Hands-on: Agarest – Generations of War 2

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Aga­rest: Genera­ti­ons of War 2 (pre­vious­ly cal­led: Record of Aga­rest War 2) has been recent­ly released digi­tal­ly on PC via Steam. Befo­re that, it was actual­ly a PS3 exclu­si­ve, that came out in 2012 (for Euro­pe and Ame­ri­ca, at least).  After more than a week of game­play, we’re rea­dy to give you our first impres­si­ons of this game.

Agarest: Generations of War 2

The game pres­ents its­elf like an “ani­me style” game, and doesn’t try to hide the gre­at amount of “fan­ser­vice” (Wiki­pe­dia sums up that term pret­ty well). In fact, the who­le plot is used as a way to hide a “dating simu­la­tor”. But we’ll talk more about the sto­ry in the full review, for now let’s talk about the most important aspec­ts of the game.

As for the actu­al game­play, it’s a turn-based RPG, which plays on two sepa­ra­te 6×7 grids, one for your par­ty and one for the enemies. The­re are four dif­fe­rent type of regu­lar attacks: high attacks, power attacks, ground attacks and para­ly­ze attacks, it’s up to you to deci­de what’s bet­ter to use with dif­fe­rent mons­ters. You can also have more than one cha­rac­ter attack at once, which pro­ves to be real­ly hel­pful. Be care­ful not to have only one cha­rac­ter do all of the attacks, becau­se the more you’ll attack, the more time will pass befo­re it will be his/her turn again.

Agarest: Generations of War 2That’s put­ting it sim­ply, the game­play is actual­ly more com­plex than that and we’ll talk about it in more detail on our full review.

The gra­phics are real­ly nice, it’s a mix of 2D spri­tes in a 3D world, it reminds us of Final Fan­ta­sy VI. The spri­tes them­sel­ves are excep­tio­nal­ly well done, the spe­cial moves effec­ts are also hard to impro­ve. The sound­track is also pret­ty good: not­hing spec­ta­cu­lar, but you’ll pro­bab­ly find yours­elf sin­ging the tunes along.

This game is not easi­ly intui­ti­ve, and requi­res some work to get used to. But if you’ll have the pati­ence to give it a try, once you under­stand the game­play mecha­nics, you might be plea­s­ant­ly sur­pri­sed by the qua­li­ty of this game. Of cour­se, if you don’t like ani­me-sty­led games, any kind of “fan­ser­vice” or are not a fan of RPGs, then this game is not for you. For tho­se who do, plea­se stay tun­ed to find out more!

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