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SodaCity is a 2D sidescroller in the vein of Double Dragon or if you like it more recent, like Ronin.

You’re shooting yourself through 6 worlds á 4 levels. Why do you kill so many soda cans on your violent journey? We couldn’t find an answer yet but it’s quite enticing to do so. There’s a big arsenal of guns that you’re offered. You unlock them throughout the campaign, gotta buy them because nothing is free in this world. The money is earned by killing cans (isn’t that how the soda industry works?).


Despite moving in 2D, you can direct your killer can in every direction. There’s soda coming from everywhere: At the disco the protagonist gets the spotlight shining down on him while the cans enter in the darkness around him. Always gotta be moving otherwise your can is no more. There’s some kind of flow you get from the gameplay that’s comparable with Hotline Miami, as the game is very bloody and the beat is pumping through your tin jar.


You can upgrade your can and make it your own, as the enemies pump up their volume arsenal aswell.

There are seven bosses you encounter throughout the game, each you face off at the end of each world – as their goons rest full of bullet holes in soda heaven. We haven’t reached a boss yet as the gameplay is really challenging. Sometimes it gets really frustrating so you gotta bring your A game to get to the bosses which have hilarious names.

Visually the game’s quite simple but not bad looking, the sound effects add to the atmosphere – the can opening sound plays when killing an enemy and the juicy refill sound makes your reloading feel sugar sweet.

XT Gameplay with the developer (English)

Pre Conclusion

Overall SodaCity is a six pack full of fun. It’s funny, has some pretty unique bosses and the combat feels nifty, immeadiate and creates a nice flow while balancing frustration and reward. The entry barrier is pretty low on this game. It may not be the longest or most varied game, it concentrates on its strengths as pointed out and thusfore is a worthwhile purchase for soda lovers.