11 Japanese Games We’re Excited For Over the Next 3 Months

The lat­ter mon­ths of 2019 are abso­lute­ly packed with game releases, the next few mon­ths espe­ci­al­ly see­ing a delu­ge of tit­les from Japan. Here’s a quick look at 11 of tho­se games, from re-releases to brand new expe­ri­en­ces that will fight for your atten­ti­on.

  • Onina­ki

Despi­te Tokyo RPG Factory’s mixed out­put, the initi­al reveal of Onina­ki made it look qui­te dif­fe­rent from their pre­vious games. The set­ting is uni­que, whe­re death is regu­la­ted and Wat­chers ensu­re that peop­le can rein­car­na­te safe­ly, and unli­ke their other RPGs Onina­ki makes use of a real time batt­le sys­tem. A recent­ly released demo made a good first impres­si­on, so hope­ful­ly the full release mana­ges to deli­ver on its pre­mi­se.

  • Astral Chain

It seems like Pla­ti­num Games are always working on some­thing new, but the announ­ce­ment of Astral Chain during a Nin­ten­do Direct ear­lier this year was a sur­pri­se con­si­de­ring that they were also working with Nin­ten­do on Bayo­net­ta 3. Astral Chain makes the lack of news on Bayo 3 sting less though, thanks to its sty­lish visu­als and com­bat.

  • Cathe­ri­ne: Full Body

One of a few remas­ters and updated releases com­ing out this year, Full Body pro­mi­ses to bring more to the ori­gi­nal Cathe­ri­ne than just bet­ter gra­phics. Ano­t­her main love inte­rest, more poten­ti­al sto­ry events and a fle­shed out mul­ti­play­er mode should make this the defi­ni­ti­ve ver­si­on of the game.

  • AI: The Som­ni­um Files

Delay­ed until Sep­tem­ber, the wait for AI: The Som­ni­um Files has been excru­cia­ting. From the wri­ter behind the (most­ly) excel­lent Zero Escape series, Kota­ro Uchi­ko­shi, AI pro­mi­ses to bring more of his uni­que wri­ting style to a brand new sto­ry.

  • Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Remas­te­red

After a disap­poin­ting sequel, it’ll be nice to go back to the more enjoy­a­ble ori­gi­nal game. Sure it wasn’t per­fect, and tho­se loo­king for a more chal­len­ging RPG should check out other games in this list, but for tho­se loo­king for a whim­si­cal adven­ture with a dash of mons­ter collec­tion thrown in, you’d be hard pres­sed to find a bet­ter game.

  • Gun­volt Chro­ni­cles: Lumin­ous Aven­ger iX

Mega­man Zero was our first intro­duc­tion to the Mega­man series, so a con­ti­nua­ti­on to its spi­ri­tu­al suc­ces­sor Gun­volt is defi­ni­te­ly some­thing we’re loo­king for­ward to. It’s a shame that the Zero games have not seen a new ent­ry in a long time, but Lumin­ous Aven­ger iX will more than make up for its absence.

  • Code Vein

Ano­t­her delay­ed release in this list, Code Vein is a more ani­me style take on the Souls-like gen­re from the deve­lo­pers of God Eater. The clo­sed beta ear­lier this year gave us a decent idea of what will be expec­ted of the full release and, asi­de from some frame­ra­te issu­es, it seems like the extra deve­lop­ment time was well spent.

  • The Alli­an­ce Ali­ve HD Remas­te­red

Releasing in the west a year after the Switch meant that the 3DS ver­si­on of The Alli­an­ce Ali­ve was igno­red by many RPG fans. This updated release may not have the best impro­ve­ments when it comes to gra­phics, and the lack of voice acting is a shame, but it will most likely be the best way to expe­ri­ence an inte­res­ting take on more tra­di­tio­nal JRPGs.

  • Trails of Cold Steel 3

As if the wait for AI wasn’t bad enough, Trails of Cold Steel 3’s delay made an alrea­dy lar­ge gap bet­ween this and the pre­vious game even lar­ger. It’ll be worth the wait if Cold Steel 3 is as good as the first game, so here’s hoping that the pro­blems with Ys VIII’s loca­li­sa­ti­on don’t hap­pen here as well.

  • Ate­lier Ryza

The Ate­lier games have been releasing on a year­ly basis for a long time now, and it seems like the series has been in need of a refresh. The start of a brand new sto­ry is the per­fect chan­ce to chan­ge things up, but only time will tell if that’s actual­ly the case for Ate­lier Ryza.

  • Dis­gaea 4 Com­ple­te+

Yes, this is ano­t­her re-release, but it’s more por­ta­ble Dis­gaea which is fine by us. At the very least, this does seem to be adding more (well, any) qua­li­ty of life fea­tures, com­pa­red to the bare-bones Dis­gaea 1 Com­ple­te.

The­re are many more games releasing befo­re the year is over, so keep an eye out for our coverage for many of the­se tit­les.

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