Review: Metro Exodus

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The latest chap­ter in the Metro series has final­ly arri­ved and if you’re a fan of the series you pro­bab­ly alrea­dy bought it yours­elf. If you’ve never play­ed a Metro tit­le befo­re or are unsu­re if this is a worthy chap­ter to pick up, then let us ans­wer that in our honest opi­ni­on it is. But let’s start from the begin­ning.

As the tit­le implies, this time we’ll lea­ve our Metro set­ting behind, try­ing ins­tead to under­stand how huma­ni­ty mana­ged to cope with the nuclear was­te­land. Things won’t be as plea­sant as they initi­al­ly may seem: it won’t take long befo­re you meet brain­wa­s­hed cul­tists who belie­ve that elec­tri­ci­ty is a pro­duct of Satan and even can­ni­bals. But the­re are good peop­le like your team try­ing to sur­vi­ve as well, which you’ll even­tual­ly end up recrui­t­ing as they turn out to also be use­ful to your cau­se. We play­ed the PS4 ver­si­on, and didn’t noti­ce any gra­phi­cal per­for­mance issue worth men­tio­ning. While not incredi­b­ly detail­ed, the gra­phics them­sel­ves look solid and help you immer­se in the atmo­s­phe­re. Only thing worth not­ing is the pre­sence of a few glit­ches, like some ele­ments of the sce­n­a­rio remai­ning stuck in mid-air or dead bodies mer­ging through the walls. Stan­dard stuff, but not­hing real­ly game­brea­king.

As usu­al, the sto­ry­tel­ling and the mora­li­ty are a huge fac­tor in this game. The mora­li­ty its­elf is hid­den, as to not dis­tract you from your enjoy­ment of the sto­ry. The game doesn’t always force you to be let­hal against your enemies, but as long as you don’t kill inno­cent (or unar­med) peop­le you’re usual­ly in the clear. Once you’ve taken an “evil” action, the game will let you subt­ly know by tur­ning the screen to black and white for a second. Your actions will also have reper­cus­sions in the sto­ry (the­re will be some dia­lo­gue chan­ges) and will also deter­mi­ne which ending you’re going to get. But as the deve­lo­pers bril­li­ant­ly sta­ted, “the­re isn’t a good or bad ending, only the ending you deser­ve”. So by all means play as Artyom in the way YOU want to play, and enjoy the ride.

The set­tings feel open worl­dish, but they’ll still try and encou­ra­ge to get your objec­tives done (the­re will also be optio­nal side-quests if you want to take them) and not was­te your resour­ces. If you don’t play on the easiest dif­fi­cul­ty set­ting, your ammo will be very limi­ted and you could get to was­te ever­ything wit­hout even rea­li­zing what’s going on. So you’ll quick­ly need to learn when to fight and when to just make a run for it. Hil­arious­ly enough, the huge loa­ding times every time you’ll need to respawn in an open world level will also force you to try a dif­fe­rent approach that won’t result in your death. There’s a cool craf­ting mecha­nic that can help you in your jour­ney: you’ll be able to craft ammo and gre­na­des, modi­fy your wea­pons and crea­te several sur­vi­val tool­kits. You’ll also be encou­ra­ged to grab wha­te­ver mate­ri­al you can find on your tra­vels, becau­se you’ll need every tool you can get.


Even with all the new addi­ti­ons made to the game­play, Metro Exo­dus plays most­ly like the ori­gi­nal tit­les did. It’s not a per­fect game by any means, but it’s a well craf­ted one that deser­ves your invest­ment if you enjoy video games that focus on nar­ra­ting a com­pel­ling sto­ry and making sure you feel a part of it. The game can be tough at times, but it’s not unf­or­gi­ving and frus­tra­ting as long as you know what you are doing. We only wish the loa­ding times weren’t so huge and that the Arti­fi­ci­al Intel­li­gence (AI) didn’t feel so stu­pid most of the times, but besi­des all that it’s a gre­at game for fans of the gen­re.

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