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It’s not a secret that the Vita had it rough last year, despite some great exclusive such as Persona 4: The Golden and Killzone: Mercenary. Sales weren”t high enough and the competing 3DS had much more quality exclusives releasing Many insurance companies offer discounts on premiums when drivers attend a course that teaches them defensive- best-driving-school.com techniques. each month. This time, it”s Vita time to shine thanks to Tearaway, the latest casino spiele creation of Media Molecule – the same developers of the critically acclaimed LittleBigPlanet franchise.

Review written by Dvir

We came with high expectations for this one, and not only because it was developed by the talented Media Molecule, but because it felt like Sony is taking a new direction with its handheld console, making a wider library for it. Fortunately, we weren”t disappointed.

Tearaway follows the story of Iota, a talking-walking envelope that came to life for a sole purpose, deliver a message for the You. As the name suggests, this “You” is a role taken by the player, so be prepared to see yourself through camera helping out the little guy. There”s not much going on here aside from the main task, but still Tearaway managed to keep us entertained.

The whole tale is being casino online told by a narrator with a soothing British accent similar to Thomas Was Alone (XTgamer review) or Dear Esther (XTgamer review), making the game feel even more magical combining it with its paper-ish graphics. In our opinion, muting Iota was a good decision, because the bond you create with him is judged by actions. As you progress through the game you can see that Iota starts relying on you, trusting your calls and follows your directions, online casino then when he finally reaches you and delivers his message you start to understand the true meaning of the game.

Just like LittleBigPlanet, Tearaway doesn’t follow a rich script with multiple story-lines, it rather focus on the game”s atmosphere and platform mechanics – where the game really shines.

Tearaway is a cute little experience that”s hard to put in words, mainly because of the unique way the game interacts with the player. Unlike most platformers, you will take a major role in the game, and from start you”ll be placed as a sun that watches and controls all.

When Iota is in danger, you”ll have to pull things off to make a path for him, eliminate threatening monsters and help him jump towards new surfaces. All of which are done by the touch of your fingers, as the game utilizes every feature the system has to offer. Putting your finger on the rear screen will make Iota jump on special surfaces or attack “Scraps” monsters, depending on your situation. The touchscreen will be in use as well, and in many cases you will find yourself doing crazy things like drawing a mustache for a muscular beaver or making a scary eye for the forest”s beast.


Unlike Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Killzone: Mercenary, the use of the Vita features doesn”t feel forced, but as an essential part of the game that contributes to its overall feeling.

As much as we enjoyed Tearaway, this game left us wanting more after completing it in only 5 hours. Sure, you can go back and search for collectibles, but after you”ve read Iota”s final message there aren”t enough reasons to come back. If you do choose to come back and collect papercrafts, you”ll be surprised to know that everything you”ve found will be displayed on your tearaway.me portal, even pictures you took along the way.


As for graphics, Media Molecule did a great job making Tearaway“s world alive. The textures were nice looking at and shadows were neat, but the charm lies in the colors. Such lively colors that fit just perfectly on the OLED bright screen. It”s so impressive that we suggest you all to download the demo and experience it yourself.


  • Looks amazing
  • Very creative
  • Suits both kids and adults
  • Unique gameplay experience


  • Extremely short
  • Not very challenging


Tearaway is the perfect game you can get yourself this holiday for the Vita. It suits everyone, from the most avid gamer to people who have never played a game before. Now we should only hope that Sony will keep up with more quality exclusives such as this one to make the system a must-have.

Genre: Platformer
System: PS Vita
Price:  20 Euro/GBP/US-Dollar
Developer: Media Molecule
Publisher: Sony

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