PC Port Impressions: Cyberdimension Neptunia – 4 Goddesses Online

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Last year’s release of 4 Goddesses Online certainly wasn’t a high point for the series, featuring various technical issues and a lack of content in general. This delayed PC port of the game unfortunately does little to fix these issues.

For our thoughts and gameplay of the PS4 version of 4 Goddesses Online, check out our review. Most of our impressions of the game still apply here, with performance being the only real change. The average hack and slash gameplay is the same, the generic quests are the same and the incredibly poor online is most definitely the same. Those that have already played the PS4 version should already know what to expect with this PC release when it comes to gameplay.

As for the quality of the PC port itself, it’s… average, being on par with Idea Factory’s other releases. The incredibly long load time that you have sit through at the start of the PS4 verison is still present here. The first time we launched the game it even crashed while loading, requiring us to wait even longer just to start playing.

The first thing we did once the game finally loaded was check out graphical options, and some of the settings are initially confusing. What does the screen resolution setting, ranging from 1 to 4, actually do? What does it mean by distance? These can be figured out with a little testing, but without any tooltips to give clear descriptions of each options initial setup is less than ideal.

The main issue is once gameplay actually starts. 4 Goddesses Online has incredibly poor performance for how simplistic everything looks. It runs better than the PS4 version, which had trouble hitting 30 FPS at times, but it rarely stayed at a constant 60 FPS. Aside from framerate, the PC version looks identical to its console counterpart. There is the option to use resolutions above 1080p, something that the base PS4 cannot do.


Overall, Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online is an average port of an average game. Neptunia fans may find some enjoyment from the game, but compared to the main series it’s far weaker.