Preview: Blitz Breaker – Modern GameBoy platforming

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Blitz Breaker is a platformer that launches on February 2nd on Steam. We were able to try out a nearly final version.

It’s quite easy to sum up Blitz Breaker‘s story: You’re the robot Blitz (German for lightning) which tries to escape the facility it was made in. This proves to be challenging as the factory is basically made out of traps and spikes. And so you help Blitz to succeed in the 101 levels of this twitch platformer until your patience is finally relieved as is the freed Blitz.

Developer Boncho Games names as one of the main features that you can play throughout the game with just one hand. You can play the game with controller or keyboard. With our keyboard session we can confirm this thesis. The game is designed in a way that you can dash into four directions and make a short jump in the direction you’re facing.

The levels are fitted that playstyle. Every level is made up several screens which are connected through doors you have to unlock by picking up keys or you have to break through walls with several dashes. In the beginning that’s not too hard but while playing through world 1 (about 20 levels) we crunched our teeth one or the other time. The level design is cleverly done, the learning curve not too steep and the countless nods to genre rivals as 1001 Spikes puts a smirk on your face if you know these games. At the end of each world you face a boss. The first boss fills the screen with rotating saws, so you gotta be quick on your toes but also treat carefully.

The controls are pretty direct and even in the smallest nuances you still have control. It’s definitely your fault or the one of your input device if you don’t make a certain level. Instead of going straight to the level exit you can also pick up coins and a purple rectangle that does not teleport you to Thomas Was Alone but gains you a star per level.

The visuals of Blitzer Breaker are really colorful. They’re fullon retro and also the whole game is in a box that seems to replicate the screen of an old GameBoy. Opposite to Super Nintendo’s Super GameBoy you can definitely change the backgrounds and give your gameplay a different feel. Combining the high game speed and the high-voltage protagonist reminds us of the recently launched Downwell (XTgamer video). The chiptune like soundtrack adds the final ingredient to the GameBoy style game.


In our short session with Blitz Breaker it offered us uncomplicated arcade fun. You quickly get used to the simple mechanics and tight controls. The carefully thoughtout level design makes the game both challenging and motivating, even though you’re really frustrated at times. If you like these kind of games – like VVVV, SMB, Bit.Trip Runner -, then you should keep your eyes peeled for Blitz Breaker‘s February 2nd Steam release.