Hands-on with: Gone in November, Ultralight Beam, Sanatory Hallways

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In our segment “100 lost games”聽we cover games which we’ve been meaning to talk about for quite some time. For a change we’re doing that in English as well.

Gone in November

Gone in November聽is a Steam game launching on August 18th, initially making its way from Steam Greenlight to the big store. It’s a so-called walking simulator in the vain of聽The Beginner’s Guide orActual Sunlight. You’re in the role of a dying man and you witness the last memory fragments that transpire during the course of the 30 minute long game.聽The game starts out slow-paced as you go after everyday duties inside your apartment. Right after that you dive into the complex mind of this man, you learn about his fears and long forgotten hopes. It’s a thought-provoking story about transience, the rapid pace of change and abhorrent events conspiring against oneself. The developer聽treated this delicate topic with dignity. We’d like to see more of these kinds of games!

We give out Steam聽codes for Gone in November. The first couple people who message on聽info[at]xtgamer.de聽get a code each for the game.

Ultralight Beam

There are these small arcade games聽who offer frenzy fun because of their entertaining simplicity.聽You’re a rocket and you have to collect stars which are guarded by monsters. That’s聽Ultralight Beam聽for the PC in a nutshell. Sensory overload seems to be the main target of the game as there’s colorful explosions constantly all over the screen and funny one liners aswell as your scores fly towards you. Later in the game you receive power-ups such as rockets and the level design gets more and more diverse and tricky. The action is supported by an equally fast-paced rock soundtrack.聽Ultralight Beam is an accessible聽addicting scoregasm game in which you shouldn’t cross the beam for too long.

Sanatory Hallways

(by Francesco alias @GwonamKing)

Sanatory Hallways is a local multiplayer game recently released for the Wii U.聽One player will be the girl, the main character, by using the Wiimote and Nunchuck, while the other will use a Gamepad to impersonate a ghost.
The ghost must lay down traps, while the girl must escape the dark hallway without losing her sanity. There are also bonus levels for single player only, which try to expand the backstory of the game. The game right now doesn’t seem like much, and in multiplayer is pretty unbalanced for the girl, and there aren’t many levels either.

We give out European (!)聽Wii U聽codes for Sanatory Hallways. The first couple people who message on聽info[at]xtgamer.de聽get a code each for the game.