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Screenshot Saturday: Rise of the Tomb Raider

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Once more we show you the beau­ty in gaming.

We stick to the Xbox One X and show off the dif­fe­rend visu­al modes in Rise of the Tomb Rai­der. The game offers a Nati­ve 4K mode in which the game is ren­de­red in True 4K, an Enri­ched 4K mode which ups­ca­les but offers more detail­ed envi­ron­ments and a more stea­dy 30 frames per second (fps) and an High Frame-Rate mode which is still pret­ty and let’s you enjoy the action in whop­ping 60 fps. Have a gre­at play­ful wee­kend!

Every Picture (High Frame-Rate | Native 4K | Enriched 4K)


Twitch Live Stream is ONLINE
Twitch Live Stream is OFFLINE