Review: Senran Kagura Peach Ball

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Do you like Pin­ball games? And do you like sexy girls? The latest spin-off of Sen­ran Kagu­ra for Switch aims to com­bi­ne the­se for an “exci­ting” expe­ri­ence.

Peach Ball will let us aim our balls to the girls as well, espe­ci­al­ly their inti­ma­te parts for extra points. And no, we don’t mean tho­se kind of balls. The plot is, obvious­ly, simp­le and just an excu­se to get us into the game: the girls are now trans­forming into ani­mals and it’s our job to turn them back via a spe­cial item, the “Peach Ball” that we’ll use in a pin­ball machi­ne. Only 5 girls of the cast are play­a­ble: Yumi, Asu­ka, Ryo­na, Yomi and Mura­sa­ki (Haru­ka is also in the game, but just as an NPC). Once you’ll gain enough points and com­ple­ted enough chal­len­ges (like hit­ting cer­tain things a defi­ned amount of times) you’ll get the pos­si­bi­li­ty of doing a “sexy chal­len­ge”: do 3 of them and you’ll win the level.

The amount of con­tent is sad­ly limi­ted: as we men­tio­ned, only 5 of the girls are play­a­ble and there’s only 2 sta­ges in total, which doesn’t seem to be a lot for a €40 pri­ce they’re asking. There’s a lot of fan­ser­vice moments though: the inti­ma­cy mode will let you caress, touch and spray water to your favo­ri­te girls, several cos­tu­mes avail­ab­le and unlock­ables through the game and also a diora­ma mode, to make the girls pose and crea­te pho­tos. The actu­al game­play plays like a stan­dard pin­ball game, with the only novel­ty being the abi­li­ty to shake the pin­ball machi­ne via moti­on con­trols on Nin­ten­do Switch (or a but­ton, if you’re using a stan­dard con­trol­ler) that will also start­le the girl, allo­wing you easier access to the legs (hit­ting them enough time will make them fall over, giving you access to bum­ping their inti­ma­te parts for more points).


It’s, been obvious from the start that it’s just an ecchi game that doesn’t pre­tend to be much else, but we’re fine with that. If you’re a fan of the cast and like pin­ball games, it could be worth a shot just to have a fun time. If you’re not that cer­tain, perhaps it may be bet­ter hol­ding off for a while and wait for a dis­coun­ted pri­ce.

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