Hands-on with: Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls

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If you fol­low our web­site, Twitch and You­Tube chan­nels, you pro­bab­ly alrea­dy know that I like doing streams of the first minu­tes of the game, while going in com­ple­te­ly blind to ensu­re my reac­tions and comments are genui­ne and what i real­ly think in the moment.

Unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly, I was unab­le to stream Super­di­men­si­on Nep­tu­ne VS Sega Hard Girls as I inten­tio­nal­ly inten­ded, becau­se tech­ni­cal issu­es made the game almost unplay­a­ble if i was eit­her record­ing or strea­ming at the same time, and sin­ce I do not have a more power­ful PC with me, I was forced to call it quits. But being the stubborn wri­ter that I am, I deci­ded to try some­thing a bit dif­fe­rent: I’ll talk about the first minu­tes of the game, just in writ­ten form.

As you can alrea­dy by the tit­le, this game is the result of a col­la­bo­ra­ti­on bet­ween Com­pi­le Heart and SEGA, which resul­ted in the crea­ti­on of an ent­i­re­ly new sto­ry­line and the crea­ti­on of several new cha­rac­ters, all based on the ico­nic SEGA con­so­les; sin­ce the Nep­tu­nia uni­ver­se is based on the same idea for the major gaming con­so­les, and that Pla­nep­tu­ne its­elf is basi­cal­ly the home of SEGA-based cha­rac­ters, this idea works per­fec­t­ly in its con­text. For the same rea­son, we’ll only be able to see Nep­tu­ne as the main CPU, mea­ning that Noi­re, Blanc and Vert are absent from this world. This game is in a real­ly par­ti­cu­lar posi­ti­on, becau­se it acts like one of the other several spin-off games in the series (and thus, it isn’t canon in terms of sto­ry­line) but has the game­play qua­li­ty of a main chap­ter, as it has the main mecha­nics of the gdr we love.

In this game, IF will take con­trol as the main lead cha­rac­ter, along­si­de the new cha­rac­ter Sega­mi, while Nep­tu­ne after a while will be rele­ga­ted as the… time dimen­si­on war­ping motor­cy­cle. Yep, you read that right: Nep­tu­ne is a motor­cy­cle in this game (well, not in the very begin­ning at least, but we won’t spoil too much), the trans­for­ma­ti­on you never knew you wan­ted.

The game­play is most­ly the same as the other main tit­les: you’ll be able to explo­re 3D dun­ge­ons as usu­al, with the abi­li­ty to pre-emp­tively attack enemies to give yours­elf an edge in the batt­les, other­wi­se if they’re the ones to attack first you’ll be at a dis­ad­van­ta­ge. The latest fea­ture of this game is that you can also crawl in several parts of the dun­ge­ons: not free­ly in the map, mind you, but you may noti­ce a hole in a wall that you can enter to access ano­t­her part of the area. The batt­les will also be turn-based in 3D ambi­ents: you can attack or move as much as you like if your actions remai­ned con­sent it, but be care­ful: befo­re you start attacking you can move free­ly, after that you’ll con­su­me an action any­ways, so place yours­elf as best as you can. You can deci­de using regu­lar attacks or skills, which also inclu­de the abi­li­ty to trans­form (yep, in this game even IF gains a trans­for­ma­ti­on!). When your SP points reach the maxi­mum amount, you may be able to grab a spe­cial heart which will enter you into fever mode, whe­re all your attacks will beco­me imme­dia­te­ly stron­ger: you can regain the­se points by sim­ply attacking or by using items.

First impression

The first minu­tes of this game made it clear for me: whoever enjoys, like me, the Nep­tu­nia series and its game­play should feel right at home with this ent­ry as well. It’s a “more of the same” tit­le, which means you can­not get her and expect to see lots of new stuff, so the same thing can also be said for tho­se nega­ti­ve about the­se tit­les: if you didn’t like the other tit­les, I can’t tell you a rea­son why you would be able to enjoy this one, becau­se you pro­bab­ly wouldn’t. I’m per­so­nal­ly satis­fied with what I’ve seen, and sin­ce I actual­ly grew up with a SEGA Mega Dri­ve for me it’s always nice see­ing their con­so­les rep­re­sen­ted in video games in some ways. If you’re temp­ted by this tit­le but you haven’t play­ed a Nep­tu­nia game befo­re, try get­ting one of the Re:Birth ones, sin­ce they’re on a huge sale on Steam right now. If you enjoy tho­se ones, then you can grab Super­di­men­si­on Nep­tu­ne VS Sega Hard Girls too kno­wing that you can have a good time.

Super­di­men­si­on Nep­tu­ne VS Sega Hard Girls is avail­ab­le sin­ce Octo­ber 2016 on PS Vita digi­tal­ly and phy­si­cal­ly. The pre­view­ed ver­si­on is out sin­ce June 12th 2017 on Steam at around 30 USD/EUR/GBP.

The refe­ren­ced Hyper­di­men­si­on Nep­tu­nia Re;Birth games are cur­r­ent­ly on Steam Sum­mer Sale at 80 per­cent off their ori­gi­nal pri­ce. Ama­zon pri­ce-matches the offers at least in Ger­ma­ny and we recei­ve a small per­cen­ta­ge to main­tain and expand the web­site if you choo­se to purcha­se the­re.

Game Tit­le: Super­di­men­si­on Nep­tu­ne VS Sega Hard Girls

Gen­re: RPG

Release Date: 21.10.2016




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