Review: Omega Quintet

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Ano­t­her year, ano­t­her Com­pi­le Heart RPG. It seems like you can only go a few mon­ths befo­re ano­t­her of their games is released in one form or ano­t­her. Unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly, Ome­ga Quin­tet is not one of their rare suc­cess sto­ries. Ins­tead, this is ano­t­her bland RPG that should have stay­ed for­got­ten.

Ome­ga Quintet’s sto­ry is fair­ly simp­le, as huma­ni­ty is under attack by mons­ters known as “Bla­re”. The Ver­se Mai­dens, basi­cal­ly a glo­ri­fied idol group, are the only ones with the power to fight the Bla­re. Takt, the prot­ago­nist and child­hood fri­end of the newest Ver­se Mai­den, is forced into beco­m­ing their mana­ger. Asi­de from the idol the­me, the gene­ral set­up is qui­te gene­ric and the sto­ry never beco­mes par­ti­cu­lar­ly inte­res­ting.

The big­gest issue we had with Ome­ga Quin­tet is it’s cast of cha­rac­ters. Of all the peop­le you meet in the game, the­re were only a coup­le that we could actual­ly stand for more than a few minu­tes. The wri­ters somehow mana­ged to make every cha­rac­ter an idi­ot, annoy­ing or some com­bi­na­ti­on of both. This is a far cry from ano­t­her of Com­pi­le Heart’s series, Hyper­di­men­si­on Nep­tu­nia, whe­re sto­ry sce­nes are gene­ral­ly goofy but can still have some charm to them. In Ome­ga Quin­tet, you’ll end up hating the majo­ri­ty of the cast after a few hours at most.

Game­play doesn’t fare much bet­ter eit­her. Explo­ra­ti­on is fair­ly stan­dard, though each mai­den has their own abi­li­ty that can be used to reach new are­as or collect items. Howe­ver this just leads to back­tracking sin­ce you’ll usual­ly not have the right level of abi­li­ty the first time through an area. Being forced to go back through each area is some­thing that hap­pens far too often, eit­her requi­red for side­quests or even for the main sto­ry. The fact that each area is so bland makes pro­gres­sing even more of a cho­re, and that’s wit­hout even men­tio­ning the batt­le sys­tem.

You see, Com­pi­le Heart like to add mecha­nics to the stan­dard turn-based JRPG for­mu­la for bet­ter or wor­se. Like most of their attempts, this has lead to the crea­ti­on of an over­ly com­pli­ca­ted batt­le sys­tem that drags fights out for far lon­ger than necessa­ry. Again, I’m remin­ded of their ear­lier games whe­re unne­cessa­ry and unfun sys­tems were thrown in just to make them look uni­que. Ome­ga Quin­tet ends up fee­ling like a relic of Com­pi­le Heart’s old design phi­lo­so­phy, sin­ce they star­ted to move away from exces­si­ve mecha­nics and tried to keep things simp­le for the most part.

One stran­ge fea­ture that doesn’t see much use is the Pro­mo­ti­on Video Sys­tem, or PVS for short. Here you can crea­te custom music vide­os using a varie­ty of dance rou­ti­nes and songs. This mode seems to have a lot of thought put into it, see­min­gly more so than the rest of the game, which makes it even stran­ger that it’s com­ple­te­ly optio­nal out­si­de of a few side­quests. It’s honest­ly con­fu­sing why they made it so detail­ed when the play­er has litt­le moti­va­ti­on to use PVS, and the game’s poor cha­rac­ter models making the music vide­os look pret­ty bad in the first place.

Speaking of cha­rac­ter models, you may have have noti­ced from the screen­shots in this review that Ome­ga Quin­tet is not a par­ti­cu­lar­ly pret­ty game. While being a port of a PS4 game, it looks wor­se than many PS3 launch tit­les. It doesn’t help that visual­ly Ome­ga Quin­tet looks so simi­lar to the ori­gi­nal Hyper­di­men­si­on Nep­tu­nia games, which fur­ther empha­si­ses the over­all lack in gra­phi­cal polish. At least the 2D art used for cha­rac­ter por­traits and event images is nice… it’s a shame you’ll only see it during the ins­a­ne sto­ry sce­nes though.

As for the PC port its­elf, Ome­ga Quin­tet is in line with their other ports. That is to say it runs decent­ly but offers litt­le in the way of cus­to­mi­sa­ti­on opti­ons. One thing worth men­tio­ning is the occa­sio­nal FPS drops we expe­ri­en­ced every now and then, some­thing that we didn’t expect from a game this gra­phi­cal­ly simp­le. It never beco­mes as noti­ce­ab­le as the frame­ra­te pro­blems in ano­t­her of Ghostlight’s recent ports, Lost Dimen­si­on, but the fact that the­re are issu­es at all is unfor­tu­n­a­te.


Ome­ga Quin­tet is an extre­me­ly poor JRPG that has litt­le going for it, even to fans of Com­pi­le Heart’s other series. As more and more good RPGs make their way to the PC, there’s real­ly no rea­son to pick up this port at all.

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