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This generation of gaming is what I personally like to call “the age of waifus”, where fan service and 2D girls for everyone’s tastes come in all shapes and forms, to please every lonely gamer on this planet.

And for those who want something a little different, there are also the Monster Girls: to aid all of their fans, here comes Moero Chronicle, a game that originally came out on Playstation Vita and then ported to PC via Steam, where you literally go and free Monster Girls with your love. No, it’s not as bad as it sounds, but I think you still get the hint of what kind of game we’re walking ourselves into. If this sort of thing interests you, stick with us, read our first impressions and try to win a key for the game, kindly given to us by Compile Heart and Idea Factory!

In this game you control Io, a teenage boy who can’t talk to monster girls without seeing them as objects of his desire, a problem that has made him quite useless until the recent events: the girls are starting to invade and going berserk without any apparent reason, and Io has been chosen amongst his village to go and investigate. Mostly because they wanted to get rid of him, but that’s another part of the story. Alongside us we’ll have Lilia, an old friend who also agrees to help us because she wants to know what happened to all the other girls, including another friend affected by this strange behaviour.

Being a Compile Heart game, expect a lot of dialogues like usual, for the most part silly and funny, but the actual gameplay itself is divided in three parts. First we have the Dungeon Crawler: in a first person point of view we can explore the huge map while trying to find our way to the next area/event; we can also find some items and enemies to fight. These trigger the RPG mechanic: the fighting is in standard turn-based combat: whoever is faster decides who to attack and with what move (the special ones consume mp).

Io himself cannot fight, but he can power up the girls by… showing how much he loves them. Yep, that’s the unique mechanic of this game: you can store up your desire and then release it on a specific monster girls on one of the next turns, and the more you contain yourself the more power you’ll release; be careful not to over do it, or you may not be able to contain yourself and you’ll be forced to be stuck for several turns. The implications of what this means are… unpleasant, to say the least, but it’s all left to your imagination.

During the Monster Girl fights, you’ll need to damage all of their weak points and bring them to 0. Which means… to unstrip them, leaving only their underwear. Once that’s done, you’ll get to the third mechanic, to really show your passion of monster girls. You might remember watching my streaming of Monster Monpiece and the awkward situation where I had to rub the girl: that’s mostly the same gameplay style used here. You’ll need to find her weak points and bring her to the maximum level of ecstasy: do this and she’ll be freed of the curse affecting her behaviour and she’ll happily join your team.

Since this game is also an RPG, you’ll still be able to personalize your characters with certain equipment to boost up their statistics; if you defeat a regular enemy, they may decide to join you as well and become personal pets of your monster girls, giving them certain benefits, like more resistance to a certain element. You’ll also be able to change their statistics by changing their apperance, which is done by… collecting panties. Which also means they’ll probably stick around only in underwear, even in the cutscenes, making the whole story even more silly than what it already is.


Overall, the game looks simple and enjoyable, even if awkward in most situations: as usual for Compile Heart territory, this is certainly not a game for everyone, but may prove enjoyable for the true lovers of monster girls.


Which brings us to our contest: like we mentioned in the opening, we have an extra Steam key to share with a lucky fan! You’ll only need to answer this question in the comments below: what is your favorite monster girl race? You can answer whatever you like, there are no wrong or right answers! The winner will be selected at random and contacted by us. Good luck to all of you!

Game Title: Moero Chronicle

Genre: Rollenspiel

Release Date: 16.08.2017




This game was provided by the publisher for review purposes, check our review policy for details.

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