Viva Fall Vita #01 – Furmins – Furry Machines from Finland

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For the next coup­le weeks we will be intro­du­cing new PS Vita tit­les to you in our Viva Fall Vita Spe­cial.

Fur­mins was ori­gi­nal­ly an iOS game by Fin­nish deve­lo­per House­mar­que (Dead Nati­on, Reso­gun). Fol­lo­wing the suc­cess of the game there’s now a Vita ver­si­on avail­ab­le. To call it an Cra­zy Machi­nes with crit­ters would be an acu­ra­te sum­ma­ry of the game.

furmins (2)furmins (7)furmins (5)

Every level of the 96 avail­ab­le (PSN says 108 but we couldn’t con­firm that) con­sists of a sin­gu­lar board. Small cuddly crea­tures want to be escor­ted safe­ly to their favo­ri­te jar. So you make way for them just like in popu­lar gen­re rivals like Cut the Rope or World of Goo. In your arse­nal are all kinds of bum­pers depen­ding on the level struc­tu­re but you can­not rota­te them so you have to deal with the equip­ment you’re being given. In Set­up Mode you arran­ge the pie­ces while with a sin­gle tap you test out your archi­tec­tu­re in Action Mode. Swap­ping bet­ween the two is so natu­ral that it aids the game­play flow by a lot.

furmins (1)You get to the exci­ting stuff once you can inter­act in Action mode and you do that through tap­ping on the front touch screen or the rear touch pad. Uti­li­zing the­se you let the litt­le crea­tures boun­ce their way to hap­pi­ness – or into the next wall depen­ding on your skills in the Set­up. Every level gives you the oppor­tu­ni­ty to collect can­dy as an optio­nal collec­tible. If you want a 3 star rating in every board, you got­ta collect all of tho­se in addi­ti­on to beat a time limit and get­ting all 5 Fur­mins to the goal. The­re isn’t a dis­tinc­tion in Fur­mins bet­ween a per­fect run and you play­ing a level over and over to get all 3 stars as the­re is in Velo­ci­ty 2X.

Surely this game isn’t the most inven­ti­ve one but it’s pure­ly fun to find dif­fe­rent ways to beat the chal­len­ging boards. Espe­ci­al­ly in the bonus world you can try all sorts of cra­zy stra­te­gies. Simi­li­ar to the end­less fal­ling in Por­tal we mana­ged to crea­te an end­less cir­cuit of ever smi­ling crit­ters – what a won­der­ful world. You unlock new levels by using up the stars you achie­ved. Sin­ce you earn a lot of them from the get-go you won’t have to replay old levels to pro­gress fur­ther.


Fur­mins is a fit for all fans of chal­len­ging puz­zle board games offe­ring a varie­ty of con­tent and a char­ming pre­sen­ta­ti­on. You’re given crea­ti­ve free­dom while not being over­whel­med by too many opti­ons. At around 6 US-Dol­lar / Pounds / 7 Euro we can recom­mend this game. It’s also fre­quent­ly in Beat­s­ha­pers’ PSN bund­les.

furmins (3)

All screen­shots were cap­tu­red by our­sel­ves using the Vita’s nati­ve screen­shot fea­ture.

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