E3 2018: Games Patrick looks forward to

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For the second time – con­se­cu­tively – we’re allo­wed to attend the most important video game event of the year, the Elec­tro­nic Enter­tain­ment Expo (E3) which takes place from June 12 to 14 in the his­to­ric halls of the Los Ange­les Con­ven­ti­on Cen­ter.

I divi­de the tit­les in the seg­ments of games I’ll most defi­ni­te­ly see or even play and games I would want to enjoy at the show.

Games I’m looking forward to playing/seeing at E3 2018

Yakuza Kiwami 2

As huge fan of the series (check out our Let’s Plays of Yaku­za 0, 1, 5 and 6) I’m loo­king for­ward to the remake of the second game in the fran­chise which was ori­gi­nal­ly released on PS2 and which I’ve never expe­ri­en­ced. It’s a litt­le weird to play as Kazu­ma Kiryu con­si­de­ring we said good­bye to him in Yaku­za 6: The Song of Life just five mon­ths ago. Lear­ning about what hap­pen­ed to Goro Maji­ma bet­ween both Kiwa­mi games is more than just a bonus to me. Like in the pre­vious year I expect the game to be play­a­ble at E3 and it would be fan­tastic if they’d give out tho­se giant Yaku­za goo­die bags again sin­ce the one I grab­bed last year never sur­vi­ved the trip back home. To top it off SEGA could also announ­ce a Wes­tern release of the PS4 remas­ters of Yaku­za 3 (, 4 and 5) for Spring next year.


Bio­wa­re are taking their time to deve­lop their coope­ra­ti­ve third-per­son-action game and I appre­cia­te that. If you hoped to dive in one of tho­se fan­cy rocket-powe­red suits into the jung­le yours­elf at EA Play which pre­ceeds E3 from June 9 to 11, you’ll be dis­s­ap­poin­ted sin­ce there’s announ­ced to only see the game in a cine­ma envi­ron­ment. Nevertheless I’ll try to gather as many impres­si­ons of the sci-fi spec­ta­cle as pos­si­ble.

Battlefield V

The shoo­ter fran­chise returns to its roots: Like in the very first game Battle­field 1942, Battle­field V is set in World War II. I’m curious about the new Air­bor­ne mode. On paper it sounds a lot like a new spin on the game­play of Medal of Honor: Air­bor­ne. Com­bi­ne that with the ico­nic inten­si­ty and vehi­cle action of the series and you might get the most sus­pen­se­ful batt­les of the series’ histo­ry.

Fallout 76

Con­si­de­ring I still haven’t finis­hed Fall­out 4 (and it doesn’t seem likely that I can accom­plish it any­ti­me soon), I’m not unhap­py about the fact that Fall­out 76 is sup­po­sed to be a sur­vi­val RPG like Rust or DayZ. Fans have urged Bethes­da for years to com­bi­ne their Fall­out game­play for­mu­la with a con­sis­tent online world. I hope to be able to play it at the show!

Rage 2

With Rage I’m in the same posi­ti­on as with Fall­out. The advan­ced ver­si­on of the model game of the id Tech 5 engi­ne looks pro­mi­sing: varied ter­rain, day and night cycle and an agi­le bug­gy with which we can explo­re the see­min­gly vast game world. In the trai­ler I got the impres­si­on Rage 2 is a mix of Bor­der­lands and Desti­ny, but if the game actual­ly sup­ports mul­ti­play­er is still not cer­tain. I wouldn’t actual­ly com­p­lain to be able to get my hands on the game at E3 to tell you more about it.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Last year I finis­hed the Tomb Rai­der reboot and star­ted its direct sequel Rise of the Tomb Rai­der, but haven’t got­ten fur­ther than what you’ve seen in our Screen­shot Satur­day in glo­rious 4K. I’ll be able to see the game at the show and I just hope they won’t spoil “Rise” for me. Let’s see what new spin Crys­tal Dyna­mics and Squa­re Enix offer on the long stan­ding series.

The Last of Us: Part II

We were fasci­na­ted by the emo­tio­nal haun­ting sto­ry of 2013’s The Last of Us (Merlin’s review). In Part II other cha­rac­ters than Joel and Ellie will be important to the nar­ra­ti­ve as was poin­ted out in the game’s trai­lers. Sin­ce TLoU’s game­play was par­ti­cu­lar­ly inte­res­ting to me as well, I’m eager to find out how Naugh­ty Dog twea­ked the sur­vi­val game­play. I’m pret­ty cer­tain that at Sony’s press con­fe­rence we’ll final­ly get a release date of one of the most anti­ci­pa­ted games on PS4.

