Free Games Friday: Super Neptunia RPG

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XTga­mer is giving away a retail copy of Super Nep­tu­nia RPG for Nin­ten­do Switch on the game’s launch day.

In the Nep­tu­nia series’ first Switch game you’re part of an ensem­ble full of ladies who imper­so­na­te retro game con­so­les. More on Super Nep­tu­nia RPG in our exten­si­ve review.

To par­ti­ci­pa­te all you have to do is lea­ve a com­ment below. Each par­ti­ci­pant is only allo­wed to enter once. Should we spot foul play, we reser­ve the right to exclu­de the con­cer­ning par­ties from this and future com­pe­ti­ti­ons. We’ll use random.org to deter­mi­ne the winer by ran­dom. The lucky per­son will be noti­fied by e-mail and asked for their pos­tal address so keep your details up-to-date. We’ll only ship insi­de the EU! Ent­ries are going to be accep­ted up until Fri­day, July 12th 2019 – Ber­lin 11:59 PM / Lon­don 10:59 PM / L.A. 2:59 PM / N.Y. 5:59 PM / Tokyo July 13th 6:59 AM / Syd­ney July 13th 7:59 AM. Good luck!

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Twitch Live Stream is OFFLINE