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XT Bit Beats: Sony Music AnimeSongs ONLINE 2022

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Sony Music AnimeSongs ONLINE 2022 features 14 Japanese artists performing an array of anime songs. Check out our impressions of the concert.

The Opening Song, quite literally even, comes from Kana-boon in the form of Naruto Shiippuden’s 16th opening song Silhouette. While it is quite a weird feeling to see a concert where you do not see or hear an audience, regarding their performance the band still holds the same motivation as it did with an audience. After the song the main singer talks to the audience to give us an introduction to the concert and a few words towards their fans. Naturally due to the circumstances in the world, it is difficult to do an actual concert, so everyone misses the audience very much. Kana-boon wants to go on another live tour in Japan and even speaks of adding a world tour to it, someday, before continuing with their next song Baton Road, which is the first Boruto anime opening, and thus literally passes the baton between generations before going to My Hero Academia’s Star Maker.

They pave the way for Blue Encount’s first Opening for Season 4 of BNHA, who then goes over to Bananafish, before yet again relaying some words to the watchers. Sayuri’s message and on-stage performance stand a bit out since she chooses to play her guitar, even tune it live on the stage, together with Mr Fuji on the keyboard and explains a bit behind the meaning of her next song. The renowned songstress Aimer opens up with nothing else than Matou Sakura’s theme song for Ufotables animation adaption of the Visual Novel Fate Stay Night, for Heaven’s Feel 1 presage flower. During the event ASCII MEDIA with Kawahara Reki’s SAO Project also make an appearance.

Thus, Sony Music and Crunchyroll have found a way to share a bit of the sentiments the bands and their corresponding artists have with their work and the listener. All in all this is a very enjoyable experience and those who love some of the songs, bands and singers will surely have a good time. This goes double for people whose hobby actually is watching anime. It’s great that Crunchyroll and Sony give us all an opportunity to see a concert like this and it gives the impression that the artists are very pleased and excited as well. All of this was quite difficult to imagine years ago, so it is nice to see and hear that these times have changed.

Since this is a pretty long concert we’ve made a list of the bands, singers and songs in case some of you are especially interested in some and don’t have much time. You can watch the entire concert on Crunchyroll’s subscription service.


00:00:00 Naruto Shippuden 16th Opening Silhouette
00:07:00 Boruto Opening – Baton Road
00:12:10 Boku No Hero Academia Season 4 – Starmaker

Blue Encount
00:17:38 Boku No Hero Academia Season 4 – Polaris
00:21:35 BANANA FISH Opening – Freedom
00:25:36 Message
00:28:10 Gintama Season 3 Opening – DAY x DAY

CHiCO with Honeyworks
00:32:52 Haikyu!! TO THE TOP OP Theme – Kessen Spirit
00:37:06 Message to the audience
00:38:38: Ao-Haru-Ride Opening – Sekai ha koi ni ochiteiru
00:44:06 Gintama Season 3 – Pride Kakumei

00:49:00 Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story Opening Theme – Gomakashi
00:53:21 Message towards the audience
00:54:56 Eromanga Sensei Opening – Adrenaline!!!
00:59:30 Denpa Kyoshi Opening Theme – Youthful Dreamer
Eiru Aoi
01:04:34 F/Z Ending Theme – MEMORIA
01:09:35 SAO Alicization Ending Theme – IRIS
01:13:40 SAO Fairy Dance Opening Theme – INNOCENCE

Who-ya Extended
1:18:41 PsyPass 3 Opening – Q-vism
1:21:59 JujuKaisen 2nd OP – Vivid Vice
1:25:00 NIGHT HEAD 2041 OP – Ice Ivy
1:28:40 Rampo Kitan: Game of Laplace ED – Mikazuki
1:33:08 Sayuri’s message
1:35:28 EDENS ZERO – World Secret
1:41:00 Boku No Hero Academia Season 4 – Koukai No Uta

1:46:17 F/Z Heaven’s Feel 1 – Presage Flower
1.52:40 Kotetsujo No Kabaneri – ninelie
1:56:56 After the Rain – Ref:rain

Cö shu Nie
2:01:55 Tokyo Ghoul:re – Asphyxia
2:05:15 Yakusoku no Neverland ED – Zettai Zetsumei
2:08:10 Message to the audience
2:09:48 JJK 2nd ED – Give it Back

TK from Ling tosite sigure
2:13:44 Tokyo Ghoul:re – Katharsis
2:19:20 Tokyo Ghoul – Unravel
2:23:07 ED Theme 15th Anni Code Geass – will-ill

2:28:20 Wotakoi OP – Fiction
2:32:23 I Want To Eat Your Pancreas OP – Fanfare
2:35:27 Message to the audience
2:37: Pretty Boy Detective Club – Shake & Shake

2:41:41 Introduction
2:42:20 Gintama The Final – Genjou Destruction
2:46:13 Haikyuu – Imagination
2:49:38 Message
2:51:00 Gintama S2 ED – Samurai Heart

2:54:54 Eureka Seven OP – DAYS
2:59:21 Message to the audience
3:01:50 Naruto OP – GO!!!
3:05:20 Member introductions
3:08:15 Code Geass 15th Anniversary Opening Theme: DICE

TM Revolution
3:13:29 MS Gundam SEED OP – Invoke
3:17:50 SEED Destiny OP – ignited
3:22:00 MS Gundam SEED Insert Song – Meteor
3:26:05 Recap

Crunchyroll provided us with a screener of Sony Music AnimeSongs ONLINE 2022 for review purposes.