Easter Egg Hunt 2018: Win Page

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Thank you for participating in our Easter Egg Hunt.

To win send an e-mail with the code words “Egg last, I won” in the subject line to win@xtgamer.de and name your prefered platform (e.g. PC or Switch) in the text.


  • The runtime of this giveaway is from now until Monday April 2nd 2018 at 10:00 PM Central European Time.
  • By participating you confirm that we can use your e-mail address to notify you in case you’ve won anything. Winners and prizes will be chosen by random (random.org). There is no guarantee you will win anything, since the number of participants can be greater than the number of prizes.  You also confirm that you will participate only with one e-mail address in the giveaway. Should you infringe that, will you be excluded from this and possibly from future competitions. The prizes will be sent out to the corresponding winners on the same day. Thanks to all the partners who made this competition possible.