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After the arri­val of the PC ver­si­on of the first Bayo­net­ta game (XTga­mer review), SEGA has recent­ly released ano­t­her remas­te­red tit­le by Pla­ti­num Games, which was also very under­ra­ted at its time: we’re speaking, of cour­se, about Van­quish, the adre­na­li­nic and futu­ris­tic third-per­son shoo­ter. This game was released on the same day Fall­out: New Vegas came out (which, by the way, is my favou­rite Fall­out game so far) and also only a week befo­re ano­t­her hyped tit­le would come out, Fab­le III. It’s easy to see why this game didn’t sell very well, but thanks to the PC and Steam mar­ket it has a new chan­ce to shi­ne.

In Van­quish you are equip­ped with the grea­test hi-tech com­bat armor ever con­cei­ved, which also helps to huge­ly high­light your refle­xes, move­ment and speed. You’ll be figh­t­ing hor­des of enemies in a lite­ral swarm of bul­lets com­ing your way. The deve­lo­pers used a mecha­nic which reminds us of the old video­ga­me tit­les: make the game as hard as pos­si­ble to jus­ti­fy the short length of it. That was always the down­si­de of this tit­le, and sad­ly that hasn’t chan­ged even in the remas­te­red ver­si­on: a maxi­mum of 4 hours of game­play will be enough to have seen all that the game has to offer. It also punis­hes you very har­sh­ly for being reck­less: if you abu­se your speed powers, you’ll be forced to slow down becau­se the armor has to coold­own; it’s also not advi­s­able to take the enemies full head-on, but to con­stant­ly rethink your batt­le stra­te­gy, as the levels always put in dif­fe­rent situa­ti­ons that you’ll have to face.

The plot is real­ly stu­pid so don’t bother try­ing to under­stand it too much, it’s only an excu­se to jus­ti­fy all the batt­les that are hap­pe­ning; the game­play, ins­tead, is ama­zing even to this day and can still be real­ly hard and frus­tra­ting, but only becau­se of your faults and not the game’s. As we’ve also pre­vious­ly seen with Bayo­net­ta, this PC ver­si­on is once again the best way to expe­ri­ence the tit­le in our opi­ni­on: while the con­so­les ver­si­ons were forced to stay locked at 30 FPS, the PC ver­si­on (given that you have a power­ful enough sys­tem and also con­fi­gu­re your set­tings accord­in­gly) will allow you to expe­ri­ence non-stop 60 FPS with a 4K reso­lu­ti­on as well. Keep in mind that the game might also beco­me har­der too: of cour­se, even the enemies and the bul­lets beco­me fas­ter, for­cing you to watch your toes even more than befo­re, but the looks and flui­di­ty of the game­play are so incredi­b­ly satis­fy­ing that you pro­bab­ly won’t even care about it. Being on PC you can also use the Mou­se and Key­board set­tings: while the mou­se allows you to shoot bet­ter, i think that the wea­pon swit­ching mecha­nics could have been bet­ter, so unless you hap­pen to own a gaming mou­se (tho­se with extra con­fi­gura­ble but­tons) I wouldn’t recom­mend using them, but of cour­se it’s up to you. I per­so­nal­ly found no issu­es using a clas­sic Xbox 360 con­trol­ler, which seems also the best game­pad choice.


Once again, SEGA has bles­sed us with ano­t­her well done remas­ter of a game that deser­ved bet­ter reco­gni­ti­on for its geni­us mecha­nics and fun game­play, even though the length is a litt­le too short. Should you buy it? To find out the ans­wer, lem­me ask you ano­t­her ques­ti­on first: do you enjoy third per­son shoo­ters, fast and adre­na­lic tit­les and don’t mind, or even enjoy, a hard dif­fi­cul­ty? If the ans­wer to all of tho­se ques­ti­ons was “yes”, then don’t even think about it and go grab it on the Steam store! We’ll be loo­king for­ward for the next PC ver­si­on SEGA will deci­de to release, if it has the same qua­li­ty as the last ones we’ll be sure to have a blast!

Game Tit­le: Van­quish

Gen­re: Action

Release Date: 22.10.2010




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