Giveaway: Join us in playing 6-player horror game Secret Neighbor

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One evening full of solving puzzles, deadly pranks and other cruelties: We give away 3 tickets for an event you won’t forget.

We hope your Halloween celebrations turned out well. Fittinly a new asynchronous multiplayer game was released by tinyBuild – Secret Neighbor. It’s based on the popular Hello Neighbor franchise. As part of a group of 6 players it’s your task to enter the house of your fishy neighbor, solve every riddle and free your buddy. But watch out, 1 player is only a friend in disguise – it’s actually the evil neighbor.

3 people will have the chance of their lifetime to play the game with 3 XTgamer editors on PC and keep it forever (or until Steam goes out of service).

Event Time: Friday, November 11th 2019 18:00 CET. 

To enter just dop us an e-mail at win@xtgamer.de until Wednesday, November 6th 2019 22:00 CET, subject line “Secret Neighbor” and insert a link to your Steam profile.

How do I get that profile link?

In Steam just click on the downward arrow next to your profile name in the upper right corner, click on “Show my profile”, right-click in any free space and pick “copy site URL”. Just insert that link into a new e-mail.

Competition guidelines

You’re not guaranteed to win upon taking part. Winners will be choosen randomly with the help of random.org. 1 participation per person. Upon infringement we may exclude you from future giveaways. E-mails will be deleted after picking the winners. Winners will be notified on November 6h CET via e-mail and possibly Steam.