Review: Epic Mickey – The Power of 2

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Almost half of the Vita libra­ry is ports of older games that have been released on eit­her this cur­rent gen or the pre­vious one. (take a look at our spe­cial). It”s alrea­dy beco­m­ing a trend with releases such as Dis­gaea 3: Absence of Detenti­on, Dead or Ali­ve 5 Plus, Per­so­na 4: The Gol­den, The Wal­king Dead and dozens more. This time Vita play­ers can get a tas­te of the latest adven­ture of Disney”s beloved cha­rac­ter, Epic Mickey: The Power of 2.

Epic Mickey 2 brings the play­ers back to the land of Was­te­land, home to rejec­ted toons from Disney”s back­log. Just when ever­ything beco­mes nor­mal again, a series of ear­th­quakes des­troys the ent­i­re town. If that”s not enough, the Mad Doc­tor (from the first ent­ry) pays a visit and decla­res he chan­ged his ways. He even informs them that the Blot­worx spi­ces is about to infil­tra­te their pre­cious land.

Oswald, Wasteland”s lea­der, is con­fu­sed by the who­le situa­ti­on and deci­des to call Mickey Mou­se to inves­ti­ga­te.

Alt­hough Epic Mickey 2 is a direct sequel to the 2010 Wii-exclu­si­ve release, new­co­mers can still under­stand every bit of it thanks to the sim­pli­ci­ty of the sto­ry-line. So don”t be afraid to start this adven­ture if you haven’t play­ed through the first one.


As for game­play, Epic Mickey 2 con­ti­nues the ori­gi­nal for­mu­la of the fran­chise. In one hand Mickey holds a paint­brush and in the other he holds a thin­ner. By using the first one he can rebuild some­thing bro­ken, while the second tool des­troys it. It”s qui­te nice to have the opti­on to re-do some of your actions, but sad­ly the game doesn”t use tho­se mecha­nics to crea­te intri­guing puz­zles that requi­res you to think.

This brings us to ano­t­her sub­ject, the game”s dif­fi­cul­ty.

Becau­se the game is sui­ted for both kids and adults, as the average adult gamer you won”t find a chal­len­ge through the ent­i­re­ty of the game; enemies are easy to “kill”, pla­ces are acces­si­ble to reach and there”s always enough paint to dye the who­le city. One of the major issu­es we have with the game is that some­ti­mes the game tells you the solu­ti­on befo­re you even saw that there”s a pro­blem.


Ano­t­her thing that we feel is nega­ti­ve is the AI (arti­fi­ci­al intel­li­gence) in this game. Unli­ke the first ent­ry, Epic Mickey 2 is a game built for co-op play, but when you have no one to play with the com­pu­ter takes its role as Oswald. Unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly, you must tra­vel with this guy, so you”ll find yours­elf in sti­cky situa­ti­ons when he doesn’t fol­low your decisi­ons and deci­des to act stu­pidly on his own. The­re­fo­re, we can more than recom­mend you to use net­work play on your Vita.

Alt­hough the­re are some pro­blems with the game­play mecha­nics, many peop­le will mana­ge to enjoy the game becau­se of its Dis­ney set­tings and the char­ming car­toon-ish ani­ma­ti­ons, but we expec­ted much more from the crea­tor, War­ren Spec­tor, the man behind ground-brea­king fran­chises like Thief and Deus Ex.

While it”s hard to recom­mend this game on PS3/Xbox 360 sys­tems, it”s even har­der to recom­mend it on the Vita, main­ly becau­se of con­stant frame-rate issu­es that may dama­ge the expe­ri­ence for some. The Vita is more than capa­ble of run­ning this game (just take a look at games like Kill­zo­ne: Mer­cen­a­ry), so it”s sad to see that the deve­lo­pers didn”t put enough effort to achie­ve grea­ter results.


Despi­te Epic Mickey 2“s tech­ni­cal pro­blems, Blitz Games Stu­di­os did a good job uti­li­zing the con­trols for Vita. Now ins­tead of using the joy­sticks, play­ers can take advan­ta­ge of the touch screen for pain­ting. The con­trols are easier to mas­ter, and con­si­de­ring this game is sui­ted for kids you won”t have to exp­lain them much pri­or play.


– A color­ful car­toon-ish world

– Disney”s cha­rac­ters

– Gre­at for kids and fami­ly

– Co-op mode


– No chal­len­ge

– Bad AI

– Frame­ra­te issu­es


Epic Mickey: The Power of 2 is a gre­at game for kids, espe­ci­al­ly for ones that take inte­rest in Disney”s cha­rac­ters. If you are loo­king for a game to play with your fami­ly, this one will do more than fine.

Epic Mickey: The Power of 2
Gen­re: Jump’n’Run
Sys­tems: Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Wii U, PS Vita
Review­ed on: PS Vita
Pri­ce: 30 Euro/G­BP/US-Dol­lar
Ent­wick­ler: Blitz Games Stu­di­os
Publisher: Dis­ney

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