gamescom 2017: NISA line-up

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Nippon Ichi Softwares America, better known as NISA, showed us their very diverse line-up at the gamescom that we do not want to withhold from you.

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA is known as one of the pinnacles of action-RPG, regarding NISA’s lineup, by the supporters of the series. While traveling the sea on the ship “Lombardia” near Greek, as usual, our ship-wrecking hero Adol Christin wakes up on Seiren Island. There he is supposed to defeat an all-powerful being.

As in Memories of Celceta the camera usually focuses on the selected character while slaying hordes of monsters. PR mastermind David Alonzo explicitly advertises the elaborately designed cutscenes and the intricate construction of the island, the very short load times of the PS Vita version, as well as an additional classic armor set for PS4 and PC. To that PS4 Day One Edition of Lacrimosa of DANA will include an artbook as well as a soundtrack CD.
The action-RPG will find itself on our shores in less than two days on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita, the PC version on the other hand was postponed for the time being due to optimizing the game.
You will read more about Ys VIII in your upcoming review.

The visual novel-like detective game series newest entry Danganronpa celebrates its release on the 29th of September. And is thus also the fourth release on PC, PS4 and PS Vita. Approximately two weeks ago a demo of the quirky, sadistic and fascinating adventure surfaced on all platforms. While in the German PSN it only available via PS Plus, you can easily access it via an US account.

Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony features an all-new squad of characters and the children of the devious bear Monokuma, as the antagonists. This time you’re not only able to deduct the truth by firing off “Truth Bullets”, but dish out so called “Lie Bullets” yourself by making false statements.
What’s more, there are new minigames and a 4K optimization for the PlayStation 4 Pro.
The Limited Edition includes the deluxe soundtrack, the original DRV3 OST, a hardcover artbook, the Ultimate Hat and Headphones as well as a stylish collector’s box. Sadly this one is unavailable for a while now.

Culdcept Revolt is a turn-based strategy board game, sporting artworks from none other than Zero Escape: 9 Hours, 9 People 9 Doors & Virtue’s Last Reward’s artist Kinu Nishimura. You may also know her because of Coded Princess and lots of Capcom illustrations.
Despite the fact that booster packs plays a huge part in the game, the developer forgoes the incorporation of micro transactions.
To celebrate its 20th anniversary the series finally makes a return to western shores. So you may pick up your book (or copy) on the 6th of October to venture through this dark world on your Nintendo 3DS. Multiplayer will be available by then as well, for up to 4 players, be it online or offline.
Look forward to our German and English review of Culdcept Revolt, if the game holds up on it’s promise to give the series a revitalizing anniversary.

Touhou Kobuto V: Burst Battle will carry you off into the world of Gensoukyo’s Bullet Hell battles on the 13th of October for the Nintendo Switch, PS Vita, and PS4 (including VR support).

Yomawari: Midnight Shadows opens another page in the diaries of Yui and Haru not long after Touhou, on October 24. It is not quite the sequel you would have expected it to be. The top-down gameplay consists once again mainly of hiding, running and more or less fighting. For the first time there are times in the game where it switches to a side scroll view, while connection the stories of Yui and Haru.

The first-person dungeon crawler Demon Gaze will receive it’s follow up title on the 17th of November on PS4 and PS Vita. Tokyo Tattoo Girls and its six protagonists convey its post-apocalyptic real time strategy-vision of Tokyo by conquering the western world on the very same day.

In the beginning of 2018, two Nintendo Switch-exclusive physical releases are on schedule: The Longest Five Minutes puts you into the role of a hero who finally arrived at the last boss, the evil Overlord, but his memories, no everything else is gone. So it’s up to the player to find out where it’s taking place, what’s happening and which skills to learn to make it to the actual ending of this game, all while standing in the final battle.
The Limited Edition of the game on Switch will include the Soundtrack on 2 CDs with an art booklet, 4 lapel pins, and a collector’s box. The game will also be released on PC and PS Vita via Steam and PSN.

In Penny Punching Princess everything has its price. The survival of the fittest changed with the rise of capitalism, money is everything now: Bribe enemies to fight your battles for you to subjugate those who do not budge under the weight of your offers. The action-RPG’s look is colorful and kind of cuddly.
Here, its Limited Edition will net you two lapel pins, a USB stick in form of a credit card, on board with the official soundtrack in a fitting limited box in form of a golden ingot. PS Vita players will also be able to acquire the game digitally.