Review: Lost Planet 3

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Let’s go back to April 2012, when Cap­com sur­pri­sin­gly announ­ced a third sequel to its new IP, Lost Pla­net. The announ­ce­ment was sho­cking, not becau­se no one thought that Cap­com will stick with the fran­chise casi­no online after it fai­led twice, but becau­se it loo­ked signi­fi­cant­ly dif­fe­rent from the other two ent­ries.

Review writ­ten by Dvir

Some may even say that it”s too simi­lar to ano­t­her Sci-Fi fran­chise, EA”s Dead Space. This isn’t a coin­ci­dence, but a chan­ge of approach from Capcom”s side as they deci­ded to move deve­lop­ment to the west. Spark Unli­mi­ted was the cho­sen stu­dio, the ones behind con­tro­ver­si­al releases such as Legen­da­ry: The Box and Tur­ning Point.


Did Capcom manage to revive its series?

Lost Pla­net 3 tells online casi­no the sto­ry of Jim online casi­no Pey­ton, a con­trac­tor who moved to an unoc­cu­pied pla­net named E.D.N. III for a quick buck, but soon to under­stand the job won”t be easy at all. You see, our beloved Earth is under thre­at from lack of ener­gy resour­ces, and the only solu­ti­on is to find ano­t­her online casi­no pla­net to ste­al its sources from. Soon after your arri­val Jim will be intro­du­ced to NEVEC”s rese­arch team that will gui­de him in his way to acqui­re tho­se pre­cious mine­rals.

Alt­hough the sto­ry doesn’t seem to hold out by its set­tings, we were very impres­sed with the way Spark Unli­mi­ted built the cha­rac­te­ris­tics of the main prot­ago­nist (AKA Jim). Through the who­le cam­pai­gn, Jim will com­mu­ni­ca­te with his wife that was left on Earth to rai­se their son while he pro­vi­des them. This long distan­ce rela­ti­ons­hip will make ever­yo­ne shed tears in the moments whe­re she tells him how much his son grew and how she is going cra­zy wit­hout him, even Jim that”s being descri­bed as a tough-guy will show his vul­nera­ble side through time. Jim is just an average guy, like all of us, and that’s what makes the who­le plot rela­ta­ble.

Some­ti­mes, we found our­sel­ves enjoy­ing the sto­ry more than the game­play its­elf, so even if you got bored by the midd­le of it, you are still moti­va­ted to finish it and learn Jim”s fate.

You can”t make a gre­at sto­ry wit­hout good voice acts, and thank­ful­ly Lost Pla­net 3 mana­ged to do so very well. This is casi­no not a coin­ci­dent, with peop­le like Jim Pir­ri (Dia­blo 3, L.A. Noi­re, Cap­tain Ame­ri­ca), Paul Nakau­chi (Spi­der­man, Call of Duty: World at War,No More Heroes) and Bill Wat­ter­son that per­form their acts beau­ti­ful­ly.

Like we men­tio­ned befo­re, Cap­com hired a wes­tern stu­dio to pro­du­ce Lost Pla­net 3, a series that was deve­lo­ped only by Japa­ne­se stu­di­os befo­re. From the begin­ning, you can clear­ly spot that the game chan­ged hands, and it qui­te remin­ded us of the move Cap­com did with ano­t­her of its fran­chises – Devil May Cry. Not sur­pri­sin­gly, the results are the same.

Lost Pla­net 3 chan­ged a lot from its two pre­vious ent­ries, it chan­ged so much that some even may not reco­gni­ze it and think we are tal­king about Dead Space 3, with all the fast-paced action that goes around. Ins­tead of focu­sing on Mech fights, Spark Unli­mi­ted made the battle­field all up-and-per­so­nal as you will shoot enemies face to face most of the time. Fans won”t be hap­py about it, but new­co­mers will surely find the game an enter­tai­ning expe­ri­ence to go through befo­re the winter”s big block­bus­ters.


The­re are new uses for Mechs in the game. The first one is for tra­vel, a gre­at help sin­ce the maps in Lost Pla­net are huge. The second is for fixing equip­ment that has got­ten bro­ken. From time to time Jim will be asked to go for a remo­te loca­ting to reform bro­ken anten­nas, com­mu­ni­ca­ting line and basi­cal­ly ever­ything that E.D.N. III”s peop­le use. In our opi­ni­on they are the worst type of mis­si­ons in the game, becau­se the task sim­ply asks you to go the­re, click on some but­tons and come back to base. The third and final use for the Mechs is for figh­t­ing, but not in the way many expec­ted it to be. The Mech is only equip­ped with repair tools, in one hand you”ll have a giant drill while in the other you”ll have grip, thus figh­t­ing enemies beco­mes quir­ky and frus­tra­ting at the same time. It”s a big let­down con­si­de­ring you had hea­vy wea­pons in pre­vious tit­les that hel­ped you kill ali­ens from distan­ce. It”s fun to bore a hole in your enemies” faces by using the drill but the­re not­hing as soot­hing and rela­xing as tho­se big fire­arms.

For tho­se of you who are loo­king for a spe­cial niche game to play (like the pre­vious two), Lost Pla­net 3 pro­bab­ly won”t do it becau­se it plays much like other AAA games from the same gen­re, Spec Ops, Red Fac­tion, and War­ham­mer, just with cra­zy ali­ens of cour­se.


As for gra­phics, the move to wes­tern deve­lo­pers real­ly shows the dif­fe­ren­ces. For star­ters, the game uses Unre­al Engi­ne 3 ins­tead of MT Frame­work, an engi­ne that Cap­com crea­ted for this gen that usual­ly implan­ted in their figh­t­ing games. The chan­ges are huge: the snow looks crys­tal clear, tex­tures are sharp, enor­mous maps with tons of objec­tives and ligh­t­ing effec­ts that were done magni­ficent­ly. If you have a strong PC build, the game sup­ports Direc­tX 11 for enhan­ced visu­als. We have play­ed it on a 2-year-old Rade­on 6850, and ever­ything was smooth on high set­tings.

Ano­t­her thing that chan­ged in this ent­ry is game-time. Pre­vious game in the series had 6 dif­fe­rent cam­pai­gns in it that took around 15 hours to com­ple­te, while Lost Pla­net 3 has only one cam­pai­gn that clocks around six to seven hours. It”s not that much, but con­si­de­ring it”s the average play-time in many third-per­son-shoo­ters, we won”t put it as a flaw.


– Inte­res­ting sto­ry

– Gre­at voice acting

– Ama­zing gra­phics

– Gre­at per­for­mance on PC


– Old fan may get disap­poin­ted

-Unin­spi­red game­play


Though it most cer­tain­ly is not the best third per­son shoo­ter we have play­ed, Lost Pla­net 3 still mana­ges to shi­ne for a coup­le of moments thanks to the con­stant action that goes around it.

Lost Pla­net 3
Gen­re: Third Per­son Shoo­ter
Plat­form: PC, Xbox 360, PS3
Review­ed on: PC
Pri­ce: 60 Euro / US-Dol­lar
Deve­lo­per: Spark Unli­mi­ted
Publisher: Cap­com

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