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The grand XTgamer.de Easter Giveaway

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Win 1 of 70 games and movies inclu­ding the brand-new Mr. Shif­ty on Nin­ten­do Switch, upco­m­ing PS4 remas­ter of The Sil­ver Case, Sea­son Pas­ses for The Wal­king Dead: A New Fron­tier and Bat­man: The Tell­ta­le Series and 8 Blu-ray movies by Cape­light.

Like always: 1 par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on per per­son and we can’t gua­ran­tee that you recei­ve your desi­red win.

To enter just fill out the Raff­le­cop­ter wid­get and wri­te a com­ment with your desi­red win. You can also enter dai­ly via Tweet in the wid­get and rai­se your chan­ces. Com­pe­ti­ti­on ends Fri­day, April 21th 2017 at mid­ni­ght Cen­tral European Sum­mer Time.

  • Mr. Shif­ty Nin­ten­do Switch Euro­pe
  • The Sil­ver Case Play­Sta­ti­on 4 North Ame­ri­ca
  • Cur­ve Digital’s Instant Indie Hits Bund­le Xbox One World­wi­de
  • Emi­ly Wants To Play Play­Sta­ti­on 4 Euro­pe
  • A Trip to Yugo­s­la­via: Director’s Cut Steam World­wi­de
  • Shift DX Nin­ten­do 3DS Euro­pe
  • Paul Pixel: The Awa­ke­n­ing Mac App Store World­wi­de
  • Bat­man: A Tell­ta­le Series – Full Sea­son Steam World­wi­de
  • The Wal­king Dead: A New Fron­tier – Full Sea­son Steam World­wi­de
  • Dus­kers Steam World­wi­de
  • Xenoraid Play­Sta­ti­on 4 Euro­pe, Play­Sta­ti­on Vita Euro­pe, Xbox One World­wi­de, Steam World­wi­de
  • Neon Chro­me Play­sta­ti­on Vita Euro­pe
  • Ten­nis in the Face Xbox One World­wi­de
  • Run­bow Steam World­wi­de
  • Pira­te Pop Plus Wii U Euro­pe, Nin­ten­do 3DS Euro­pe
  • Seve­r­ed Wii U Euro­pe
  • Gurumin 3D: A Mons­trous Adven­ture Nin­ten­do 3DS Euro­pe
  • Detec­tive Hay­se­ed Steam World­wi­de
  • Man O’ War: Cor­sair Steam World­wi­de
  • Blossom Tales: The Slee­ping King Steam World­wi­de
  • Sen­ran Kagu­ra Esti­val Ver­sus Steam World­wi­de
  • Table Top Racing: World Tour Xbox One World­wi­de
  • Vir­gi­nia Xbox One World­wi­de
  • Pay­day 2: Crime­wa­ve Edi­ti­on – The Big Score Xbox One World­wi­de
  • Girls against Boys Blu-ray Steel­book EU ship­ping only
  • Reven­ge for Jol­ly Blu-ray Steel­book EU ship­ping only
  • Red­li­ne Blu-ray Steel­book EU ship­ping only
  • Dark Pla­net Blu-ray Steel­book EU ship­ping only
  • Infe­sta­ti­on Blu-ray Steel­book EU ship­ping only
  • The Pro­di­gies Blu-ray EU ship­ping only
  • Unzer­trenn­lich Blu-ray EU ship­ping only
  • Red Tails Blu-ray EU ship­ping only

We wish you best of luck, hap­py Eas­ter & rela­xed play­ful holi­days!
a Raff­le­cop­ter givea­way

A big thank you to our part­ners who made this giveaw­way pos­si­ble.

  1. agbavna

    Thanks for the chan­ce. Pay­day 2: Crime­wa­ve Edi­ti­on – The Big Score or Vir­gi­nia

  2. Fabs

    awe­so­me!. i’ll love to win some­thing like Blossom Tales (just saw the steam page, and it looks gre­at), Vir­gi­nia, Wal­king Dead, Sen­ran Kagu­ra or anything PC, real­ly, sin­ce i don’t own a con­so­le. 🙂

  3. Andreas

    I do love me some War­ham­mer so Man O’ War: Cor­sair would be fan­tastic to get. Thank you so much for the chan­ce!

  4. Sergey Sheldishev

    Hap­py Eas­ter to XT team!
    And as always huge thanks for doing givea­ways for ever­yo­ne 🙂
    If I win some­thing, I would pre­fer Wal­king Dead (it would be a good kick to play sea­son 1 and 2 final­ly) or The Sil­ver Case, sin­ce I am buy­ing ps4 next month and it is seems like a good remake of memo­r­able psx clas­sics.

  5. andelbam

    Need “The Sil­ver Case (PS4)” in ma life, SUDA51 got me sin­ce Kil­ler is Dead.
    Dan­ke, to ever­yo­ne invol­ved. Hap­py Eas­ter.

    1. andelbam

      Ctrl+F: Did no pick up Xenoraid. Asked a ques­ti­on. Get­ting blo­cked for that rea­son. Would never do that unless it was troll or inflammato­ry. I sug­gest you chan­ge your ways, cau­se my impres­si­on of the peop­le run­ning this site/twitter has dimi­nis­hed.
      Examp­le of a site that left a good impres­si­on, TGG. They always reply back to their readers/twitter fol­lo­wers with a posi­ti­ve reply. Even if you ask em some­thing sil­ly.
      If your reac­tion is “If you don’t fol­low the terms, don’t won­der if we will block or exclu­de you”…..wow. Asking a dumb ques­ti­on is not fol­lo­wing terms. Thanks, mate.

  6. Leon Durham

    If I win, I would like Man O’ War: Cor­sair – War­ham­mer Naval Batt­les (Steam) or Vir­gi­nia (Xbox One). Thanks for the givea­way Patrick!

  7. Davideo

    I wouldn’t mind win­ning Xenoraid for eit­her Xbox One or PSVi­ta.

    Thank you for the oppor­tu­ni­ty!

  8. tobmaier

    Pay­day 2: Crime­wa­ve Edi­ti­on – The Big Score would be gre­at. Thanks for the givea­way.

  9. florianone

    Pay­day 2: Crime­wa­ve Edi­ti­on or Table Top Racing: World Tour would be neat. Have play­ed most of the others on Xbox one.

  10. Michael

    Thanks for the gre­at givea­way. I would go with eit­her Vir­gi­nia or Table Top Racing: World Tour.

  11. Escorpi

    Put me in for Emi­ly Wants To Play (PS4) or Neon Chro­me (PSVITA). Good luck ever­yo­ne!

  12. andelbam

    The Sil­ver Case”. Enjoy Crime Noir VN’s, like Psy­cho Pass.
    Dan­ke! My ear­lier post exist but does not at the same time, dele­ted just in case.

  13. XTgamerPatrick

    All win­ners have been noti­fied. Next time, if you check an action in the wid­get (e.g. twee­ting), then plea­se also do and link the action (e.g. the tweet). 🙂

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