The epic XTgamer.de Christmas Giveaway

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A small token of our appre­cia­ti­on of the past 12 mon­ths full of Your sup­port.

You can win over 100 game codes! Have fun joi­ning, the givea­way ends in the night of the first to the second Christ­mas holi­day (Decem­ber 25th mid­ni­ght CET to be pre­ci­se), so we’re still tech­ni­cal­ly in-time for the cele­bra­ti­ons, even though our late start. Thanks ever so much to our part­ners for making this pos­si­ble.

To par­ti­ci­pa­te just fill out the “Raff­le­cop­ter wid­get” and return for the dai­ly tweet ent­ries (we’d like to see more of ya any­way :P).

a Raff­le­cop­ter givea­way

A Hat in Time Steam World­wi­de
All-Star Fruit Racing Steam World­wi­de
Alte­ric PS4 Euro­pe
ARK: Sur­vi­val Evol­ved Steam World­wi­de
Auto Age Steam World­wi­de
Bre­ak­Quest: Extra Evo­lu­ti­on – 500 Balls + Bonus DLC PSVi­ta Euro­pe
Crash­day: Red­li­ne Edi­ti­on Steam World­wi­de
Cra­zy Mar­ket: Vit­amin Super Pack + Coin Dou­bler + 100,000 Coins DLCs PSVi­ta Euro­pe
Floa­ting Cloud God Saves The Pil­grims In HD PSVi­ta Euro­pe
forma.8 PSVi­ta Euro­pe
Foul Play XB1 World­wi­de
Gal­con Legends Steam World­wi­de
Golf It Steam World­wi­de
Gry­phon Knight Epic PS4 North Ame­ri­ca
Gun­star Heroes, Rene­ga­de Ops & Viking: Batt­le for Asgard Steam World­wi­de
JYDGE XB1 World­wi­de
Hakuo­ki: Kyo­to Winds Steam World­wi­de
How to Sur­vi­ve 2 PS4 Euro­pe
Jane’s Hotel PS3/PSP/PSVita North Ame­ri­ca
Lan­tern Steam World­wi­de
LEGO Bat­man Steam World­wi­de
LEGO Bat­man 2: DC Super Heroes Steam World­wi­de
LEGO Har­ry Pot­ter Years 5-7 Steam World­wi­de
LEGO Har­ry Pot­ter: Years 1-4 Steam World­wi­de
LEGO LotR Steam World­wi­de
LEGO Mar­vel Super Heroes Steam World­wi­de
LEGO Movie Steam World­wi­de
LEGO The Hob­bit Steam World­wi­de
Lovely Wea­ther We’re Having Steam World­wi­de
Luxu­ria Super­bia iOS World­wi­de
Mary Skel­ter: Night­ma­res PSVi­ta Euro­pe
Neon Chro­me Steam World­wi­de
Offen­si­ve Com­bat: Redux Steam World­wi­de
Par­ty Hard Steam World­wi­de
Pay­day 2 PS3 Euro­pe
Pay­day 2: Loot Bag DLC PS3 Euro­pe
Pira­te Pop Plus Wii U/New Nint. 3DS Euro­pe
Pixel­Junk Shoo­ter: Ulti­ma­te Steam World­wi­de
Pla­net of the Eyes XB1 World­wi­de
Por­tal Knights PS4 Euro­pe
Sati­navs Ket­ten: Das Schwar­ze Auge GOG World­wi­de
Seve­r­ed Wii U Euro­pe
Spe­lun­ky Clas­sic, L’Abbaye des Morts PC World­wi­de
Star­dew Val­ley PS4 Euro­pe
Team Racing League Steam World­wi­de
The Col­li­der 2 Steam World­wi­de
The Incredi­ble Adven­tures of Van Hel­sing Steam World­wi­de
The Video­kid Steam World­wi­de
Time Recoil Steam World­wi­de
Time Recoil Switch Euro­pe
Time Recoil PS4 North Ame­ri­ca
Time Recoil PS4 Euro­pe
Trans­Road USA Steam World­wi­de
Vaca­ti­on Vaxa­ti­on PSVi­ta North Ame­ri­ca
Van Hel­sing: Final Cut Steam World­wi­de
Velo­ci­ty Ultra PS3 Euro­pe
Velo­ci­ty Ultra PSVi­ta Euro­pe
Waking Mars GOG World­wi­de
Way of the Dogg Xbox 360 World­wi­de
World to the West Steam World­wi­de
Xenoraid Steam World­wi­de
  1. Piotr Majzner

    Hel­lo, Hap­py Christ­mas! I real­ly would love to play LEGO Har­ry Pot­ter: Years 1-4 with my daugh­ter. Good luck ever­yo­ne!

  2. Leon Durham

    I would real­ly like to win ARK: Sur­vi­val Evol­ved for Steam. Thanks for the givea­way Patrick and Mer­ry Christ­mas!

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