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Screenshot Saturday: Battlefield 3

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Once again we bring you shots we just couldn’t via hipster platforms such as instagram. Since it’s not a Throwback Thursday it wouldn’t be appropriate there anyway.

Battlefield THREE? No, that wasn’t one of those drowsy Saturday morning typos. Imagine a cloudy cold Thursday two days before Christmas and two months after the release of DICE’s latest FPS we switch on our dual-monitor 24 inch setup (which is still partly in use) to play BF3 in dual-screen in 3840 x 1080 pixels. That’s the width of true 4K and the height of Full HD. If you’d asked someone about 4K back then, you would’ve gotten the same questionable look as someone would have had if he walked into that gaming room that day. Enjoy the following impressions and let’s hope for a dignified return of the franchise (Bad Company 3, anyone?).