Hands-on: Metro Exodus

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The series based on Dmitrij Gluchovskij’s novels has been appreciated by gamers for its focus on the atmosphere and storytelling and fans have been looking forward for the new chapter to finally continue their journey, Metro Exodus.

The publisher granted us a PS4 review code for the game early (and we thank them for this opportunity). We didn’t feel comfortable in publishing a review at this point in time, but we still wanted to give you our first impressions of the game, to also make you look forward to the actual review which will come at a later time.

If you don’t have much experience with the series, then don’t worry too much: the game tries its best to tell you all that you need to know right from the start. This time the gameplay will all be outside the Metro, as Artyom (the main character) doesn’t want to give up his quest to find more human life. This means that you’ll be able to explore several maps freely… more or less. This is because there are several areas with radiation that you’d best ignore, and the enemies are ferocious and usually attack you in packs, which means that if you’re not careful your ammo and medipacks will be depleted before you know it. Exodus encourages you to try and take stealthier approaches to reach your destination, avoiding making more noise than necessary and trying to make you keep your resources. You’ll still be able to craft whatever you need alongside your journey, including modifying your weapons, creating ammo and fabricating grenades but don’t expect to suddenly become a John Rambo of the post-apocalyptic world.

So far it also seems pretty forgiving, allowing to take both stealthy and aggressive options to reach your objective. So the “stealth” part shouldn’t worry you as you should get easily used to them; but if you really dislike them and just want to enjoy the story shooting at whatever obstacle you may find, there’s a difficulty option made just for that. We’re currently playing the game on the normal difficulty setting and it’s providing a decent challenge, but not a difficult one either. There’s also a nice progressive system that rewards the player for taking certain liberties in exploring, with some rewards and upgrades thrown at our way. We’re also enjoying the story and the plot twists thrown at our way, showing that the developers have truly developed this game with care.

First Impressions

We’re definitely enjoying our “exodus” so far, despite some minor complaints (loading times too long, AI sometimes not good enough) and we look forward to completing our journey and telling you everything in our full review, coming as soon as possible!