gamescom 2017: 1C Company line-up – Part 2

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Rus­si­an publisher 1C Com­pa­ny with its European busi­ness con­duc­ted through the Czech Repu­blic doesn’t only show off action and simu­la­ti­on games, at games­com we take a look at three other games that are in the company’s pipe­line.

Halo Wars may have given popu­la­ri­ty to stra­te­gy games on con­so­le, 1C sends out Ances­tors Lega­cy with a dif­fe­rent take on the gen­re. The deve­lo­pers pre­vious­ly deve­lo­ped the hard­ly known on-rails-shoo­ter IS Defen­se. The new game is a squad-based real-time tac­tics game which is set in medi­eval Euro­pe. The four play­a­ble fac­tions are Vikings, Anglo-Saxons, Ger­mans and Slav. The his­to­ri­cal­ly accu­ra­te depic­tion of each nati­on is one of the developer’s most important goals.

While the sto­ry is a work of fic­tion, the units and their equip­ment are sup­po­sed to be mode­led as true to rea­li­ty as pos­si­ble. Watching the fier­ce clo­se-com­bat up clo­se is qui­te inten­se thanks to the use of Unre­al Engi­ne 4. Ani­ma­ti­ons are smooth and the units real­ly fight each other and don’t clip through one ano­t­her as in other stra­te­gy games. If a speer hits a shield, the impact is visi­ble. The­re are for­ma­ti­ons for your units but the figh­ters also break out of them and fight indi­vi­dual­ly. All in all the com­bat in Ances­tors Lega­cy is very dyna­mic.

As the ten hour sto­ry cam­pai­gn pro­gres­ses the­re are sche­mes plot­ted, ambus­hes crea­ted and tro­ops gathe­red. The lat­ter is at utmost impor­t­an­ce as you want to sta­ge a cast­le sie­ge and des­troy the enemy’s empi­re such as in Strong­hold. The vast maps offer dif­fe­rent oppor­tu­nities such as con­que­ring camps to get troop boni and res­sour­ces. Res­sour­ce manage­ment is stream­li­ned as the game is being released on PC and con­so­les. The­re­fo­re the­re is no base buil­ding or micro mana­ging collec­tors as in C&C.

The deve­lo­per wants to lower the ent­ry bar­ri­er by sim­pli­fy­ing the con­trols. Via a touch of a face but­ton you select indi­vi­du­al squads or all tro­ops on screen, switch to dif­fe­rent pla­ces on the map or use spe­cial attacks. As we couldn’t play the game yet, that’s all just theo­re­ti­cal info that we wit­nessed hands-off.

Ances­tors Lega­cy has the poten­ti­al to trans­port the play­er into an unu­sed set­ting and to ease their way into it with an easy to learn con­trol sche­me and keep them with their incredi­ble atten­ti­on for (his­to­ri­cal) detail. There’s not yet a set release date, but soon enough we can let the four nati­ons fight for the power of medi­eval Euro­pe.

ON3D is cur­r­ent­ly deve­lo­ping their debut tit­le Quan­tum Repli­ca. 1C publishes this ste­alth-action game that is set in a dys­to­pi­an cyber­punk world. At first the game appears to be a mix­tu­re of 10tons’ Neon Chro­me and Mike Bithell’s Volu­me. Simi­li­ar to tinybuild’s Mr Shif­ty you have to find your way through tight cor­ri­dors, avo­id laser beams and armed goons with real­ly bad atti­tu­de. As in Metal Gear Solid the enemies’ cones of visi­on are dis­play­ed on-screen. Figh­t­ing seems to be your last opti­on though.

There’s came­ras to get past, camou­fla­ge to attain and enemies to be silent­ly taken care of. The futu­ris­tic city is divi­ded into five distric­ts. Metroid­va­nia ele­ments offer new ways once you get the appro­pria­te skill. We look for­ward to play­ing Quan­tum Repli­ca soon our­sel­ves on PS4, XB1 and PC.

The deve­lo­pers of our next tit­le, Micr­op­sia Games, made the jour­ney all-the-way from San­tia­go de Chi­le to Colo­gne to show off their first game The Watch­ma­ker. You’re the epony­mous watch maker and your goal is to keep your mas­si­ve clock tower ticking. One day a mys­te­rious voice awa­kens Alex­an­der and he dis­co­vers the­re are some weird abnor­ma­li­ties going on insi­de the tower. It is your task to fix all the pro­blems insi­de the tower in this 3rd-per­son puz­zle plat­for­mer by mas­te­ring clas­sic plat­forming, sol­ving a diver­se array of puz­zles and even batt­ling giant bos­ses.

The short demo that we can play is alrea­dy out on Steam sin­ce April. The first sta­ge of the clock tower is dis­play­ed in a char­ming steam­punk style. Con­trol­ling Alex­an­der is most­ly pret­ty smooth. The puz­zles invol­ve a simi­lar device to Half-Life 2’s gra­vi­ty gun and are qui­te tri­cky at times.

If you gather your sur­roun­dings at first, you’ll defi­ni­te­ly have an advan­ta­ge. But Alex­an­der can’t pace him­s­elf too slow­ly sin­ce the clock is liter­al­ly ticking. After the con­stant­ly pre­sent count­down ends, you’ll have to start over from the last check­point. This suits the pacing of the game and uses the perks of modern save sys­tems but offers the chal­len­ge of a clas­sic 3D plat­for­mer.

The images above and below and our talk with Fran­cis­co Qui­lo­dran, respon­si­ble for Busi­ness Deve­lop­ment ant Micr­op­sia Games, offer fur­ther insight into the clock tower and its mys­te­ries. The­re are five dif­fe­rent lay­ers to explo­re, tin­ker and fight. Just like the above men­tio­ned games The Watch­to­wer is plan­ned to get a release in the com­ing mon­ths, for now exclu­si­ve­ly on PC.

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