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This genera­ti­on of gaming is what I per­so­nal­ly like to call “the age of wai­fus”, whe­re fan ser­vice and 2D girls for everyone’s tas­tes come in all shapes and forms, to plea­se every lone­ly gamer on this pla­net.

And for tho­se who want some­thing a litt­le dif­fe­rent, the­re are also the Mons­ter Girls: to aid all of their fans, here comes Moero Chro­ni­cle, a game that ori­gi­nal­ly came out on Play­sta­ti­on Vita and then por­ted to PC via Steam, whe­re you liter­al­ly go and free Mons­ter Girls with your love. No, it’s not as bad as it sounds, but I think you still get the hint of what kind of game we’re wal­king our­sel­ves into. If this sort of thing inte­rests you, stick with us, read our first impres­si­ons and try to win a key for the game, kind­ly given to us by Com­pi­le Heart and Idea Fac­to­ry!

In this game you con­trol Io, a teena­ge boy who can’t talk to mons­ter girls wit­hout see­ing them as objec­ts of his desi­re, a pro­blem that has made him qui­te useless until the recent events: the girls are star­ting to inva­de and going ber­serk wit­hout any appa­rent rea­son, and Io has been cho­sen amongst his vil­la­ge to go and inves­ti­ga­te. Most­ly becau­se they wan­ted to get rid of him, but that’s ano­t­her part of the sto­ry. Along­si­de us we’ll have Lilia, an old fri­end who also agrees to help us becau­se she wants to know what hap­pen­ed to all the other girls, inclu­ding ano­t­her fri­end affec­ted by this stran­ge beha­viour.

Being a Com­pi­le Heart game, expect a lot of dia­lo­gues like usu­al, for the most part sil­ly and fun­ny, but the actu­al game­play its­elf is divi­ded in three parts. First we have the Dun­ge­on Craw­ler: in a first per­son point of view we can explo­re the huge map while try­ing to find our way to the next area/event; we can also find some items and enemies to fight. The­se trig­ger the RPG mecha­nic: the figh­t­ing is in stan­dard turn-based com­bat: whoever is fas­ter deci­des who to attack and with what move (the spe­cial ones con­su­me mp).

Io him­s­elf can­not fight, but he can power up the girls by… sho­wing how much he loves them. Yep, that’s the uni­que mecha­nic of this game: you can store up your desi­re and then release it on a spe­ci­fic mons­ter girls on one of the next turns, and the more you con­tain yours­elf the more power you’ll release; be care­ful not to over do it, or you may not be able to con­tain yours­elf and you’ll be forced to be stuck for several turns. The impli­ca­ti­ons of what this means are… unplea­sant, to say the least, but it’s all left to your ima­gi­na­ti­on.

During the Mons­ter Girl fights, you’ll need to dama­ge all of their weak points and bring them to 0. Which means… to unstrip them, lea­ving only their under­we­ar. Once that’s done, you’ll get to the third mecha­nic, to real­ly show your pas­si­on of mons­ter girls. You might remem­ber watching my strea­ming of Mons­ter Mon­pie­ce and the awk­ward situa­ti­on whe­re I had to rub the girl: that’s most­ly the same game­play style used here. You’ll need to find her weak points and bring her to the maxi­mum level of ecsta­sy: do this and she’ll be freed of the cur­se affec­ting her beha­viour and she’ll hap­pi­ly join your team.

Sin­ce this game is also an RPG, you’ll still be able to per­so­na­li­ze your cha­rac­ters with cer­tain equip­ment to boost up their sta­tis­tics; if you defeat a regu­lar ene­my, they may deci­de to join you as well and beco­me per­so­nal pets of your mons­ter girls, giving them cer­tain bene­fits, like more resis­tan­ce to a cer­tain ele­ment. You’ll also be able to chan­ge their sta­tis­tics by chan­ging their appe­r­an­ce, which is done by… collec­ting pan­ties. Which also means they’ll pro­bab­ly stick around only in under­we­ar, even in the cuts­ce­nes, making the who­le sto­ry even more sil­ly than what it alrea­dy is.


Over­all, the game looks simp­le and enjoy­a­ble, even if awk­ward in most situa­ti­ons: as usu­al for Com­pi­le Heart ter­rito­ry, this is cer­tain­ly not a game for ever­yo­ne, but may pro­ve enjoy­a­ble for the true lovers of mons­ter girls.


Which brings us to our con­test: like we men­tio­ned in the ope­ning, we have an extra Steam key to sha­re with a lucky fan! You’ll only need to ans­wer this ques­ti­on in the comments below: what is your favo­ri­te mons­ter girl race? You can ans­wer wha­te­ver you like, the­re are no wrong or right ans­wers! The win­ner will be selec­ted at ran­dom and con­tac­ted by us. Good luck to all of you!

Game Tit­le: Moero Chro­ni­cle

Gen­re: Rol­len­spiel

Release Date: 16.08.2017




This game was pro­vi­ded by the publisher for review pur­po­ses, check our review poli­cy for details.

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