Hands-on with: Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls

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If you follow our website, Twitch and YouTube channels, you probably already know that I like doing streams of the first minutes of the game, while going in completely blind to ensure my reactions and comments are genuine and what i really think in the moment.

Unfortunately, I was unable to stream Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls as I intentionally intended, because technical issues made the game almost unplayable if i was either recording or streaming at the same time, and since I do not have a more powerful PC with me, I was forced to call it quits. But being the stubborn writer that I am, I decided to try something a bit different: I’ll talk about the first minutes of the game, just in written form.

As you can already by the title, this game is the result of a collaboration between Compile Heart and SEGA, which resulted in the creation of an entirely new storyline and the creation of several new characters, all based on the iconic SEGA consoles; since the Neptunia universe is based on the same idea for the major gaming consoles, and that Planeptune itself is basically the home of SEGA-based characters, this idea works perfectly in its context. For the same reason, we’ll only be able to see Neptune as the main CPU, meaning that Noire, Blanc and Vert are absent from this world. This game is in a really particular position, because it acts like one of the other several spin-off games in the series (and thus, it isn’t canon in terms of storyline) but has the gameplay quality of a main chapter, as it has the main mechanics of the gdr we love.

In this game, IF will take control as the main lead character, alongside the new character Segami, while Neptune after a while will be relegated as the… time dimension warping motorcycle. Yep, you read that right: Neptune is a motorcycle in this game (well, not in the very beginning at least, but we won’t spoil too much), the transformation you never knew you wanted.

The gameplay is mostly the same as the other main titles: you’ll be able to explore 3D dungeons as usual, with the ability to pre-emptively attack enemies to give yourself an edge in the battles, otherwise if they’re the ones to attack first you’ll be at a disadvantage. The latest feature of this game is that you can also crawl in several parts of the dungeons: not freely in the map, mind you, but you may notice a hole in a wall that you can enter to access another part of the area. The battles will also be turn-based in 3D ambients: you can attack or move as much as you like if your actions remained consent it, but be careful: before you start attacking you can move freely, after that you’ll consume an action anyways, so place yourself as best as you can. You can decide using regular attacks or skills, which also include the ability to transform (yep, in this game even IF gains a transformation!). When your SP points reach the maximum amount, you may be able to grab a special heart which will enter you into fever mode, where all your attacks will become immediately stronger: you can regain these points by simply attacking or by using items.

First impression

The first minutes of this game made it clear for me: whoever enjoys, like me, the Neptunia series and its gameplay should feel right at home with this entry as well. It’s a “more of the same” title, which means you cannot get her and expect to see lots of new stuff, so the same thing can also be said for those negative about these titles: if you didn’t like the other titles, I can’t tell you a reason why you would be able to enjoy this one, because you probably wouldn’t. I’m personally satisfied with what I’ve seen, and since I actually grew up with a SEGA Mega Drive for me it’s always nice seeing their consoles represented in video games in some ways. If you’re tempted by this title but you haven’t played a Neptunia game before, try getting one of the Re:Birth ones, since they’re on a huge sale on Steam right now. If you enjoy those ones, then you can grab Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls too knowing that you can have a good time.

Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls is available since October 2016 on PS Vita digitally and physically. The previewed version is out since June 12th 2017 on Steam at around 30 USD/EUR/GBP.

The referenced Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth games are currently on Steam Summer Sale at 80 percent off their original price. Amazon price-matches the offers at least in Germany and we receive a small percentage to maintain and expand the website if you choose to purchase there.

Game Title: Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls

Genre: RPG

Release Date: 21.10.2016