GG Bavaria 2024 – What to expect from the Games Convention

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The gaming and community convention GG Bavaria will return to Munich later this month We’ll grant you a brief overview of the event.

First of all, the hard facts: The GG Bavaria, organized by Games/Bavaria and MYI Entertainment and supported by the Bavarian State Ministry for Digital, will take place on February 17th, 2024 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and on February 18th, 2024 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m at Motorworld Munich, a new event location in the north of the Bavarian capital. Tickets are available at Eventbrite from €5 (Pizza Playtest) or €10 (reduced day ticket). This meant that they were looking for a larger venue after the first GG Bavaria took place in the Alte Kongresshalle in a very limited setting (we reported).

The Ebbing (Active Fungus Studios), Hauma (SenAm Games) and Tavern Talk (Gentle Troll Ent.).

Indie games, cosplay, pen & paper and eSports characterize the GG Bavaria program. While the two Munich studios SenAm Games and Active Fungus Studios are already among the better-known representatives with their adventures Hauma – A Detective Noir Story and A Bavarian Tale – Totgeschwiegen, many smaller developers are presenting prototypes, demos or debuting their games. While Active Fungus Studios will be showing off with The Ebbing – A Coastal Tale the successor to the aforementioned third-person adventure, smaller studios from Franconia also offer an interesting line-up: Gentle Troll Entertainment (Würzburg) will be demoing their D&D-influenced cozy visual novel Tavern Talk, while Sleeprunner Studios’ (Bayreuth) Trail of Toads is going to take us back to the 3D platformer roots and Knothorn Studios (Reichenberg) will let us play the dungeon builder Once Upon A Tile for the first time.

In the rest of Bavaria, there are currently a lot of different games in development: Wegenbartho-Games is working on the murder mystery adventure The Murder Hotel in Arnstorf, Lower Bavaria. Knightmare Tales is a 3D action-adventure game about a nightmare-plagued protagonist and at GG Bavaria Munich-based Tistic Games will debut their prototype. Donausaurus from Regensburg, Upper Palatinate, will present their hand-drawn adventure Wiblu which won Best Prototype at the German Computer Game Award (Deutscher Computerspielpreis/DCP).

Animexx e.V. will organize a cosplay competition in which creatives and fans can take part. Munich eSports is intended to show first-class eSports, while you’ll be able to take part in interactive challenges and a Smash tournament, among other things. The Munich City Library is going to let you engage in story-rich Pen & Papers and over 20 artists will exhibit their works at GG Bavaria – Artist Alley beats Crime Alley.

Wiblu (Donausaurus), Once Upon A Tile (Knothorn Studios) and Knightmare Tales (Tistic Games)

Games Bavaria Munich e.V. will again be organizing the Career Days, which will offer an extensive program on both days of the trade fair featuring talks, workshops and career tips. The goal is to provide insight into various study and career profiles in the games industry such as game design, programming, game studies, animation, VFX and art. Bavarian universities with games-related courses and content will also be represented, including the Media Design University of Munich (where game jams have also taken place in the past), the University of Bayreuth, the University of Augsburg, the Kempten University of Applied Sciences, the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences and the Munich University of Applied Sciences. You can get an overview of the program on the official website.

GG Bavaria is expanding its extensive offering this year and we’re looking forward to be playing the many new games and chatting about them with their developers. We hope that the trade fair can carry over the Indie Arena Booth feeling from last year and get many aspiring developers interested in the subject and provide them with support to further their careers.

We’re granted access to GG Bavaria by the organizer.