E3 2019: Nintendo Direct

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As usu­al, the honor of offi­ci­al­ly clo­sing the E3 con­fe­ren­ces goes to Nin­ten­do with their usu­al Direct for­mat.

It seems that the com­pa­ny lear­ned their les­sons after pre­vious Direc­ts that weren’t excel­lent, and this time it didn’t focus on one or few simp­le things, nor did they was­te any time tal­king. They only show­ed trai­lers and games. A lot of them.

We’ve seen the next 2 DLC figh­ters for Super Smash Bros. Ulti­ma­te: The Hero from Dra­gon Quest (its skins will allow you to choo­se bet­ween several from the fran­chise, inclu­ding the one fea­tured in the ele­venth chap­ter com­ing soon to Nin­ten­do Switch) and Ban­jo & Kazoo­ie (the ico­nic duo are final­ly com­ing back home and the demand of fans has final­ly been ans­we­red), more jui­cy details on the third chap­ter of Luigi’s Man­si­on that will fea­ture both a local co-op mode and the return of the online mul­ti­play­er alrea­dy seen in the second chap­ter on 3DS; a trai­ler for Ani­mal Crossing New Hori­zon (the release has been slight­ly delay­ed and will come out on march 2020) and the announ­ce­ment of a sequel to Breath of the Wild, cur­r­ent­ly in deve­lop­ment (so no release date yet). This would be enough to fill a pre­sen­ta­ti­on for most com­pa­nies. But it wasn’t enough.

A lot of space has been given to third par­ty tit­les as well, such as the por­ting of The Wit­cher 3, the revi­val of Con­tra and Pan­zer Dra­goon, No More Heroes 3. And the most important thing: almost ever­ything that was shown in this direct had game­play, so we could actual­ly see how the games actual­ly work. Perhaps the only thing that was mis­sing was a “bomb” that would be releasing short­ly. Becau­se yes, Breath of the Wild 2 is ama­zing news, but so were Metro­id Prime 4 and Bayo­net­ta 3 a few years ago, with the first delay­ed inde­fi­ni­te­ly and no news from the second ever sin­ce the announ­ce­ment. So it would be best to try and not get caught up in the hype too much, and just wait pati­ent­ly until Nin­ten­do feels like it’s rea­dy to show us more.

The­re has been also time to remind us of games that they alrea­dy show­ed us and are going to be releasing short­ly, like Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Astral Chain, Poke­mon Sword & Shield and Dra­gon Quest XI. And a lot of third par­ty tit­les have been con­fir­med to come for Switch, of which we may only men­ti­on Spy­ro Reig­ni­ted Tri­lo­gy, Ni no Kuni, Doom Eter­nal and Ali­en Iso­la­ti­on to give you an idea of the deve­lo­pers invested. Nin­ten­do has deci­ded to let the games do the talk for them. And in an E3 that so far has felt real­ly shal­low (and that it’s begin­ning to lose its impor­t­an­ce in the video­ga­me mar­ket), it paid off. Wit­hout any doubt, Nin­ten­do had the best pre­sen­ta­ti­on of ever­yo­ne invol­ved becau­se it unders­tood what peop­le want. Games. Lots of games.

Find all of the trai­lers, our very own direct-feed game­plays, pod­casts and arti­cles on our E3 2019 micro­si­te.

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