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The­re have been many attempts to try and cap­tu­re the spi­rit of the One Pie­ce fran­chise and bring it in a video­ga­me for­mat as well. Some (few) tit­les suc­cee­ded, while others didn’t mana­ge to live up to the gre­at name. World See­ker was an ambi­tious pro­ject: an open world of One Pie­ce ful­ly explor­able sound­ed like a dream come true to many fans. Perhaps it was only a half-dream that was brought back to life though.

The game fol­lows an ori­gi­nal sto­ry­line inten­si­ve­ly focu­sed on two new cha­rac­ters, Jean­ne and Isaac. Rufy and his crew arri­ved on an island after hea­ring about a boun­ty but will end up stay­ing for a while and try to help its inha­bi­tants, while figh­t­ing the Mari­ne and other pira­te bad­dies. The plot doesn’t real­ly go any­whe­re until the latest chap­ters, giving you just an excu­se to explo­re, fight and collect stuf scat­te­red in the world. We must admit that explo­ring the world as Rufy is incredi­b­ly satis­fy­ing, as its abi­li­ties give you almost full con­trol of whe­re do you want to go. You’ll need to unlock some of the­se first (and we high­ly sug­gest doing so) and once you’ll do so the game will show its most enter­tai­ning moments.

Rufy has two figh­t­ing styles: Obser­va­ti­on and Armor mode. Stay­ing in obser­va­ti­on is ide­al to deli­ver fast blows and run around a lot, while armo­red focu­ses on hea­vier and stron­ger blows, giving you also the abi­li­ty to block. You can play the game by just focu­sing on one of the­se two styles, as the­re real­ly is litt­le point in chan­ging them around. The game will also try to encou­ra­ge you being ste­alt­hy from time to time: igno­re the­se sug­ges­ti­ons. The ste­alth com­po­nent seems to have been deve­lo­ped at the very last minu­te (or at least not thought very well) and we don’t think it works qui­te well. It’s best to just go in and deli­ver pun­ches: it’s not like the AI is smart any­way.

The repe­ti­tiveness of the enemies and bos­ses will end up making the figh­t­ing feel like a cho­re most of the time. Very rare­ly you’ll end up actual­ly dying, and even if it hap­pens you’ll just need to sit and wait for a not that long wai­ting screen, as it will need to load the world again to avo­id other loa­ding times. You’ll also see the other mem­bers of the crews, but are the­re just for side­quests and won’t actual­ly help you in batt­le, which is a real shame. You’ll also see other popu­lar cha­rac­ters and enemies retur­ning, but they’ll disap­pe­ar short­ly after being intro­du­ced as well. Like we said, the sto­ry focu­ses just on the new cha­rac­ters and their rela­ti­ons­hip with Rufy: the others are the­re just for fan­ser­vice and don’t real­ly ser­ve a pur­po­se.


Over­all, we belie­ve that World See­ker did some things right. It’s clear that the deve­lo­pers were fans and tried to make you play as Rufy as satis­fy­ing as they could. Sad­ly, they didn’t cap­tu­re the spi­rit of One Pie­ce its­elf that well and we would have lik­ed to see your crew more invol­ved. We ful­ly under­stand the decisi­on to not make them play­a­ble, as they would clash out with the game­play style they cho­se, but we would have still lik­ed to see them actual­ly sup­port you in batt­le in some­way, not just be the­re for come­dic reli­ef and fan­ser­vice. It’s not a bad game by any means, but it could have been so much bet­ter, and it’s a real shame.

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