XTgamer.de turns 10 and gives out plenty of games

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From good friends and true, From old friends and new, May good luck go with you, And happiness too.

For 10 years you can enjoy our content. On November 1st 2007 we launched XTgamer.de and the success story just keeps rolling. We celebrate in several steps:

Now we head right into the giveaway:

We give out a whopping 50 games for current- and last-gen platforms! Just fill out the giveaway widget below, check all the activities you actually do (we check!), tweet entry works daily (yuhey!), and then you may receive a cool game at the end of the week. As always 1 person can only enter as 1 person and we can’t guarantee you win your desired prize. Giveaway ends in the night of November 5th and 6th at midnight. You can win the following games, though the physical prizes (Disc + Artbook) require a German postal address and one lucky winner will get that package.

Name Platform Region
Alan Wake’s American Nightmare 360 + XB1 Worldwide
Ar nosurge: ode to an Unborn Star PS3 Disc
Batman: Arkham CIty PS3 Disc
Batman: Arkham Origins PS3 Disc
Batman: The Enemy Within – Season Pass PS4 North America
Bioshock: Infinite PC Disc/Steam
Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King Steam Worldwide
Dark Rose Valkyrie PS4 Europe
Deponia: Doomsday PC Disc
Duke Nukem Forever 360 Disc
forma.8 PS4/PSVita/Switch Europe
Gunstar Heroes, Renegade Ops & Viking: Battle for Asgard Steam Worldwide
How to Survive 2 PS4 Europe
Hunter’s Legacy PS4/Steam North America/Worldwide
King Oddball Switch Europe
LEGO Batman Steam Worldwide
LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Steam Worldwide
LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7 Steam Worldwide
LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Steam Worldwide
LEGO LotR Steam Worldwide
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Steam Worldwide
LEGO Movie Steam Worldwide
LEGO The Hobbit Steam Worldwide
Lovely Weather We’re Having Steam Worldwide
Mary Skelter: Nightmares PSVita Europe
Mirror’s Edge PS3 Disc
Neon Chrome Steam Worldwide
Nom Nom Galaxy Steam Worldwide
Party Hard Steam Worldwide
Pirate Pop Plus Wii U/New Nint. 3DS Europe
PixelJunk Shooter: Ultimate Steam Worldwide
Portal Knights PS4 Europe
Rakuen Steam Worldwide
Severed Wii U Europe
Shift DX Nintendo 3DS Europe
Silence PC Disc
Silence Artbook
Sonic Mania PS4 Europe
Spelunky Classic, L’Abbaye des Morts PC Worldwide
Syndicate PS3 Disc
The Collider 2 Steam Worldwide
The Deadly Tower of Monsters PS4 Europe
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Steam Worldwide
Thimbleweed Park Steam Worldwide
Time Recoil Steam Worldwide
Time Recoil Switch Europe
Van Helsing: Final Cut Steam Worldwide
West of Loathing Steam Worldwide
World to the West Steam Worldwide
Xenoraid Steam Worldwide

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  1. Sven

    Ten years wow… I guess some congratulations are in order! 😉

    I have thrown my name into the hat and would love to win Sonic Mania (PS4).

  2. Andreas

    10 years is quite the feat, congrats and here’s to 10 more!

    If I win I’d love to get Thimbleweed Park.

  3. oozicool

    Happy 10th anniversary! I hope you continue to bring more quality content in the coming years!

    I’d like to enter for that copy of West of Loathing.

  4. Fabs

    10 years already? woah! congratulations guys, i don’t comment much, but i”ve been following you guys for the last 3 years and i truly enjoy your work. <3

    i'm gonna try my luck to World to the West (since i freaking love Teslagrad), but Rakuen/Hunter's Legacy/Thimbleweek Park/Neon Chrome/West of Loathing is good too, whichever one is available. 😀

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