Microsoft’s Gamescom 2017 Conference – The recap + our thoughts

The Games­com has offi­ci­al­ly begun, but befo­re the offi­ci­al start Micro­soft deci­ded to hold a con­fe­rence to show all the latest news regar­ding their new con­so­le, the Xbox One X, while also sho­wing some exclu­si­ve trai­lers for their upco­m­ing games. If you don’t feel like watching 90 minu­tes, don’t worry: neit­her did I. But we are here to help all the same! We’re gon­na wri­te ever­ything that has hap­pen­ed using short sen­ten­ces and then we’ll give our opi­ni­on on what we’ve seen so far. The first trai­ler that was shown was from Assassin’s Creed Origins, the pre­quel of the famous Ubi­soft saga which, for the occa­si­on, will take place in the anci­ent Egypt. They, howe­ver, cho­se to show a cine­ma­tic trai­ler, so the­re was no game­play shown. A weird choice, con­si­de­ring that the pur­po­se of this con­fe­rence should be to show the actu­al capa­bi­li­ties of the con­so­le and could have also been used to cla­ri­fy some aspec­ts of the game­play. They also give some space to the limi­ted edi­ti­on of the pro­duct (Dawn Of The Creed Edi­ti­on), which will inclu­de a sta­tue of the main cha­rac­ter, the steel­book, a world map, the sound­track, an art­book + some art cards, an amu­let and also the sea­son pass + digi­tal delu­xe pack. They do show it only for a few seconds though, so again a weird choice made by the Micro­soft team.

Next up we have PlayerUnknown’s Batt­le­grounds, this time with a game­play trai­ler. A mas­si­ve online mul­ti­play­er game which is alrea­dy avail­ab­le for pc via Steam Ear­ly Access and alrea­dy sold pret­ty well (also thanks to the strea­mers, we add). Cer­tain­ly nice to have the opti­on to play it on con­so­les too, but it’s not­hing too impres­si­ve (on a tech­ni­cal level, that is) to push play­ers to grab the Xbox One X imme­dia­te­ly. After that, there’s our first new announ­ce­ment of the day: Juras­sic World Evo­lu­ti­on, based on the famous movie saga. We haven’t seen much from this tit­le but we know that it’s a manage­ment simu­la­tor, which will allow us to build our own Juras­sic Park. Again, could be an inte­res­ting tit­le, but not real­ly the type of game that peop­le would play on a con­so­le: this gen­re of games is usual­ly bet­ter to play on PC thanks to the bet­ter con­trols. Then again, we don’t know much about this so we could also be posi­tively sur­pri­sed. Our next game to talk about is the ReCore: Defi­ni­ti­ve Edi­ti­on, an impro­ved ver­si­on of the tit­le released last year which will also inclu­de new con­tent. Its release is sta­ted to be on August 29th, right after the Games­com will end. After that, a short announ­ce­ment regar­ding the con­ver­si­on of three Xbox 360 tit­les: Dis­ney­land Adven­tures, Rush: a Dis­ney-Pixar Adven­ture and Zoo Tycoon. I don’t think the­re were many peop­le (or even one per­son, to put it frank­ly) exci­ted by this announ­ce­ment, sin­ce they weren’t tit­les THAT inte­res­ting, espe­ci­al­ly for tho­se who were watching this con­fe­rence, and that they will also lose the kinect sup­port. Yeah, remem­ber the Kinect? Neit­her do we.

We get to final­ly see one of the most anti­ci­pa­ted tit­les for the con­so­le, For­za Motor­sport 7, and… they show a trai­ler that ever­yo­ne alrea­dy saw. Why even show the trai­ler again? Why not just cook up a new trai­ler, no mat­ter how short it might have been, but at least it would’ve been NEW. For­za Motor­sport 7 is your real ace in the hole, and that’s how you wan­na play your card? Obvious­ly, peop­le were disap­poin­ted by this decisi­on, as were we. After this deba­ta­ble decisi­on, they final­ly talk about the Xbox One X, but again sho­wing the same trai­ler we saw at E3. They also show­ca­se the new dash­board (which, we have to admit, it looks nice) and also the pos­si­bi­li­ty to trans­fer games from your Xbox One S to the X model. Now we’re back to show­ca­se games, with a new trai­ler of Sta­te of Decay 2: a short one, but it’s also new and so a plea­sant chan­ge. Sta­te of Decay 2 is also one of the most anti­ci­pa­ted games for this sys­tem, so they’ll defi­ni­te­ly show more of it in the future. We’ll also see an Xbox Ver­si­on of the MMO World of Tanks, which will also fea­ture a sto­ry dri­ven cam­pai­gn. We will also (final­ly!) see in Euro­pe the Xbox Design Lab, which allows us to crea­te our own custom game­pads: we’re glad that it’s final­ly reaching our con­ti­nent as well.

Back to the video­ga­mes: there’s a new trai­ler for Sea of Thie­ves, the latest game made from Rare. We’re not sure about this one: Rare it’s not been the same com­pa­ny we used to love for a while now, now we just need to wait if Microsoft’s trust in this new pro­ject will have been good or for not­hing. After that, Micro­soft shows more about the newest ver­si­on of Mine­craft, reve­aling a spe­cial edi­ti­on of the con­so­le. Yep, the most power­ful con­so­le in the world, and the game that’s been used to pro­mo­te it (of all games they could have cho­sen) it’s… Mine­craft. No won­der why peop­le were laug­hing at that one. Not say­ing that the game is bad of cour­se, but you’ll agree with us that it’s cer­tain­ly not the best examp­le of what a con­so­le can do in terms of power, right? Thank­ful­ly they imme­dia­te­ly show some mus­cles with Shadow of War, which will also be inclu­ded in a Xbox One S bund­le. Last 2 games shown are Cup­head (which is actual­ly a plat­form game I’m wai­ting with gre­at anti­ci­pa­ti­on for next month) and Sur­vi­ving Mars, a manage­ment simu­la­tor made by Para­dox whe­re we’ll colo­ni­ze the Red Pla­net its­elf. The con­fe­rence con­clu­des its­elf by sho­wing the spe­cial “Pro­ject Scor­pio” edi­ti­on of the Xbox One X, a limi­ted edi­ti­on for day one fans which recalls the ori­gi­nal Xbox in terms of design. Its pri­ce is the same of the ori­gi­nal model, so it’s cer­tain­ly an incen­ti­ve for collec­tors world­wi­de.

So, what can we say to con­clu­de the con­fe­rence? We can’t belie­ve this las­ted more than 90 minu­tes. With a time length of that kind, you’d expect cra­zy announ­ce­ments and details ever­y­whe­re, but we only got one of the most boring con­fe­ren­ces we’ve ever seen in our lives. Micro­soft should real­ly learn some­thing from Nin­ten­do and Sony, heck, even Ubi­soft lear­ned from their mista­kes! Let’s hope that this, com­bi­ned with the dis­astrous E3 Con­fe­rence, won’t end up hel­ping to kill their own con­so­le for good. Micro­soft needs to step up, and fast. Other­wi­se it will be left in the dust of their com­pe­ti­tors.

Twitch Live Stream is ONLINE
Twitch Live Stream is OFFLINE