Ghost of Tsushima

A new game by Sly Coop­ter and inFa­mous deve­lo­per Sucker Punch Pro­duc­tions is always a rea­son to get exci­ted. Con­si­de­ring the events of the cur­rent sea­son of the popu­lar HBO show West­world Sony could show off the game which is set in 1274 Japan at E3. I expect the game to offer stun­ning visu­als and swift com­bat in Assassin’s Creed style.

Death Stranding

Even though I haven’t actual­ly finis­hed one of Hideo Kojima’s monu­men­tal pie­ces of work, I’m very curious about the actu­al game. Rest assu­red, there’ll be a new jawing trai­ler pre­sen­ted by Ree­dus and Koji­ma on Sony’s press con­fe­rence to be gazed at. Fans rumor about the fact Death Stran­ding actual­ly being an inof­fi­ci­al pre­quel to Metal Gear Solid (see The Sor­row) and I intend to find out at the show if that is app­li­ca­ble to the game.

Cyberpunk 2077

CD Pro­jekt RED will be at E3 and I don’t expect them to show the tra­ding card game Gwent again as only game in their line-up, espe­ci­al­ly sin­ce the game will be out of beta in just four mon­ths. I won­der what the deve­lo­pers of The Wit­cher will pre­sent us in their very own cyber­punk world and in pre­pe­ra­ti­on to that I’ll final­ly watch Bla­de Run­ner 2049.

Games I’d like to play or see at E3 2018

Red Dead Redemption 2

Sin­ce Rock­star Games stays off E3 accord­ing to expe­ri­ence it’s very unli­kely that a tumb­lweed will lead us to a booth whe­re we can actual­ly play the wes­tern epos. But I’ll never give up that hope.


Super­b­ort­hers: Sword & Sorce­ry EP con­vin­ced me of the high qua­li­ty stan­dards at Cana­di­an deve­lo­per Capy­ba­ra Games. Below’s music is again com­po­sed by Jim Guthrie which is ano­t­her joyus rea­son that I want to see more of the game. Mid 2016 deve­lop­ment of the game was put on hold inde­fi­ni­te­ly. Sin­ce Capy­ba­ra finis­hed ano­t­her con­tract word for Car­toon Net­work in Janu­a­ry this year, the­re should be some money in the bank to con­ti­nue working on the game and rein­tro­du­cing the game to the public.

Deus Ex “3”

Deus Ex: Human Revo­lu­ti­on ist one of my all-time favo­ri­te games. Man­kind Divi­ded didn’t end up appe­aling to me in the same way even though in sup­port of Eidos Mont­re­al I grab­bed near­ly every copy of the game I could find. Sin­ce the release of that game was two years ago, it would be time to announ­ce a new pro­ject. Thief seems to be unli­kely, so it could be Deus Ex. Let us know about the sub­tit­le you’d like to see the Deus Ex have in the comments below.


14 years ago Kei­ji Inafune’s Oni­mu­sha 3: Demon Sie­ge was released (Dawn of Dreams doesn’t exist). For years I’m hoping that Cap­com revi­ves the fran­chise and then we are able to sli­ce hoards of demons again. The Japa­ne­se tra­di­tio­nal com­pa­ny recent­ly filed trade­marks regar­ding Oni­mu­sha so the assump­ti­on is logi­cal that they’ll be reboo­ting Oni­mu­sha.

The Talos Principle 2

The Talos Princip­le and its expan­si­on Road to Gehen­na were fun but also gave me qui­te the hea­da­che. Uni­que­ly the game offe­red an open level struc­tu­re and soon found its copy­cats but after a while this design decisi­on des­troy­ed the game for me. Hope­ful­ly the sequel will chan­ge things up a bit while retai­ning the strong parts of the first game.

Alan Wake 2

It’s not a lake, it’s an oce­an”: Remedy’s Alan Wake 2 was more than just hin­ted at in Quan­tum Break ange­kün­digt. In our Let’s Play I com­ple­te­ly mis­sed that and only noti­ced it due to the 4K update on Xbox One X. Even though the Fin­nish deve­lo­per will most likely delay the game (several times), I expect the game to be pro­per­ly announ­ced and recei­ve a ten­ta­ti­ve release sea­son at Xbox Media Brie­fing on June 10 at 1 PM local time (22:00 CEST).


flOw, Flower and espe­ci­al­ly Jour­ney are a few of my favo­ri­te games sin­ce they’re easy to pick up and offer a lot of depth. Jour­ney is the game which I com­ple­ted the most in all of my gaming expe­ri­ence. Five years ago at Film­fest Munich I had the honor to meet thatgamecompany’s Sun­ni Pavlo­vic. If she, respec­tive they, announ­ce a mul­ti­plat­form release of the cur­r­ent­ly Apple device exclu­si­ve game Sky at E3 and let me play the game, I’ll be over the moon sky.

The­se are some of my per­so­nal favo­ri­tes for E3 2018. Let us know the games you look for­ward to in the comments below.

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