Hands-on with: Gone in November, Ultralight Beam, Sanatory Hallways

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In our seg­ment “100 lost games” we cover games which we’ve been mea­ning to talk about for qui­te some time. For a chan­ge we’re doing that in Eng­lish as well.

Gone in November

Gone in Novem­ber is a Steam game laun­ching on August 18th, initi­al­ly making its way from Steam Gre­en­light to the big store. It’s a so-cal­led wal­king simu­la­tor in the vain of The Beginner’s Gui­de or Actu­al Sun­light. You’re in the role of a dying man and you wit­ness the last memo­ry frag­ments that tran­spi­re during the cour­se of the 30 minu­te long game. The game starts out slow-paced as you go after ever­y­day duties insi­de your apart­ment. Right after that you dive into the com­plex mind of this man, you learn about his fears and long for­got­ten hopes. It’s a thought-pro­vo­king sto­ry about tran­si­en­ce, the rapid pace of chan­ge and abhor­rent events con­spi­ring against oneself. The deve­lo­per trea­ted this deli­ca­te topic with digni­ty. We’d like to see more of the­se kinds of games!

We give out Steam codes for Gone in Novem­ber. The first coup­le peop­le who mes­sa­ge on info[at]xtgamer.de get a code each for the game.

Ultralight Beam

The­re are the­se small arca­de games who offer fren­zy fun becau­se of their enter­tai­ning sim­pli­ci­ty. You’re a rocket and you have to collect stars which are guar­ded by mons­ters. That’s Ultra­light Beam for the PC in a nuts­hell. Sen­so­ry over­load seems to be the main tar­get of the game as there’s color­ful explo­si­ons con­stant­ly all over the screen and fun­ny one liners aswell as your scores fly towards you. Later in the game you recei­ve power-ups such as rockets and the level design gets more and more diver­se and tri­cky. The action is sup­por­ted by an equal­ly fast-paced rock sound­track. Ultra­light Beam is an acces­si­ble addic­ting score­gasm game in which you shouldn’t cross the beam for too long.

Sanatory Hallways

(by Fran­ces­co ali­as @GwonamKing)

Sanato­ry Hall­ways is a local mul­ti­play­er game recent­ly released for the Wii U. One play­er will be the girl, the main cha­rac­ter, by using the Wiimo­te and Nun­chuck, while the other will use a Game­pad to imper­so­na­te a ghost.
The ghost must lay down traps, while the girl must escape the dark hall­way wit­hout losing her sani­ty. The­re are also bonus levels for sin­gle play­er only, which try to expand the back­sto­ry of the game. The game right now doesn’t seem like much, and in mul­ti­play­er is pret­ty unba­lan­ced for the girl, and the­re aren’t many levels eit­her.

We give out European (!) Wii U codes for Sanato­ry Hall­ways. The first coup­le peop­le who mes­sa­ge on info[at]xtgamer.de get a code each for the game.

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