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Review: Dragon’s Crown Pro

We’ve always had a fond­ness for Vanil­la­ware games, even if they’re some­what incon­sis­tent. Odin’s Sphe­re told an ama­zing sto­ry, but felt like a cho­re to play at times. Mur­a­ma­sa had [ … ]

Review: Omega Quintet

Ano­t­her year, ano­t­her Com­pi­le Heart RPG. It seems like you can only go a few mon­ths befo­re ano­t­her of their games is released in one form or ano­t­her. Unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly, Ome­ga [ … ]

Review: Lost Dimension

Ori­gi­nal­ly released in 2015 in the west, Lost Dimen­si­on is a curious game. Blen­ding turn based stra­te­gy with a trai­tor sys­tem that chan­ges up every play­th­rough, it’s cer­tain­ly not like [ … ]

Review: Girl Fight

As you can most likely tell from the game’s unin­ven­ti­ve name, Girl Fight invol­ves various scan­­ti­­ly-clad ladies figh­t­ing for… some poor­ly exp­lai­ned rea­sons. There’s an evil orga­ni­sa­ti­on cal­led the ‘Foun­da­ti­on’ [ … ]

Review: Payday 2

Bank heists and rob­be­ries are sur­pri­sin­gly unde­r­u­sed when it comes to video­ga­mes. It’s a shame, sin­ce they’re the per­fect fit for co-ope­ra­­ti­­ve game­play, with the various roles and objec­tives that [ … ]

Review: Dokuro

In most games, escort mis­si­ons are annoy­ing and usual­ly end up with the play­er being frus­tra­ted. Dokuro mana­ges to crea­te an ent­i­re game around escort mis­si­ons, while simul­ta­ne­ous­ly avoi­ding the [ … ]

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