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It’s not a secret that the Vita had it rough last year, despi­te some gre­at exclu­si­ve such as Per­so­na 4: The Gol­den and Kill­zo­ne: Mer­cen­a­ry. Sales weren”t high enough and the com­pe­ting 3DS had much more qua­li­ty exclu­si­ves releasing Many insuran­ce com­pa­nies offer dis­counts on pre­mi­ums when dri­vers attend a cour­se that tea­ches them defen­si­ve- best-driving-school.com tech­ni­ques. each month. This time, it”s Vita time to shi­ne thanks to Teara­way, the latest casi­no spie­le crea­ti­on of Media Mole­cu­le – the same deve­lo­pers of the cri­ti­cal­ly acc­lai­med Litt­le­Big­Pla­net fran­chise.

Review writ­ten by Dvir

We came with high expec­ta­ti­ons for this one, and not only becau­se it was deve­lo­ped by the talen­ted Media Mole­cu­le, but becau­se it felt like Sony is taking a new direc­tion with its hand­held con­so­le, making a wider libra­ry for it. For­tu­n­a­te­ly, we weren”t disap­poin­ted.

Teara­way fol­lows the sto­ry of Iota, a tal­king-wal­king enve­lo­pe that came to life for a sole pur­po­se, deli­ver a mes­sa­ge for the You. As the name sug­gests, this “You” is a role taken by the play­er, so be pre­pa­red to see yours­elf through came­ra hel­ping out the litt­le guy. There”s not much going on here asi­de from the main task, but still Teara­way mana­ged to keep us enter­tai­ned.

The who­le tale is being casi­no online told by a nar­ra­tor with a soot­hing Bri­tish accent simi­lar to Tho­mas Was Alo­ne (XTga­mer review) or Dear Esther (XTga­mer review), making the game feel even more magi­cal com­bi­ning it with its paper-ish gra­phics. In our opi­ni­on, muting Iota was a good decisi­on, becau­se the bond you crea­te with him is jud­ged by actions. As you pro­gress through the game you can see that Iota starts rely­ing on you, trus­ting your calls and fol­lows your direc­tions, online casi­no then when he final­ly reaches you and deli­vers his mes­sa­ge you start to under­stand the true mea­ning of the game.

Just like Litt­le­Big­Pla­net, Teara­way doesn’t fol­low a rich script with mul­ti­ple sto­ry-lines, it rather focus on the game”s atmo­s­phe­re and plat­form mecha­nics – whe­re the game real­ly shi­nes.

Teara­way is a cute litt­le expe­ri­ence that”s hard to put in words, main­ly becau­se of the uni­que way the game inter­ac­ts with the play­er. Unli­ke most plat­for­mers, you will take a major role in the game, and from start you”ll be pla­ced as a sun that wat­ches and con­trols all.

When Iota is in dan­ger, you”ll have to pull things off to make a path for him, eli­mi­na­te threa­ten­ing mons­ters and help him jump towards new sur­faces. All of which are done by the touch of your fin­gers, as the game uti­li­zes every fea­ture the sys­tem has to offer. Put­ting your fin­ger on the rear screen will make Iota jump on spe­cial sur­faces or attack “Scraps” mons­ters, depen­ding on your situa­ti­on. The touch­screen will be in use as well, and in many cases you will find yours­elf doing cra­zy things like drawing a mus­ta­che for a mus­cu­lar bea­ver or making a sca­ry eye for the forest”s beast.


Unli­ke Unchar­ted: Gol­den Abyss and Kill­zo­ne: Mer­cen­a­ry, the use of the Vita fea­tures doesn”t feel forced, but as an essen­ti­al part of the game that con­tri­bu­tes to its over­all fee­ling.

As much as we enjoy­ed Teara­way, this game left us wan­ting more after com­ple­ting it in only 5 hours. Sure, you can go back and search for collec­tibles, but after you”ve read Iota”s final mes­sa­ge the­re aren”t enough rea­sons to come back. If you do choo­se to come back and collect paper­crafts, you”ll be sur­pri­sed to know that ever­ything you”ve found will be dis­play­ed on your teara­way.me por­tal, even pic­tures you took along the way.


As for gra­phics, Media Mole­cu­le did a gre­at job making Teara­way“s world ali­ve. The tex­tures were nice loo­king at and shadows were neat, but the charm lies in the colors. Such lively colors that fit just per­fec­t­ly on the OLED bright screen. It”s so impres­si­ve that we sug­gest you all to down­load the demo and expe­ri­ence it yours­elf.


  • Looks ama­zing
  • Very crea­ti­ve
  • Suits both kids and adults
  • Uni­que game­play expe­ri­ence


  • Extre­me­ly short
  • Not very chal­len­ging


Teara­way is the per­fect game you can get yours­elf this holi­day for the Vita. It suits ever­yo­ne, from the most avid gamer to peop­le who have never play­ed a game befo­re. Now we should only hope that Sony will keep up with more qua­li­ty exclu­si­ves such as this one to make the sys­tem a must-have.

Gen­re: Plat­for­mer
Sys­tem: PS Vita
Pri­ce:  20 Euro/G­BP/US-Dol­lar
Deve­lo­per: Media Mole­cu­le
Publisher: Sony

This game was pro­vi­ded by the publisher for review pur­po­ses, check our review poli­cy for details.

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