Review: Guns, Gore & Cannoli – Zombie pasta à la carte

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Guns, Gore & Cannoli. Literally, a game about the mob fighting zombies. If that doesn’t catch your interest right away, then stop reading this review immediately. For all you other awesome people, keep reading, and enjoy this delicious review. Like cannoli.

The game stars Vinnie Cannoli, a gangster who has been hired by the mob boss “Mr. Belluccio”. He wants him to go to “Thugtown” and to find some guy called Frankie. And they’re willing to pay a fortune for that. Soon you’ll find out that there’s a good reason behind it: Thugtown is now full of zombies! And Vinnie will also have to fight another mob boss, who wants Frankie badly as well…

Guns, Gore & Cannoli

Being a 2D action game that heavily focuses on gameplay, the story is simple and goes straight to the point: to simply fight your way out. And it works fine.

So let’s just go straight ahead and talk about the gameplay itself. As long as you proceed through the game, you’ll get several different kind of weapons. You’ll start with the pistol, which has infinite ammo and it’s surprisingly effective, even as the starting gun. Then you’ll get to unlock other ones like shotguns, a revolver, a flamethrower and a tesla gun. Yes, you read that right. What more do you need? Of course, for the other weapons your ammo will be limited, so there’s also strategy involved. You’ll have to think about the best times to use your weapons, if you want to preserve your ammo for more difficult parts and go with the pistol or just go all in and move on. The ammo is not excessively limited, but there’s not too much of it either. You can’t just spam your way through. And how will you be able to replenish your health bar? Why of course, by eating cannoli! Vinnie Cannoli really loves his cannoli!

Guns, Gore & CannoliA nice little touch is that when enemy gangsters and zombies are in the same screen, you’ll see them attack each other. It’s hilarious and it will also help you out, the less enemies the better!

The graphics are cartoony and while it’s nothing spectacular, it’s appealing to the eye. I want to underline that while of course there are generic looking zombies, there are also special ones which will behave differently, and just to make you notice how hilarious this game is, I’ll just say this: there are zombie leprechauns that throw gas grenades at you. Once again, you’ve read that right.

There’s also a co-op mode: up to 4 people can join in your adventure, but sadly it’s only local. It would have been awesome to have it online as well.

The only real downside for this game is its longevity: it’s a really short game. It should take you about 3/4 hours to complete. And there are no secrets or collectibles either: so it has very little replay value, which is disappointing. Still, this game doesn’t cost much (€9.99 on Steam, current-gen console version coming soon), but you may want to wait for a discount for this reason.


Overall, it’s a really fun, but really short game. If you’re that kind of guy that wants to set zombies on fire while eating delicious cannoli, then this game is definitely for you!

Guns, Gore and Cannoli
Genre: Action
Reviewed on: PC
System: PC (soon PS4/Xone)
Price:  €9.99 (Steam)
Entwickler: Crazy Monkey Studios
Publisher: Crazy Monkey Studios

Guns, Gore & Cannoli

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