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Several years have pas­sed sin­ce the release of the first Bayo­net­ta, the spi­ri­tu­al suc­ces­sor of Devil May Cry by Pla­ti­num Games, the stu­dio made by the same peop­le who once worked at Clover Stu­di­os. Bayo­net­ta was an ama­zing game, beloved by most cri­tics and users who actual­ly play­ed the game on eit­her Xbox 360 or Play­Sta­ti­on 3. Sad­ly, the game didn’t sell real­ly well, and the sequel for this game hap­pen­ed becau­se only Nin­ten­do cho­se to belie­ve in the pro­ject, pro­du­cing it them­sel­ves. While we will pro­bab­ly never see Bayo­net­ta 2 on PC for this very rea­son (even though we can pro­bab­ly expect a remas­te­red  ver­si­on on the Switch, sin­ce this new con­so­le is actual­ly sel­ling well com­pa­red to the Wii U), SEGA and Pla­ti­num Games final­ly deci­ded to lis­ten to their fan­ba­se, who wan­ted a por­ting of the game on their PC.

We actual­ly love the Bayo­net­ta series. we owned the game for Xbox 360, rebought it for the Wii U and now I’ve had the chan­ce to play it on PC as well. And the first thing I’ve noti­ced, after not picking up the­se series for a long time, is that the game­play is still ama­zin­gly good. Real­ly, the only game that mana­ges to sur­pass the com­bat sys­tem of this game is the sequel its­elf.  You can do various com­bos with your pun­ches and kicks, and also add some occa­sio­nal shoo­tings, and you’ll also be able to unlock several dif­fe­rent kind of wea­pons (my per­so­nal favo­ri­tes are the swords, becau­se we like to get clo­se and per­so­nal to my enemies). We won’t bother get­ting into the details of this game too much, becau­se you alrea­dy know what this game is and what is it like. And if you do not: what rock have you been living under? Is it com­for­ta­ble enough? We guess it is, and will just say this to you: buy this game, sin­ce it’s obvious you never play­ed it befo­re. For all you other peeps who know about the game, may­be even still own it for their other con­so­les and want to know “is it worth it to buy it again?”, we’re here to try to ans­wer their ques­ti­on as faith­ful­ly as we can. But befo­re we do that, we need to get into the tech­ni­cal stuff.

Usual­ly, what a PC user is sca­red when it comes to video games (espe­ci­al­ly por­tings) is not only if their pota­to machi­ne is able to run it well, but also if the com­pa­ny its­elf did a good job in adap­ting it to the dif­fe­rent hard­wares or they didn’t bother and released some­thing just becau­se they could do so. Well, let me reas­su­re you all, with a few simp­le words: this is the best edi­ti­on of this game ever made, and the per­for­mance doesn’t suf­fer at all. In fact, it’s even impro­ved! The loa­dings are almost non-exi­s­tant now, it sup­ports 4K (if you have a PC who can actual­ly run it, it should be worth it) and it’s also able to run magni­ficent­ly on almost every pc out the­re, even if it’s not the best around. As long as you put the right set­tings and reso­lu­ti­on, your game should be able to run flaw­less­ly wit­hout any lag or gra­phi­cal inci­dents, on a magni­ficent 60 frame per second. And being an action game based most­ly around com­bos, you real­ly need every litt­le frame you can get. It’s real­ly obvious that the Pla­ti­num Games deve­lo­pers put all of their heart into opti­mi­zing this game for every PC and hard­ware they could think of, and they did a magni­ficent job. It’s also nota­ble that they used an hig­her reso­lu­ti­on for fonts in the menu as well, so you won’t be see­ing that “blur­ry” effect you usual­ly see in the­se kin­da pro­duc­ts.

Even though this type of games is best play­ed with a con­trol­ler, they also tried to keep in mind that for some sec­tions you might pre­fer to use a mou­se and key­board wit­hout any hass­le. For examp­le, you can access the menus free­ly by using the mou­se, and also aim bet­ter on the fps minigame that hap­pens whenever you finish a level. Usual­ly games are not that per­mis­si­ve, so this is a wel­co­me fea­ture, even if it’s a litt­le one.

For the most tech­ni­cal of gamers, you can also set the vram usa­ge, MSAA and also if you want to activa­te HDR or not. The maxi­mum reso­lu­ti­on pos­si­ble is also an asto­un­ding 5.120 x 2.880. Of cour­se, use the set­tings that are best sui­ted for your PC, don’t over­do it and you should be rea­dy to kick some angel and demon butt. Ano­t­her thing that should be noted is that you might noti­ce a blur­ry effect after chan­ging the set­tings, but this should be easi­ly fixed by imme­dia­te­ly rest­ar­ting the game.


So, to final­ly ans­wer your ques­ti­on: is it worth buy­ing this game if I never play­ed it? We ans­we­red that befo­re, but we can­not stress this enough: YES. BUY. IT. NOW.

Now, for the other, more important, ques­ti­on: is it worth buy­ing this game IF I ALREADY OWNED/STILL OWN IT? Well, that depends most­ly on you. As we said, this real­ly is the defi­ni­ti­ve, and impro­ved, ver­si­on of the game. It depends most­ly on you: you won’t find any new stuff here, so you’re not buy­ing a new pro­duct. Then again, may­be you don’t use your 360/PS3/Wii U any­mo­re and just want to play it on a hard­ware you can use ever­y­day. If that’s the cate­go­ry you fall in, then don’t think about it too much and just buy it again, you won’t reg­ret it. If you’re still on the fence, lem­me remind you that the game only costs about 20€, so it’s also at a low pri­ce. If that’s still too high for you, then you may want to wait for the steam sales or a dis­count of some sort, and only then grab it. We also made a com­pa­ri­son video bet­ween the Wii U and the PC ver­si­on, you can check it out in our video below:

We’re real­ly glad to see some deve­lo­pers taking serious­ly PC por­tings in 2017, this isn’t some­thing you see ever­y­day. Obvious­ly they’re not new games, so there’s less work to do and more easier to earn some pro­fit from new gamers, but most deve­lo­pers didn’t put the care in the opti­mi­za­ti­on that Pla­ti­num did. And for that, as a gaming com­mu­ni­ty, we are tru­ly gra­te­ful. There’s also ano­t­her rea­son to tempt you and buy this game now: if you do, you’ll get a 25% dis­count when you order the Van­quish PC edi­ti­on, ano­t­her por­ting from yet the same guys. Let’s hope it will be as good as this one is. But con­si­de­ring that SEGA also made a pret­ty good Val­ky­ria Chro­ni­cles port befo­re this one, as we poin­ted out in our review, so chan­ces are that we should be safe and sound.

The sea­son of the Witch Hunt is open once again!

Gen­re: Action-Adven­ture
Sys­tems: PC (also on Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3)
Pri­ce: ca. 20 Euro (Steam)
Deve­lo­per: Pla­ti­num Games (Nier: Auto­ma­taMetal Gear Rising: Reven­ge­an­ce)
Publisher: SEGA

This game was pro­vi­ded by the publisher for review pur­po­ses, check our review poli­cy for details.

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