Review: Judgment

With Kiryu’s sto­ry com­ing to an end in Yaku­za 6, Judgment was the begin­ning of a new chap­ter for the Yaku­za Team. Brin­ging in a fresh cast of cha­rac­ters and [ … ]

Review: Persona Q2

If Etri­an Odys­sey Nexus was con­si­de­red a send-off to that series on the 3DS, Per­so­na Q2 is a send-off to the 3DS in gene­ral. Likely to be the last big [ … ]

Review: Lapis x Labyrinth

Lapis x Laby­rinth fol­lows Pen­ny Pun­ching Princess and The Princess Gui­de as the next Nip­pon Ichi Soft­ware tit­le to offer cute­sy but other­wi­se sim­plistic game­play and cha­rac­ters. If you’re fami­li­ar [ … ]

Review: Yakuza Kiwami 2

The release of Yaku­za 0 on Steam last year mar­ked the rene­wal of SEGA’s sup­port for the PC mar­ket. Yaku­za Kiwa­mi 2 not only shows that their dedi­ca­ti­on to brin­ging [ … ]

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