ti­on of lob­bies upon com­ple­ti­on of a mis­si­on, or death of the host, mean that the amount of fun that can be had in mul­ti­play­er is limi­ted


If we had to pick a con­clu­si­on for the box cover of Cyber­di­men­si­on Nep­tu­nia: 4 God­des­ses Online, it’d be as fol­lows:


An uni­que take on the series. I per­so­nal­ly enjoy­ed the sil­ly sto­ry­line and refe­ren­ces, and it also had some inte­res­ting ide­as. Unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly it gets repe­ti­ti­ve real­ly fast, AI is not that gre­at and the net­code needs to be impro­ved. I still hope they don’t aban­don the idea: with some fixing and poli­shing an even­tu­al second chap­ter could be gre­at for the fans.


4 God­des­ses Online is one of the weakest ent­ries in the series. The usu­al Nep­tu­nia humour is here, but dull com­bat, poor per­for­mance and an over­all unin­te­res­ting plot overs­ha­dow anything good that could be said about the game.


Being the first game of the fran­chise I com­ple­ted, I qui­te enjoy­ed my time in Als­gard. The lack of loot and leve­ling up your cha­rac­ter des­troy­ed the sen­se of pro­gres­si­on to me and get­ting stuck in many boss fights rui­ned the end­ga­me. Despi­te the short­co­m­ings in the game­play, I lik­ed the quir­ky dia­lo­gue and the character/enemy design. With impro­ved net­code, more loot and more diver­se boss­fights we could get a good game next time around.

Cyber­di­men­si­on Nep­tu­nia 4: God­des­ses Online ist ab sofort vor­be­stell­bar für Play­Sta­ti­on 4 und erscheint am 13. Okto­ber 2017.

Game Tit­le: Cyber­di­men­si­on Nep­tu­nia: 4 God­des­ses Online

Gen­re: Action-Adven­ture

Release Date: 13.10.2017




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