Review: Guns, Gore & Cannoli – Zombie pasta à la carte

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Guns, Gore & Can­no­li. Liter­al­ly, a game about the mob figh­t­ing zom­bies. If that doesn’t catch your inte­rest right away, then stop rea­ding this review imme­dia­te­ly. For all you other awe­so­me peop­le, keep rea­ding, and enjoy this deli­cious review. Like can­no­li.

The game stars Vin­nie Can­no­li, a gangs­ter who has been hired by the mob boss “Mr. Bel­luc­cio”. He wants him to go to “Thug­town” and to find some guy cal­led Fran­kie. And they’re wil­ling to pay a for­tu­ne for that. Soon you’ll find out that there’s a good rea­son behind it: Thug­town is now full of zom­bies! And Vin­nie will also have to fight ano­t­her mob boss, who wants Fran­kie bad­ly as well…

Guns, Gore & Cannoli

Being a 2D action game that hea­vi­ly focu­ses on game­play, the sto­ry is simp­le and goes strai­ght to the point: to sim­ply fight your way out. And it works fine.

So let’s just go strai­ght ahead and talk about the game­play its­elf. As long as you pro­ceed through the game, you’ll get several dif­fe­rent kind of wea­pons. You’ll start with the pis­tol, which has infi­ni­te ammo and it’s sur­pri­sin­gly effec­tive, even as the star­ting gun. Then you’ll get to unlock other ones like shot­guns, a revol­ver, a fla­me­thro­wer and a tes­la gun. Yes, you read that right. What more do you need? Of cour­se, for the other wea­pons your ammo will be limi­ted, so there’s also stra­te­gy invol­ved. You’ll have to think about the best times to use your wea­pons, if you want to pre­ser­ve your ammo for more dif­fi­cult parts and go with the pis­tol or just go all in and move on. The ammo is not exces­si­ve­ly limi­ted, but there’s not too much of it eit­her. You can’t just spam your way through. And how will you be able to rep­le­nish your health bar? Why of cour­se, by eating can­no­li! Vin­nie Can­no­li real­ly loves his can­no­li!

Guns, Gore & CannoliA nice litt­le touch is that when ene­my gangs­ters and zom­bies are in the same screen, you’ll see them attack each other. It’s hil­arious and it will also help you out, the less enemies the bet­ter!

The gra­phics are car­to­o­ny and while it’s not­hing spec­ta­cu­lar, it’s appe­aling to the eye. I want to under­line that while of cour­se the­re are gene­ric loo­king zom­bies, the­re are also spe­cial ones which will behave dif­fer­ent­ly, and just to make you noti­ce how hil­arious this game is, I’ll just say this: the­re are zom­bie leprechauns that throw gas gre­na­des at you. Once again, you’ve read that right.

There’s also a co-op mode: up to 4 peop­le can join in your adven­ture, but sad­ly it’s only local. It would have been awe­so­me to have it online as well.

The only real down­si­de for this game is its lon­ge­vi­ty: it’s a real­ly short game. It should take you about 3/4 hours to com­ple­te. And the­re are no secrets or collec­tibles eit­her: so it has very litt­le replay value, which is disap­poin­ting. Still, this game doesn’t cost much (€9.99 on Steam, cur­rent-gen con­so­le ver­si­on com­ing soon), but you may want to wait for a dis­count for this rea­son.


Over­all, it’s a real­ly fun, but real­ly short game. If you’re that kind of guy that wants to set zom­bies on fire while eating deli­cious can­no­li, then this game is defi­ni­te­ly for you!

Guns, Gore and Can­no­li
Gen­re: Action
Review­ed on: PC
Sys­tem: PC (soon PS4/Xone)
Pri­ce:  €9.99 (Steam)
Ent­wick­ler: Cra­zy Mon­key Stu­di­os
Publisher: Cra­zy Mon­key Stu­di­os

Guns, Gore & Cannoli

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