Switch Hands-cons: JYDGE, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, The Flame in the Flood

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Wel­co­me back to ano­t­her epi­so­de of Switch Hands-cons, whe­re we dis­cuss our expe­ri­ence with several Switch indie tit­les, kind­ly pro­vi­ded to us by the deve­lo­pers, while also poin­ting out how “swit­chy” they are, mea­ning if they mana­ge to take advan­ta­ge of the fea­tures of the Nin­ten­do con­so­le and how much. The­se games are all of dif­fe­rent gen­res and they are all pret­ty inte­res­ting, so wit­hout fur­ther ado, let’s get star­ted!


Let’s begin with JYDGE, a game made by 10tons and based on the uni­ver­se of Neon Chro­me (you can read our pre­vious Hands-con here to see our impres­si­ons about it). We are the JYDGE, a cyborg poli­ce­man meant to stop cri­mes with any means necessa­ry. Of cour­se, we still have to do a pro­per duty also in hel­ping citi­zens. This means that when we’re try­ing to res­cue hos­ta­ges they don’t have to end up dead (whe­ther it is by your hand or becau­se of the cri­mi­nals), or you’ll be instant­ly ter­mi­na­ted. The game­play is most­ly the same as Neon Chro­me, but with a few dif­fe­ren­ces: while the pre­vious game was more of a rogue-like, this game will have levels pre-desi­gned and not ran­dom­ly gene­ra­ted. You also have a pre­set wea­pon and abi­li­ties, but you are able to unlock all the fami­li­ar com­bos that you’ve alrea­dy seen in Neon Chro­me. In cer­tain aspec­ts, this game feels like a tri­bu­te to Hot­line Mia­mi, mea­ning that you have to ana­ly­ze the rooms in which you’re gon­na enter care­ful­ly to make sure you don’t make any mista­kes, which is why we sug­gest to play this on your TV and not in por­ta­ble mode. You need to use both joy-cons any­way, so a pro­per con­trol­ler is sug­gested to ful­ly enjoy the expe­ri­ence. Ano­t­her thing to point out is, that in com­pa­ri­son to Neon Chro­me, which allo­wed up to 4 play­ers to join the fun, this is a sin­gle­play­er-only game. Over­all, it’s clear that 10tons wan­ted to push the stra­te­gic aspec­ts of their game, while mana­ging to be still as fun. If you enjoy­ed Neon Chro­me or like the twin-stick shoo­ter gen­re, it’s defi­ni­te­ly recom­men­ded.

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

Our next tit­le was made by Aste­ro­id Base and it’s cal­led Lovers in a Dan­ge­rous Spa­ce­time! In this game you’re on a mis­si­on to res­to­re love through the gala­xy, while navi­ga­ting a spe­cial space­ship… The catch? You’re in dan­ger all of the time and you abso­lute­ly need the help of your real life fri­ends (or… why not Lovers?) to get the job done. That’s right, peop­le: this is a local co-op game, and a tough one at that! Don’t let yours­elf be foo­led by the cute gra­phics (which are gre­at, by the way), becau­se if you don’t pay atten­ti­on, you’ll be dead fas­ter than you can say “what is love?”. The space­ship has several func­tions and to activa­te them, you have to be con­stant­ly moving: shoo­ting, acce­le­ra­ting, pla­cing your shield, ever­ything needs to be done with a con­si­dera­ble amount of coope­ra­ti­on. Tech­ni­cal­ly it is pos­si­ble to play this game alo­ne, thanks to an AI com­pa­n­ion the game gifts you, but it’s high­ly not recom­men­ded. What you need is a group of 3 other fri­ends that you can play with, 4 joy-cons, a TV, some snacks and you’re off to saving the gala­xy! After you do all that, you can enjoy your rui­ned fri­endships over figu­ring out who did the wrong thing that ended up get­ting all of you kil­led. Over­all, a fun and chal­len­ging game for all you co-op lovers, but don’t take it too serious­ly. For your sake (and your fri­ends’).

The Flame in the Flood: Complete Edition

Last but cer­tain­ly not least, it’s time to com­ple­te­ly chan­ge the sub­ject and throw our­sel­ves into a sur­vi­val game, which is the Switch edi­ti­on of The Fla­me in the Flood! Made by The Molas­ses Flood, in this game you find yours­elf in a post cata­clys­mic world, whe­re a huge flood cau­sed ever­ything to be cove­r­ed in water. You and your dog have to sur­vi­ve explo­ring dif­fe­rent islands, grab­bing all the sup­plies you need and craft all the necessa­ry tools to help you out. Not only that, you also have to watch out for your health (always make sure to eat and drink!), keep che­cking the tem­pe­ra­tu­re and making sure you get enough sleep. This game is also a rogue­like, mea­ning that ever­ything you can find is ran­dom­ly gene­ra­ted. This means that the game beco­mes unpre­dic­ta­ble: you might not find anything you’d need in a despe­ra­te situa­ti­on and you have to be extra care­ful about mana­ging your invento­ry, becau­se you never know what’s going to come next. You need both joy-cons for this one, and while it’s pre­fer­ra­ble to play with a pro­per con­trol­ler, we think that it’s still high­ly enjoy­a­ble in por­ta­ble mode, even with the joy-cons still atta­ched to the con­so­le. Over­all this is a tough game, you’ll need to be pati­ent and it’s not easy to just pick up and play it. If you love the sur­vi­val gen­re, look no fur­ther and grab this one, you’ll cer­tain­ly have fun with it!

PS4 Gameplay

Here we are, at the end of ano­t­her epi­so­de of our Switch Hands-cons! Did any of the­se games catch your inte­rest? If they did, then con­si­der che­cking them out on the eShop!

If you’d like to try JYDGE or The Fla­me in the Flood yours­elf, just add a com­ment below and tell us your expe­ri­ence with the Nin­ten­do Switch thus­far. We’ll give away 1 Switch eShop Code for each game. Givea­way ends Decem­ber 1st mid­ni­ght CET.

  1. Marco Salerno

    Thanks to Nin­ten­do Switch I final­ly star­ted play­ing again! For lack of time I could not do a sin­gle game, but thanks to this con­so­le I can start play­ing whe­re and when I want to!

  2. Francesco Carlo Castellini

    Switch is one of the best Nin­ten­do con­so­le, if not the best… I pas­sed the joy-cons to ever­yo­ne and offe­red games to ever­yo­ne last sum­mer! It’s gre­at to be able to sha­re games with my fri­ends ever­y­whe­re, and the libra­ry is full of awe­so­me games!

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