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Screenshot Saturday: Battlefield 3

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Once again we bring you shots we just couldn’t via hips­ter plat­forms such as insta­gram. Sin­ce it’s not a Throw­back Thurs­day it wouldn’t be appro­pria­te the­re any­way.

Battle­field THREE? No, that wasn’t one of tho­se drow­sy Satur­day morning typos. Ima­gi­ne a clou­dy cold Thurs­day two days befo­re Christ­mas and two mon­ths after the release of DICE’s latest FPS we switch on our dual-moni­tor 24 inch set­up (which is still part­ly in use) to play BF3 in dual-screen in 3840 x 1080 pixels. That’s the width of true 4K and the height of Full HD. If you’d asked someo­ne about 4K back then, you would’ve got­ten the same ques­tion­ab­le look as someo­ne would have had if he wal­ked into that gaming room that day. Enjoy the fol­lo­wing impres­si­ons and let’s hope for a digni­fied return of the fran­chise (Bad Com­pa­ny 3, anyo­ne?).

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