gamescom 2017: NISA line-up

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Nip­pon Ichi Soft­wares Ame­ri­ca, bet­ter known as NISA, show­ed us their very diver­se line-up at the games­com that we do not want to with­hold from you.

Ys VIII: Lacri­mo­sa of DANA is known as one of the pin­na­cles of action-RPG, regar­ding NISA’s lin­eup, by the sup­por­ters of the series. While tra­ve­ling the sea on the ship “Lom­bar­dia” near Greek, as usu­al, our ship-wre­cking hero Adol Chris­tin wakes up on Sei­ren Island. The­re he is sup­po­sed to defeat an all-power­ful being.

As in Memo­ries of Cel­ce­ta the came­ra usual­ly focu­ses on the selec­ted cha­rac­ter while slay­ing hor­des of mons­ters. PR mas­ter­mind David Alon­zo expli­citly adver­ti­ses the ela­bo­r­ate­ly desi­gned cuts­ce­nes and the intri­ca­te con­struc­tion of the island, the very short load times of the PS Vita ver­si­on, as well as an addi­tio­nal clas­sic armor set for PS4 and PC. To that PS4 Day One Edi­ti­on of Lacri­mo­sa of DANA will inclu­de an art­book as well as a sound­track CD.
The action-RPG will find its­elf on our shores in less than two days on Play­Sta­ti­on 4 and PS Vita, the PC ver­si­on on the other hand was post­po­ned for the time being due to opti­mi­zing the game.
You will read more about Ys VIII in your upco­m­ing review.

The visu­al novel-like detec­tive game series newest ent­ry Dang­an­ron­pa cele­bra­tes its release on the 29th of Sep­tem­ber. And is thus also the fourth release on PC, PS4 and PS Vita. Appro­xi­mate­ly two weeks ago a demo of the quir­ky, sadistic and fasci­na­ting adven­ture sur­fa­ced on all plat­forms. While in the Ger­man PSN it only avail­ab­le via PS Plus, you can easi­ly access it via an US account.

Dang­an­ron­pa V3: Kil­ling Har­mo­ny fea­tures an all-new squad of cha­rac­ters and the child­ren of the devious bear Mono­ku­ma, as the ant­ago­nists. This time you’re not only able to deduct the truth by firing off “Truth Bul­lets”, but dish out so cal­led “Lie Bul­lets” yours­elf by making fal­se state­ments.
What’s more, the­re are new miniga­mes and a 4K opti­mi­za­ti­on for the Play­Sta­ti­on 4 Pro.
The Limi­ted Edi­ti­on inclu­des the delu­xe sound­track, the ori­gi­nal DRV3 OST, a hard­co­ver art­book, the Ulti­ma­te Hat and Head­pho­nes as well as a sty­lish collector’s box. Sad­ly this one is unavail­ab­le for a while now.

Culdcept Revolt is a turn-based stra­te­gy board game, spor­ting art­works from none other than Zero Escape: 9 Hours, 9 Peop­le 9 Doors & Virtue’s Last Reward’s artist Kinu Nis­hi­mu­ra. You may also know her becau­se of Coded Princess and lots of Cap­com illus­tra­ti­ons.
Despi­te the fact that boos­ter packs plays a huge part in the game, the deve­lo­per for­goes the incor­po­ra­ti­on of micro tran­sac­tions.
To cele­bra­te its 20th anni­ver­s­a­ry the series final­ly makes a return to wes­tern shores. So you may pick up your book (or copy) on the 6th of Octo­ber to ven­ture through this dark world on your Nin­ten­do 3DS. Mul­ti­play­er will be avail­ab­le by then as well, for up to 4 play­ers, be it online or off­line.
Look for­ward to our Ger­man and Eng­lish review of Culdcept Revolt, if the game holds up on it’s pro­mi­se to give the series a revi­ta­li­zing anni­ver­s­a­ry.

Tou­hou Kobu­to V: Burst Batt­le will car­ry you off into the world of Gensoukyo’s Bul­let Hell batt­les on the 13th of Octo­ber for the Nin­ten­do Switch, PS Vita, and PS4 (inclu­ding VR sup­port).

Yoma­wa­ri: Mid­ni­ght Shadows opens ano­t­her page in the dia­ries of Yui and Haru not long after Tou­hou, on Octo­ber 24. It is not qui­te the sequel you would have expec­ted it to be. The top-down game­play con­sists once again main­ly of hiding, run­ning and more or less figh­t­ing. For the first time the­re are times in the game whe­re it swit­ches to a side scroll view, while con­nec­tion the sto­ries of Yui and Haru.

The first-per­son dun­ge­on craw­ler Demon Gaze will recei­ve it’s fol­low up tit­le on the 17th of Novem­ber on PS4 and PS Vita. Tokyo Tat­too Girls and its six prot­ago­nists con­vey its post-apo­ca­lyp­tic real time stra­te­gy-visi­on of Tokyo by con­que­ring the wes­tern world on the very same day.

In the begin­ning of 2018, two Nin­ten­do Switch-exclu­si­ve phy­si­cal releases are on sche­du­le: The Lon­gest Five Minu­tes puts you into the role of a hero who final­ly arri­ved at the last boss, the evil Over­lord, but his memo­ries, no ever­ything else is gone. So it’s up to the play­er to find out whe­re it’s taking place, what’s hap­pe­ning and which skills to learn to make it to the actu­al ending of this game, all while stan­ding in the final batt­le.
The Limi­ted Edi­ti­on of the game on Switch will inclu­de the Sound­track on 2 CDs with an art book­let, 4 lapel pins, and a collector’s box. The game will also be released on PC and PS Vita via Steam and PSN.

In Pen­ny Pun­ching Princess ever­ything has its pri­ce. The sur­vi­val of the fit­test chan­ged with the rise of capi­ta­lism, money is ever­ything now: Bri­be enemies to fight your batt­les for you to sub­ju­ga­te tho­se who do not budge under the weight of your offers. The action-RPG’s look is color­ful and kind of cuddly.
Here, its Limi­ted Edi­ti­on will net you two lapel pins, a USB stick in form of a credit card, on board with the offi­ci­al sound­track in a fit­ting limi­ted box in form of a gol­den ingot. PS Vita play­ers will also be able to acqui­re the game digi­tal­ly.


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