E3 Preview: EA PLAY

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Ever sin­ce 2015 EA is hos­ting their land­mark event on the wee­kend befo­re E3 to reveal new games and let gamers get their hands-on with them.

The major alrea­dy announ­ced the line-up and it’s fil­led with sequels to popu­lar fran­chises with a few new games in the mix.

What’s cool is that we will attend EA PLAY for the third con­se­cu­ti­ve time. So feel free to bom­bard us with your ques­ti­ons for deve­lo­pers who we might run into and game­play-rela­ted quirks you’d like us to try. It’s still up to the host if we’ll be able to cap­tu­re foo­ta­ge, so fin­gers crossed.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

The high­ly anti­ci­pa­ted Star Wars game made by the Titan­fall and Apex Legends deve­lo­pers at Respawn Enter­tain­ment will not be play­a­ble at EA PLAY but at least wat­cha­ble.

If it’ll be anything like the cine­ma­tic pre­sen­ta­ti­ons of Anthem – and it’s very likely by the descrip­ti­on of the ent­ry on the event’s app -, the­re will pro­bab­ly be deve­lo­pers pre­sen­ting the game to a live audi­ence who might be able to influ­ence the game­play depen­ding on how much “choo­se your own adven­ture” is in Fal­len Order.

It’s been ages sin­ce we had not a decent but fan­tastic Star Wars game so this is one pre­sen­ta­ti­on we defi­ni­te­ly won’t want to miss – espe­ci­al­ly becau­se the wai­ting times are usual­ly several hours if you don’t regis­ter ahead for a cer­tain slot.


For 26 years EA Sports is releasing a new foot­ball game every year. The deve­lo­pers announ­ced addi­ti­ons and impro­ve­ments in the are­as Arti­fi­ci­al Intel­li­gence (A.I. Defen­ding), 1v1 shoo­ting con­sis­ten­cy, Timed Finis­hing, Vol­ley Crossing and shoo­ting, chai­ned skill moves, Set-Pie­ce posi­tio­ning, manu­al goal­kee­per move­ment, pas­sing and play­er swit­ching. The­se fea­tures were requested by the com­mu­ni­ty and are prio­ri­ti­zed, Elec­tro­nic Arts said in a recent blog post.

But fea­ture lists don’t mat­ter when the actu­al game­play on the pitch isn’t fun. We ful­ly expect FIFA 20 to be free­ly play­a­ble by all atten­ding fans and can’t wait to reim­a­gi­ne the recent European cham­pi­ons­hip fina­les, if the team selec­tion is going to allow it.

Battlefield V

BFV’s Chap­ter 4: Defy­ing the Odds will launch on June 27th EA announ­ced just a few days ago. It’s going to fea­ture a vast mul­ti­play­er map cal­led Al Sun­dan and Mari­ta, the second Greek map after Mer­kur. While the for­mer will be released just when Chap­ter 4 laun­ches, play­ers who fan­cy infan­try game­play and rocky maps have to wait until July to return to Greece.

Later this sum­mer BFV will also visit the nor­the­ast of Fran­ce and just north of the coast of Nor­way – two addi­tio­nal maps will task play­ers to clear the Pro­vence of Axis powers and des­troy a high­ly explo­si­ve fac­to­ry on the archipe­la­go Lofo­ten.

Ope­ra­ti­on Under­ground will be laun­ching in Octo­ber and it’s based on the popu­lar map Ope­ra­ti­on Metro in Battle­field 3, mea­ning you’ll be figh­t­ing clo­se quar­ter com­bat most­ly.

It’s our expec­ta­ti­on that some of the afo­re­men­tio­ned maps will be play­a­ble at EA PLAY, pro­bab­ly the two com­ing in June/July sin­ce they also offer varie­ty in terms of map size and class focus.


At last year’s EA PLAY we were able to get our eyes on game­play of Bioware’s attempt to crea­te a exci­ting coope­ra­ti­ve expe­ri­ence set in a Sci-Fi world. Due to the com­mer­ci­al short­co­m­ings we’re sur­pri­sed about the appearan­ce at EA PLAY. No Man’s Sky pro­ved that even after not attrac­ting the mas­ses, the game can still be tur­ned around. Sin­ce EA likely put a lot of finan­ci­al resour­ces in the game, we ful­ly expect them to try the tur­naround, too.

And that’s it for the most. Yes, The Sims 4’s expan­si­on and Mad­den NFL 20 will also be play­a­ble. Apart from that sur­pri­ses should be added during the event. Last year’s EA PLAY unvei­led Unra­vel Two which was avail­ab­le the day of the event. Sin­ce EA still have qui­te a few fran­chises in their shel­ves they haven’t touched in a while, anything Kane hap­pen.

What are you looking forward to at EA PLAY?

If you have any ques­ti­ons for deve­lo­pers we might run into the event or if there’s anything you defi­ni­te­ly need to be cove­r­ed for you to have a sound sleep at night, let us know in the comments below.

Find all of the trai­lers, our very own direct-feed game­plays, pod­casts and arti­cles on our E3 2019 micro­si­te.

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