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Isaac’s Top 5 Games of the Year 2017

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2017 has been an incredi­b­ly busy year for video­ga­mes, and unsur­pri­sin­gly I didn’t end up play­ing the vast majo­ri­ty of new releases.

Of tho­se that I did play the­re are a few obvious stan­douts, along with some that I feel deser­ve an hono­ura­ble men­ti­on. With that said, here are my top 5 games of the year (in no par­ti­cu­lar order).

Dang­an­ron­pa V3 (Review)

A wel­co­me return to form for the Dang­an­ron­pa series after some pret­ty ter­ri­ble spin-offs. Dang­an­ron­pa V3 may not have the best cast of the main games and the midd­le chap­ters are a litt­le weak, but the over­all nar­ra­ti­ve makes up for the­se short­co­m­ings.

Ys VIII (Review)

The Ys series has always been a favou­rite of mine, and Ys VIII is ano­t­her excel­lent action RPG. The loca­li­sa­ti­on is unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly a litt­le slop­py, but once the re-loca­li­sa­ti­on patch comes out next year Ys VIII will be one the best Ys games of all time.

Hats­une Miku: Pro­ject DIVA Future Tone (Review)

The Pro­ject DIVA games are some of the most acces­si­ble, and more import­ant­ly fun, rhythm games I’ve ever play­ed. Future Tone takes the majo­ri­ty of songs from the series’ exten­si­ve track­list and com­bi­nes them into the defi­ni­te Pro­ject DIVA expe­ri­ence. The increa­sed dif­fi­cul­ty is espe­ci­al­ly wel­co­m­ing after the rather easy Pro­ject DIVA X.

Per­so­na 5 (Review)

After many delays, Per­so­na 5 was final­ly released in the west. Refi­ning many ele­ments from Per­so­na 3 and 4, the game offe­red a sty­lish JRPG expe­ri­ence that few other games can match. It’s ano­t­her release this year that suf­fe­red from loca­li­sa­ti­on issu­es, but the over­all packa­ge is excel­lent.

NieR: Auto­ma­ta

It took me a long time to final­ly start Auto­ma­ta, but it was cer­tain­ly worth the wait. A sequel to NieR was never some­thing I expec­ted, deve­lo­ped by Pla­ti­num Games no less, though the end result was some­thing spe­cial. While I still pre­fer the ori­gi­nal game over­all, Auto­ma­ta is a more than worthy suc­ces­sor.

Honourable Mentions

Mary Skel­ter: Night­ma­res (Review)

A mecha­ni­cal­ly strong dun­ge­on craw­ler with an inte­res­ting set­ting, Mary Skel­ter was a sur­pri­sin­gly good release from Com­pi­le Heart and Idea Fac­to­ry. If the game’s sto­ry didn’t fall flat nea­rer the end, and the usu­al Com­pi­le Heart tech­ni­cal issu­es weren’t pre­sent, then Mary Skel­ter would have been a stron­ger con­t­en­der for my games of the year.

The Sexy Bru­ta­le (Review)

Having heard litt­le about The Sexy Bru­ta­le, I wasn’t qui­te sure what to expect once star­ting it. By the end though, I was impres­sed by the sto­ry the game mana­ges to tell during its short run­ti­me. Tech­ni­cal issu­es, at least with the PS4 ver­si­on, hold the game back some­what but The Sexy Bru­ta­le is still a gre­at game.

Bayo­net­ta and Van­quish PC (Re views)

Kin­da chea­ting here, but the PC ports of Bayo­net­ta and Van­quish deser­ve to be men­tio­ned here. Both games are excel­lent on PC, with Van­quish fee­ling like it was made for mou­se and key­board play. It is unfor­tu­n­a­te that PC play­ers of Bayo­net­ta miss out on the extras from the Wii U release, but the bet­ter gra­phics and per­for­mance more than make up for it.

2017 Releases That I Want to Play Next Year

Tons of Switch Games

The­re are many Switch games I’d like to play when I even­tual­ly buy the sys­tem. Zel­da: Breath of the Wild, Mario Odys­sey and Xen­ob­la­de 2 will likely be my first choices for games to get first.

Yaku­za 0 and Kiwa­mi (Review)

It’s been a long time sin­ce I’ve play­ed a Yaku­za game, and 0 seems like a good way to re-intro­du­ce mys­elf to the series. Yaku­za games have always been fun, and it should be inte­res­ting to play as Maji­ma out­si­de of the ter­ri­ble Dead Souls spin-off.

Tokyo Xana­du eX+

It shouldn’t come as a sur­pri­se that I’d want to play this, sin­ce I enjoy­ed Ys VIII so much. Tokyo Xana­du also seems simi­lar to Per­so­na, ano­t­her series that made its way into my games of the year. As for Fal­com releases, I’m hoping Trails of Cold Steel III gets announ­ced for a wes­tern release next year.

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