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XTgamer Awards 2018 – Winners

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For the fourth con­se­cu­ti­ve time you voted dili­gent­ly, the­se are the best games of the year.

Game of the Year 2018

Red Dead Redemp­ti­on 2

Best Action Adven­ture 2018

Red Dead Redemp­ti­on 2

Best First-Per­son-Shoo­ter 2018

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 & Far Cry 5

Best Role-Play­ing-Game 2018

Mons­ter Hun­ter: World

Best Adven­ture 2018

Detec­tive Pika­chu & Ken Fol­lett: The Pil­lars of the Earth & Leisu­re Suit Lar­ry: Wet Dreams Don’t Dry

Best Plat­for­mer 2018

Spy­ro Reig­ni­ted Tri­lo­gy

Best Stra­te­gy Game 2018

Val­ky­ria Chro­ni­cles 4

Best Best Racing and Sports Game 2018

For­za Hori­zon 4

Best Figh­t­ing Game 2018

Super Smash Bros. Ulti­ma­te

Best Game as a Ser­vice 2018

Rocket League

Best Game on-the-go 2018

Poké­mon: Let’s Go! Pika­chu & Eevee & Super Smash Bros. Ulti­ma­te

Best Mul­ti­play­er 2018

Over­coo­ked! 2

Best Revi­val of a Fran­chise 2018

God of War

Best New­co­mer 2018

A Way Out

Most Crea­ti­ve Game Idea 2018

Nin­ten­do Labo

Best Visu­al Design in a Game 2018

Red Dead Redemp­ti­on 2

Best Sto­ry in a Game 2018

Red Dead Redemp­ti­on 2

Best Sound­track in a Game 2018

Red Dead Redemp­ti­on 2

Most Immer­si­ve Game World 2018

Red Dead Redemp­ti­on 2

Most Anti­ci­pa­ted Game 2019

King­dom Hearts III & The Last of Us: Part II


  • Red Dead Redemp­ti­on 2 by Rock­star Games sets a new record by win­ning 6 Awards. Unsur­pri­sin­gly sin­ce it was last year your Most Anti­ci­pa­ted Game. It tops pre­vious cham­pi­on Unchar­ted 4: A Thief’s End by Naugh­ty Dog which won 4 Awards back in 2016.
  • Addi­tio­nal­ly by lar­gest mar­gin Red Dead Redemp­ti­on 2 is your Game of the Year with 62,5% of the votes.
  • The Top 3 by num­ber of nomi­na­ti­ons are Red Dead Redemp­ti­on 2 with 6 nomi­na­ti­onsGod of War with 5 nomi­na­ti­ons and Super Smash Bros. Ulti­ma­te with 4 nomi­na­ti­ons.
  • This is the first time we have mul­ti­ple win­ners in an 4 cate­go­ries. It shows how com­pe­ti­ti­ve this year was.

Thank you

for your ever-pre­sent over­whel­ming sup­port in streams, comments and givea­ways.

Have a gre­at New Year’s Eve and a play­ful healt­hy hap­py 2019!

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