XTgamer.de turns 10 and gives out plenty of games

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From good fri­ends and true, From old fri­ends and new, May good luck go with you, And hap­pi­ness too.

For 10 years you can enjoy our con­tent. On Novem­ber 1st 2007 we laun­ched XTgamer.de and the suc­cess sto­ry just keeps rol­ling. We cele­bra­te in several steps:

Now we head right into the givea­way:

We give out a whop­ping 50 games for cur­rent- and last-gen plat­forms! Just fill out the givea­way wid­get below, check all the activi­ties you actual­ly do (we check!), tweet ent­ry works dai­ly (yuhey!), and then you may recei­ve a cool game at the end of the week. As always 1 per­son can only enter as 1 per­son and we can’t gua­ran­tee you win your desi­red pri­ze. Givea­way ends in the night of Novem­ber 5th and 6th at mid­ni­ght. You can win the fol­lo­wing games, though the phy­si­cal pri­zes (Disc + Art­book) requi­re a Ger­man pos­tal address and one lucky win­ner will get that packa­ge.

Name Plat­form Regi­on
Alan Wake’s Ame­ri­can Night­ma­re 360 + XB1 World­wi­de
Ar nosur­ge: ode to an Unborn Star PS3 Disc
Bat­man: Ark­ham CIty PS3 Disc
Bat­man: Ark­ham Origins PS3 Disc
Bat­man: The Ene­my Wit­hin – Sea­son Pass PS4 North Ame­ri­ca
Bios­hock: Infi­ni­te PC Disc/Steam
Blossom Tales: The Slee­ping King Steam World­wi­de
Dark Rose Val­ky­rie PS4 Euro­pe
Depo­nia: Dooms­day PC Disc
Duke Nukem Fore­ver 360 Disc
forma.8 PS4/PSVita/Switch Euro­pe
Gun­star Heroes, Rene­ga­de Ops & Viking: Batt­le for Asgard Steam World­wi­de
How to Sur­vi­ve 2 PS4 Euro­pe
Hunter’s Lega­cy PS4/Steam North America/Worldwide
King Oddball Switch Euro­pe
LEGO Bat­man Steam World­wi­de
LEGO Bat­man 2: DC Super Heroes Steam World­wi­de
LEGO Har­ry Pot­ter Years 5-7 Steam World­wi­de
LEGO Har­ry Pot­ter: Years 1-4 Steam World­wi­de
LEGO LotR Steam World­wi­de
LEGO Mar­vel Super Heroes Steam World­wi­de
LEGO Movie Steam World­wi­de
LEGO The Hob­bit Steam World­wi­de
Lovely Wea­ther We’re Having Steam World­wi­de
Mary Skel­ter: Night­ma­res PSVi­ta Euro­pe
Mirror’s Edge PS3 Disc
Neon Chro­me Steam World­wi­de
Nom Nom Gala­xy Steam World­wi­de
Par­ty Hard Steam World­wi­de
Pira­te Pop Plus Wii U/New Nint. 3DS Euro­pe
Pixel­Junk Shoo­ter: Ulti­ma­te Steam World­wi­de
Por­tal Knights PS4 Euro­pe
Raku­en Steam World­wi­de
Seve­r­ed Wii U Euro­pe
Shift DX Nin­ten­do 3DS Euro­pe
Silence PC Disc
Silence Art­book
Sonic Mania PS4 Euro­pe
Spe­lun­ky Clas­sic, L’Abbaye des Morts PC World­wi­de
Syn­di­ca­te PS3 Disc
The Col­li­der 2 Steam World­wi­de
The Dead­ly Tower of Mons­ters PS4 Euro­pe
The Incredi­ble Adven­tures of Van Hel­sing Steam World­wi­de
Thim­ble­weed Park Steam World­wi­de
Time Recoil Steam World­wi­de
Time Recoil Switch Euro­pe
Van Hel­sing: Final Cut Steam World­wi­de
West of Loat­hing Steam World­wi­de
World to the West Steam World­wi­de
Xenoraid Steam World­wi­de

a Raff­le­cop­ter givea­way

  1. Sven

    Ten years wow… I guess some congra­tu­la­ti­ons are in order! 😉

    I have thrown my name into the hat and would love to win Sonic Mania (PS4).

  2. Andreas

    10 years is qui­te the feat, congrats and here’s to 10 more!

    If I win I’d love to get Thim­ble­weed Park.

  3. oozicool

    Hap­py 10th anni­ver­s­a­ry! I hope you con­ti­nue to bring more qua­li­ty con­tent in the com­ing years!

    I’d like to enter for that copy of West of Loat­hing.

  4. Leon Durham

    Congra­tu­la­ti­on on 10 years! If I win, I would like Bat­man: The Ene­my Wit­hin – Sea­son Pass.

  5. Fabs

    10 years alrea­dy? woah! congra­tu­la­ti­ons guys, i don’t com­ment much, but i”ve been fol­lo­wing you guys for the last 3 years and i tru­ly enjoy your work. <3

    i'm gon­na try my luck to World to the West (sin­ce i frea­king love Tes­la­grad), but Rakuen/Hunter's Legacy/Thimbleweek Park/Neon Chrome/West of Loat­hing is good too, whiche­ver one is avail­ab­le. 😀

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