gamescom 2023: Day 2

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On the second day of gamescom we want to focus on simulators and a much-anticipated RPG.


At the Xbox booth, we had the opportunity to attend a presentation of Bethesda’s new role-playing game, Starfield. It should be said that, unlike many trade fair visitors, we did not experience the presentation in a cinema in the entertainment area, but at a stand in the business area. In it, Todd Howard, Creative Director at Bethesda, who we saw the day before at Opening Night Live, addressed a few words in a video message to us and thanked Bethesda fans for the years of trust and loyalty. Furthermore, we were able to take a look at the first minutes in Starfield in a montage. The character editor offers a wealth of customization options, both in terms of the look and the background of the character. In the demonstration, we first hire ourselves out as miners in stuffy, dark caves, only to later explore numerous visually exciting planets, each with their own vegetation and animal species. While the combat lacked a bit of punch, the great English dubbing and – unusual for a Bethesda role-playing game – the facial expressions of the characters are particularly convincing. Starfield will be available September 6th for PC and Xbox Series X|S, and September 1st for Xbox and PC Game Pass, as well as owners of the Premium and Constellation Editions.


We were able to see a total of three simulators today, including Farming Simulator 22 in the Premium Edition (GIANTS Software), the Crime Scene Update from Police Simulator: Patrol Officers (Aesir Interactive) and the Spaceport Extension of Construction Simulator (weltenbauer. Software Development GmbH).

Farming Simulator 22 Premium Edition will be available on November 14 for PC, PlayStation 5 and 4, Xbox Series X|S. and One are released and contain 7 packs and 2 expansions (Platinum and Premium). Thus, all content of the year 1 and 2 season passes are covered. If you only want to tackle the new premium expansion, you will also be able to purchase them individually. The premium expansion is set up on the new map Zielonka, which was inspired by Eastern Europe and includes Polish language, new types of fruit such as beetroot, parsnip and carrot, and over 35 new machines. The manufacturers Dewulf, Gorenc, Agrio and WIFO will celebrate their premiere in Farming Simulator. There are also new tractors, such as the classic FIAT 160-90 DT, a new harvester and numerous implements, especially in vegetable technology. With the Premium Edition, GIANTS Software offers fans who have not yet bought the current Farming Simulator the ultimate bundle with all expansions. The new DLC offers a good portion of fresh content.

In the Crime Scene Update for Police Simulator: Patrol Officers, starting September, you can also investigate serious crimes on PC. When we arrived at the scene of the crime in our patrol car, the victim of a serious physical injury first had to be treated by paramedics and taken away by ambulance, then we cordoned off the place with the iconic yellow and black tape and questioned witnesses. As soon as we have collected enough information, we receive a search profile and the last whereabouts of the perpetrator and have to apprehend them. Detective work adds a new gameplay aspect to Police Simulator and should add variety to the 911 calls available. We look forward to playing more of these soon.

In the Spaceport Extension, for the first time in Construction Simulator on PC, PlayStation 5 and 4, Xbox Series X|S and One, we can build space rocket launchpads, from the foundation to the finished spaceport, all on a brand-new map with numerous new missions which can be tackled solo or with three other players, just like in the base game. Purists can work out each step individually, but impatient people with a desire for the infinite can also skip individual steps. The impressive result – a huge launch vehicle on a launch pad – seems worth the effort. The expansion is scheduled for release in Q4 2023.