Review: Street Fighter x Tekken (PS Vita)

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The Play­sta­ti­on Vita is home to many gre­at figh­t­ing games like Blaz­Blue: Con­ti­nu­um Shift Extend and Ulti­ma­te Mar­vel vs Cap­com 3, with Dead or Ali­ve 5 Plus on the way. With this said, Street Figh­ter x Tek­ken is a decent addi­ti­on to the Vita’s libra­ry, but is unab­le to reach the great­ness of other figh­ters on the sys­tem.



For tho­se that haven’t expe­ri­en­ced the con­so­le ver­si­ons, Street Figh­ter x Tek­ken is a 2-on-2 figh­t­ing game brin­ging tog­e­ther 2 of Cap­com and Namco’s big­gest fran­chises. The ros­ter is lar­ge and fair­ly varied, with some other cha­rac­ters like Mega Man and Cole McGrath (Infa­mous) being thrown in for good mea­su­re. Thank­ful­ly the Vita ver­si­on also inclu­des  all of the cha­rac­ters that were intro­du­ced as DLC for the con­so­le ver­si­on, as well as a decent selec­tion of cos­tu­mes, with a total of 54 figh­ters being avail­ab­le.streetfighterxtekkenvita03

Street Figh­ter x Tek­ken uses Street Figh­ter IV’s but­ton lay­out, with weak, medi­um and strong ver­si­ons of pun­ches and kicks. Spe­cials are pul­led of using direc­tio­n­al inputs in com­bi­na­ti­on with attack but­tons. Like Street Figh­ter IV, you can also power up spe­cial moves by pres­sing two attack but­tons of the same type. Sin­ce this is a team based figh­ter, you can switch bet­ween figh­ters, even when attacking to extend com­bos. Basic tag com­bos are rela­tively easy to pull off, so new­co­mers should be able to pull off lon­ger com­bos with less fuss.streetfighterxtekkenvita04

While the Vita version’s con­trols are accep­ta­ble, it’s not per­fect. With strong attacks map­ped to the L and R but­tons, your hands start to cramp after a while. With access to other con­trol methods like fight sticks, this can be annoy­ing during long ses­si­ons of play, but you get used to it even­tual­ly.


The Vita ver­si­on of Street Figh­ter x Tek­ken looks ama­zing. Cha­rac­ters and sta­ges are as clo­se to the con­so­le ver­si­ons as pos­si­ble, with the dif­fe­rence being bare­ly noti­ce­ab­le on the Vita’s smal­ler screen. The only part that could use some work is the spe­cial effec­ts, with hit ani­ma­ti­on loo­king a litt­le pixela­ted. Still, it’s only a slight pro­blem, and it doesn’t detract much from the game’s stun­ning visu­als.

Modes and Other Featuresstreetfighterxtekkenvita05

As for dif­fe­rent modes, Street Figh­ter x Tek­ken inclu­des many of the gen­re stap­les, inclu­ding a basic arca­de mode and trai­ning modes. Also inclu­ded is a Burst Kum­i­te mode, whe­re you fight against an infi­ni­te num­ber of oppon­ents with Ai that is based on peop­le you have fought online. This is a nice twist to the infi­ni­te modes that are usual­ly inclu­ded in figh­t­ing games.streetfighterxtekkenvita06

One fea­ture excu­si­ve to the Vita is touch inte­gra­ti­on. While this works fine for navi­ga­ting menus and the like, its imple­men­ta­ti­on into actu­al fights is less than per­fect. Tou­ch­ing dif­fe­rent part of the screen allows you to pull off rea­dy-made com­bos easi­ly. This takes out a lot of the chal­len­ge of fin­ding com­bos for yours­elf. While this fea­ture can be avoi­ded, it can be annoy­ing to go up against someo­ne who spams them.streetfighterxtekkenvita07

Inclu­ded in the Vita ver­si­on is a ran­ge of extra fea­tures unavail­ab­le in the con­so­le ver­si­ons. There’s a gal­le­ry whe­re you can view cha­rac­ter models and mess around with sound effec­ts. The game also makes use of the Vita’s came­ra for an Aug­men­ted Rea­li­ty mode. This allows you to bring cha­rac­ters into the real world whe­re you can take pho­tos of them. While the­se are cool litt­le extras, they don’t real­ly add much to the game, and you’ll most likely for­get about them after a short while.streetfighterxtekkenvita08

The­re are also a few other uni­que sys­tems in Street Figh­ter x Tek­ken. Cross ass­ault allows you to bring both of your figh­ters onto the sta­ge at the same time. This gives you the oppor­tu­ni­ty to unleash some inte­res­ting com­bos. Play­ers also have access to Pan­do­ra mode. When your cur­rent figh­ter has less than a quar­ter health you are able to access this mode, which signi­fi­cant­ly powers up your reser­ve cha­rac­ter. After a short amount of time in this powe­red up sta­te your figh­ter is instant­ly KO’d, which means that this opti­on is only via­ble if your oppo­nent is low on health too. While this mode used to be far too short to be of any use, the recent patch released fixes this (more on that later).streetfighterxtekkenvita09

Some­thing Street Figh­ter x Tek­ken intro­du­ces that we’re not fond of is the gem sys­tem. Cha­rac­ters can have dif­fe­rent gems set to them which activa­te after cer­tain con­di­ti­ons are met. Gems can give play­ers cer­tain bonu­ses, like attack and defence. While this would be ok if you had access to every gem easi­ly, this is not the case here. Some gems are locked off as paid con­tent, which can cau­se imba­lan­ces during online mul­ti­play­er.


Cap­com recent­ly released a 2013 patch for Street Figh­ter x Tek­ken, which fixes some of the pro­blems that we ori­gi­nal­ly had when we star­ted play­ing. Cha­rac­ters have recei­ved nume­rous tweaks and, among other things, a signi­fi­cant dama­ge boost. You see, befo­re the patch it was qui­te com­mon to have matches ending at a time­out, with attacks not doing enough dama­ge. The dama­ge boost helps to make fights feel fas­ter paced, with time­outs being extre­me­ly rare. Over­all, the patch real­ly helps to impro­ve the game, and hope­ful­ly it brings peop­le back to it who may have stop­ped play­ing.

Online Playstreetfighterxtekkenvita11

This leads us on to one major pro­blem Street Figh­ter x Tek­ken on the Vita has; The lack of play­ers online. Even after the patch, it can take a long time to find oppon­ents to fight against. Even when you do find someo­ne, they end up being a far hig­her rank than you. At least it’s pos­si­ble to con­nect to PS3 users, but even then it still takes a while to find matches. When you’re in games, the net­code is fair­ly smooth. The­re are some sound issu­es that are cau­sed by the way the online code works, but for the most part it’s accep­ta­ble.


Verdict: A fun yet flawed Fighter

Over­all, Street Figh­ter x Tek­ken on the Vita is a gre­at port of a decent figh­t­ing game. While not per­fect, it has enough to keep you occu­pied for a while, as long as you’re not too bothe­red about play­ing online.

We crea­ted all screen­shots with the Vita ver­si­on.


streetfighterxtekkenvitaboxStreet Figh­ter x Tek­ken
Gen­re: Figh­ter
Sys­tem: Xbox 360, PS3, PSVi­ta
Ver­si­on tested: PSVi­ta
Pri­ce: 30 GBP /36 US-Dol­lar / 42 Euro (Retail: UK/US/DE – simi­lar pri­ce on PSN)
Deve­lo­per: Cap­com
Publisher: Cap­com

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