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Soda­Ci­ty is a 2D side­s­crol­ler in the vein of Dou­ble Dra­gon or if you like it more recent, like Ronin.

You’re shoo­ting yours­elf through 6 worlds á 4 levels. Why do you kill so many soda cans on your vio­lent jour­ney? We couldn’t find an ans­wer yet but it’s qui­te ent­i­cing to do so. There’s a big arse­nal of guns that you’re offe­red. You unlock them throughout the cam­pai­gn, got­ta buy them becau­se not­hing is free in this world. The money is ear­ned by kil­ling cans (isn’t that how the soda indus­try works?).


Despi­te moving in 2D, you can direct your kil­ler can in every direc­tion. There’s soda com­ing from ever­y­whe­re: At the dis­co the prot­ago­nist gets the spot­light shi­ning down on him while the cans enter in the darkness around him. Always got­ta be moving other­wi­se your can is no more. There’s some kind of flow you get from the game­play that’s com­pa­ra­ble with Hot­line Mia­mi, as the game is very bloo­dy and the beat is pum­ping through your tin jar.


You can upgrade your can and make it your own, as the enemies pump up their volu­me arse­nal aswell.

The­re are seven bos­ses you encoun­ter throughout the game, each you face off at the end of each world – as their goons rest full of bul­let holes in soda hea­ven. We haven’t reached a boss yet as the game­play is real­ly chal­len­ging. Some­ti­mes it gets real­ly frus­tra­ting so you got­ta bring your A game to get to the bos­ses which have hil­arious names.

Visual­ly the game’s qui­te simp­le but not bad loo­king, the sound effec­ts add to the atmo­s­phe­re – the can ope­ning sound plays when kil­ling an ene­my and the jui­cy refill sound makes your rel­oa­ding feel sugar sweet.

XT Gameplay with the developer (English)

Pre Conclusion

Over­all Soda­Ci­ty is a six pack full of fun. It’s fun­ny, has some pret­ty uni­que bos­ses and the com­bat feels nif­ty, immea­dia­te and crea­tes a nice flow while balan­cing frus­tra­ti­on and reward. The ent­ry bar­ri­er is pret­ty low on this game. It may not be the lon­gest or most varied game, it con­cen­tra­tes on its strengths as poin­ted out and thus­fo­re is a worthwhile purcha­se for soda lovers.


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