PC Port Impressions: Cyberdimension Neptunia – 4 Goddesses Online

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Last year’s release of 4 God­des­ses Online cer­tain­ly wasn’t a high point for the series, fea­turing various tech­ni­cal issu­es and a lack of con­tent in gene­ral. This delay­ed PC port of the game unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly does litt­le to fix the­se issu­es.

For our thoughts and game­play of the PS4 ver­si­on of 4 God­des­ses Online, check out our review. Most of our impres­si­ons of the game still app­ly here, with per­for­mance being the only real chan­ge. The average hack and slash game­play is the same, the gene­ric quests are the same and the incredi­b­ly poor online is most defi­ni­te­ly the same. Tho­se that have alrea­dy play­ed the PS4 ver­si­on should alrea­dy know what to expect with this PC release when it comes to game­play.

As for the qua­li­ty of the PC port its­elf, it’s… average, being on par with Idea Factory’s other releases. The incredi­b­ly long load time that you have sit through at the start of the PS4 ver­i­son is still pre­sent here. The first time we laun­ched the game it even cras­hed while loa­ding, requi­ring us to wait even lon­ger just to start play­ing.

The first thing we did once the game final­ly loa­ded was check out gra­phi­cal opti­ons, and some of the set­tings are initi­al­ly con­fu­sing. What does the screen reso­lu­ti­on set­ting, ran­ging from 1 to 4, actual­ly do? What does it mean by distan­ce? The­se can be figu­red out with a litt­le tes­ting, but wit­hout any tool­tips to give clear descrip­ti­ons of each opti­ons initi­al set­up is less than ide­al.

The main issue is once game­play actual­ly starts. 4 God­des­ses Online has incredi­b­ly poor per­for­mance for how sim­plistic ever­ything looks. It runs bet­ter than the PS4 ver­si­on, which had trou­ble hit­ting 30 FPS at times, but it rare­ly stay­ed at a con­stant 60 FPS. Asi­de from frame­ra­te, the PC ver­si­on looks iden­ti­cal to its con­so­le coun­ter­part. The­re is the opti­on to use reso­lu­ti­ons above 1080p, some­thing that the base PS4 can­not do.


Over­all, Cyber­di­men­si­on Nep­tu­nia: 4 God­des­ses Online is an average port of an average game. Nep­tu­nia fans may find some enjoy­ment from the game, but com­pa­red to the main series it’s far wea­ker.

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